Newtown Families To Legislators: Keep Photos Private

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At the capitol today, families of victims of the Newtown massacre spoke out in favor of blocking release of crime scene photos and police 911 recordings.

This is Nicole Hockley, mother of Dylan:

This is Dean Pinto, father of Jack Pinto:

Here is Jennifer Hensel, mother of Avielle Richman, who takes aim at Michael Moore:

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28 thoughts on “Newtown Families To Legislators: Keep Photos Private

  1. larry

    of course they dont want that, they would have to give all the money back and theyd be put in jail. if their kids were pronounced dead by an unknown person and the emts were not even allowed in the building after their kids were shot only 5 minutes earlier, why are they not suing? i call BULLSHTEIN!!!!

  2. John

    The information should be released, like all other investigations. Seriously parents, give it a rest.

    1. Emma

      Seriously John,

      Are you as cold and unfeeling as you sound? Are you actually telling these parents to “give it a rest”? Ugh, you sicken me. I hope to God you never lose a child. Maybe then you will grow a heart. In the meantime, ask these parents to forgive your for your callousness.

    2. Jonathan

      I am embarrassed for you!! You’re parents either did a lousy job of raising you or nobody has ever loved you!

  3. a parent of small children

    as a parent of young children, I would never want photos of my murdered child with his face practically shot off provided to the media because our current FOI laws say they should. Any pictures put on the internet will forever be available and be used by anyone wanting to use them – for any purpose. Imagine in 5 or 10 years, your teenager going online to research a project or to read about what happened in Newtown, only to find photos of their murdered brother or sister…. the photos do not need to be released, and just as we have the right to not have our minor children interviewed on television without our permission – these parents and all parents should have the right not to have photographs of our dead children’s bodies given to the public.

  4. tao

    I can’t imagine what these parents went (and still are) going through, but FOI is here for a reason, if we bend the rules once, then everyone will try to do it again, and again, and again, and then a$$wipe Malloy will secretly come up with a law that will give everyone right to withhold whatever they want just because they want it…

  5. Charles Shaw

    I can see withholding the photos. f you remember after Dale Earnhardt was killed in a race in florida that state changed its laws relative to autopsy photos. but the written reports? they are just words. We have the reports on the death of Lincoln, Kennedy (maybe) and others.

  6. Just a resident

    I agree with Charles that the photos should be withheld or protected, but I do not think it is right for them to prevent any written reports or audio tapes from being released. I completely understand the totality of this whole event, but why must our laws change because of their grief. Yes it was tragic but how can anyone, especially in CT, begin to heal if we don’t know what really happened. I just prefer they release the reports, just like every other murder, and the media stops sensationalizing on these people. I need to move on too but EVERY DAY the media must talk about it and I, personally, have heard enough.

  7. Dwight

    Written reports, ok, audio, ok. No way should photos be released. Make an exception, I agree with “a parent” above. Releasing the photos will do absolutely no one in our society any good, would only serve to satisfy the morbidly curious, and will inflict undue grief on the parents. There is just no reason for images like that to be publicly available.

  8. America Is Dying

    IRS, AP Phone Records, Gun Control, Fast and Furious, Boston Martial Law, etc. etc. etc. The Brain Washed American Sheep keep buying into all of it. Good luck!

    1. Jonathan

      Haha! You wacko! Watch out, there’s a black helicopter that keeps circling your house. Could you be any more dumb? You are a special kind of stupid. What’s next. Are you going to tell me the oceans use to be fresh water but the illuminati put salt in the water so we would all die of dehydration!

  9. swansong

    How very curious.

    We want to use the deaths of our children to raise money and change laws, all the while hob-nobbing with the President and endlessly appearing on tv…..but….please, we’re in pain so respect our privacy, above all others who have experienced similar pain, and seal the records.

    And people buy into this?

  10. Tricia

    Of course the parents don’t want photos of their children released. I understand the law goes against that and I understand why, but I’m sure everyone can understand why parents would fight tooth and nail to keep those photos off the Internet. I would. Regardless that many people have many questions that deserve answers – if it were my child, I would fight it too. My heart hopes they win, my gut and my desire for the truth hope they don’t. Families in Newtown lost a lot that day and they will vent and recover however they know how. Give them a little peace.

