Newtown Families To Appear At Obama Gun Announcement

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A White House spokesman confirms that relatives of victims of the Newtown school attack will appear at today\’s announcement of an aggressive gun control agenda for Congress.

The much-anticipated announcement is expected to launch a bitter national debate on gun control that will put the Newtown tragedy at the center of the discussion. The audience at today\’s White House announcement by President Obama will also include children who wrote to the president after the Newtown massacre.

News reports say that President Obama will call for national background checks for all firearms purchases and the prohibition of assault rifles and high-capacity ammunition clips or magazines. Politico reports today that the plan will also include a proposed new federal gun trafficking law.


Newtown parents who have joined the Sandy Hook Promise appear in Newtown on Monday.

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7 thoughts on “Newtown Families To Appear At Obama Gun Announcement

  1. KS

    Wonder if the Newtown families got permission to do this from Ms. (its all about me and by the way i own you) Hovey?

  2. bob

    And the true point of the families being there live to see his speech? Why don’t we all just go? I feel for the families, but I have had it with politicizing the tragedy. Bet you the Courant will post many photos…

  3. Mitch

    Barack Obama .. the greatest campaigner of all time. Now, our imperial leader pulls out all of the stops, much the way he did with his healthcare legislation campaign with the doctors behind him, now using families and little children as props in his anti-gun campaign. Absolutely shameless. This man will stop at nothing. Too bad he doesn’t put the same effort into dealing with the U.S. debt or unemployment or stalled economy. Never let a crisis go to waste.

  4. Shoreline Resident

    I hate to see these grieving parents exploited like this. When I heard yesterday that the President was going to use children at his press event, I thought that was bad enough. And now to see him use the victim families is truly despicable.

  5. Mitchell

    Obama will stop at nothing to exploit tragedies like this. Why no follow-up on what happened at Fort Hood? Why not the same effort on the debt in this country or the sluggish economy? He picks and chooses and it is very,very sad. Not a word from him on the 500-plus people killed by guns in Chicago last year. Why not?

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