Newtown Sup. Janet Robinson: \’Very Difficult To Withstand An AR-15\’

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Janet Robinson, superintendent of schools in Newtown spoke to the state Board of Education yesterday at a meeting where they approved a shorter school year for students at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

She made these comments about school safety:

\"janet“I think we had a lot of best practices in place. You walk a fine line between making things very secure from intruders … and locking it down, making it look like a fortress.”

She said Sandy Hook had a buzzer system, cameras, locked doors. “It’s very difficult to withstand an AR-15 when it can shoot through the glass, so I think it’s important that we take a look at what happened here and are there other measures that can be put in place to slow down someone’s being able to get in .”

What about stationing police officers at schools? “I think that’s where we are right now. People need visible signs of security and armed police officers, it’s comforting to them.”

“We have a good deal in place, we do our drills, every volunteer is fingerprinted,” she said, “We do a lot of things, we walk through and periodically see if there is anything that could be vulnerable.”

She said  the probability is higher that something so horrific would happen in the upper grades. “Does anyone really anticipate this happening at an elementary school?” she asked.  

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7 thoughts on “Newtown Sup. Janet Robinson: \’Very Difficult To Withstand An AR-15\’

  1. Richard

    Where this gets ridiculous is when you add up the cost for the entire agenda people are proposing and compare the number of school shooting victims a year to various health maladies, etc. It’s absolutely ridiculous and can’t be justified.

    CT loses more people to homelessness, etc. in one year than school shooting deaths will amount to in 20 or 30 years. And police presence and bullet proof glass and security cameras do not prevent violence when its all said and done.

  2. mark

    ANY GUN can shoot through glass…it does not need to be an AR-15. He could have got through that glass with a weak little six shooter, don’t kid yourselves. Why do people who have ZERO experience with firearms always make these insane assumptions and statements about them??

    1. mark

      The title of this article highlights an aspect of Janet Robinson’s statement out of context…she was justifying her choice to strengthen police presence in schools despite adequate existing security measures by mentioning the AR-15, not trying to make a statement against them.

    2. The Conn-servative

      Their ignorance or zero experience works to justify and validate similar peoples’ perceptions who usually don’t comment about it.
      This over time causes the general population to see guns, (or whatever the topic) as the whole problem and that they should be eradicated from personal possession.Someone in this kind of position is looked upon in society as knowledgeable and formidable on any topic. After all,being a superintendent,she would have an advanced college degree.People with the MS and PHD college degrees are highly intelligent…………….right?

  3. Gary Curnow

    The fact is that she used the stereotype “evil” “assault weapon”. The fact is that a hammer would defeat the glass and also cause extensive damage to property annd people.

    The factis that the media and politicians are trying to demonize the ar-15 style weapons and those law abiding people who own them.

  4. William Gunner

    Hey, I’m training my 5 year old to handle one of these babies. He can already lift it over his head in my exercise program. I’ll put a clip in for his birthday.

    1. Kim

      gunner: you can’t go wrong teaching gun awareness and safety to your children. That used to be the norm in this country

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