    1. swansong

      The photos are the emotional red-herring. Photos are only ever made public in matters of criminal/civil trials…and rightly so.

      This legal change you seem to be supporting really has nothing to do with the photos. It is rather a continuation of efforts to seal ALL information from public scrutiny, from death records to police reports.

      These are public documents managed by public officials. Officials, like Debbie Aurelia, are breaking the law…on your dime.

      The government will tell you time and again that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear from open examination.

      What is the government trying to hide? Ineffective responses? Ineffective school security? The identity of the armed man found in the woods? An escaped second shooter?

      Who knows.

      Secrets breed suspicion and this “open and shut” investigation is one of the more secretive I can remember.

      1. t

        Bingo, what are they hiding? It must be hard trying to expl
        ain the video of two long guns being removed from the trunk. Then the story changes AGAIN to say they found the shotgun in the front seat. What is the real story Newtown??? I guess we will have to wait till September to find out. They have a lot of loose ends to tie up. Maybe Eric Holder can make ANOTHER trip to Newtown to get the story straight.

  11. Gladio

    If they insist on keeping photos secret, fine.

    But, for God’s sake, show me the surveillance video of Lanza and ONLY Lanza shooting his way through the front door.

  12. Chip Adams

    WHO wants to see the pictures of the children who were murdered? Of what benefit to the general public can be gained by releasing these photos? Show some respect and decency.

    1. t

      This has nothing to do about pictures. This has ALOT to do about a story not adding up. A story that Obama/ Holder needed to jam gun control down the throats of the American people. Obama launched his political career out of the living room of a domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers built bombs. What makes you think Obama/ Holder, proven liars, would not use this story to further their agenda. If the facts do not fit they will make them fit. It is for your own good.

  13. Badwan

    Listen, can we stop the crazy here? The push to publish the photos of the dead children has come largely from the Progressive Left, led initially by Michael Moore. The idea is that doing so would so totally shock and emotionalize the issue that civilian disarmament would be a cinch. Period.

    1. Jack Frost

      Badman Wagon: No, the opposite is true. The conspiracy folks are out in numbers and they are Repooplicans.

      1. The Conn-servative

        Michael Moore does seem interested in accessing these photos only to pursue his leftist dream of using them to further the anti-gun movement. Question for Mr. Moore and all of the leftist regressives who support release of these: Would you also support releasing and making public the phone records,emails,and surveillance videos of all public figures,to include your current and corrupt Obama administration that is in the midst of at least three,count ‘em three,scandals? FTR, I support ALL public officials’ records to be made available at anytime. After all,what do you have to hide?

      2. t

        Conspiracy?? Seems like Connecticut can not get it’s story straight. Sure the nurse sat in a closet for 4 hours. I thought the police sweep the building several times. They NEVER looked in the nurses closet… Really???? How did they miss her and in that closet?? Why has no one asked?? 4 hours really. I want to hear the nurses and secretary she was with 911 call.

    2. swansong

      Who is asking to see the photos…apart from Moore for his narrow agenda?

      Keep in mind the Sotos have already claimed they’ve seen them and publicly commented on them…I guess that makes them ghoulish monsters?

  14. Rappini

    Larry and John, I think you can tell by some of these posts why we have all these scandals with the with Barry Hussein Soetoro administration. Critical thinking doesn’t work with people and you can forget that they would attempt to do research.

  15. Johngaltwhereru

    While I strongly disagree with a small group of politicians deciding which part of the First Amendment the Press should be allowed to keep, I have a different question for those of you who support this bill:

    Seeing that the Obama Administration has now been undeniably caught flat out lying on 4 different stories, and will soon be shown to have been lying throughout the passage of Obamacare, do you think it is acceptable for this incredibly dishonest Admiistration to withold video and photos of the killing of Osama Bin Laden?

  16. Charles Shaw


    I have to agree partly with you. There were photographs and movies made of the execution of Nazi War Criminals in Nuremburg. bin Laden falls in this category.

    It is similar to pubic person vs. private person slander.

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