Not All Newtown Families Are In Washington

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Sandy Hook parent Mark Mattioli has a different message: gun control doesn\’t work.

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60 thoughts on “Not All Newtown Families Are In Washington

  1. Richard

    I appreciate you covering this. Right or wrong Mr Mattioli expresses a commonly held opinion.

    Massachussetts makes the point that they lowered their firearm murder rate through profiling felons “most likely to commit gun crimes” ( a program recently announced in CT as Project Longevity). Longevity was accompanied by stricter gun laws which were of dubious improvement based on statistical analysis of where the declines were most sharply achieved. No suprise–harrassing hunters and homeowners with fees and registration doesn’t produce the same results as targeting the profiled violent felons who are moslt likely to be recidivist and increasing policing in the kill zones.

  2. GunsKillKids

    I think his son would disagree.

    Bud sadly, for the gun nuts, children are valued much less than their blessed guns.

    Fortunately, most Americans disagree and sensible legislation has been will will be passed across the nation.

    1. Scott

      – thanks for showing what a tool you are. Lord knows you said it better than I ever could.

        1. Wild bill

          Guns kill kids: the person who trolled you is also knowned as:Kim, Patrict Henry, Ct is Circleing the Drain, and has other personas. He trolls every pro gun control poster. He is a lonely, angry unbalanced person. He is probably retired and lives in a small town.

          Unfortunately, on account of me imitating him under his different names, he now has gone on a rampage. He thinks I am the same poster who articulates anti gun comments.

          So just be aware of his trolling. For the record, I have lost interest posting here. The childishness behavior has diminished. These blogs are used mostly by those who have little real things to do with themselves.

          So troll, the Kim, enjoy these blogs. I am
          seldom on them and not because of you.

          Enjoy yourself like you usually do.

    2. wildbill

      please show us any sensible legislation passed to date. Gotta love the audacity of someone who is so knowledgeable that he feels he can speak for someone elses’ son.

      this is the liberal mentality – they ALWAYS know best

      1. GunsKillKids

        the fact remains that if the AR15 and its variants were illegal, Nancy Lanza wouldn’t have bought one and his son would therefore be more likely to be alive today. I think its reasonable to say that his son would be happier to be alive today than to be just another casualty of the gun nuts.

        1. Truth

          liberal facts are not facts at all. ANY gun would have succeeded in killing these poor kids. Of course, that’s your ultimate goal ‘guns’. Be man enough to admit it.

          But then, you have two shotguns so you exempt them from this gun grab legislation. Always the hypocrite.

          You can’t get much more ludicrous than to state “his son would be happier to be alive today than to be just another casualty of the gun nuts”. You pretend to belive in facts – the fact is that liberal policies can and should be blamed for this tragedy.

          You, sir, have blood on your hands for insisting on gun-free zones where children become easy targets. You, sir, have blood on your hands for exempting yourself from the gun-grab for the simple reason that you own shotguns and don’t want to give them up. If your zeal to end gun violence were anywhere near genuine you wouldn’t own the ‘evil’ shotguns. Color yourself ‘phony’

          1. GunsKillKids

            if one could do as much damage with a shotgun, then why care if AR15’s and 30 round magazines were banned?

            It doesn’t hurt you. You can still kill your wife, your kids, your neighbor or anybody else with a shotgun. You still have your constitutional right to murder someone, so you should be happy!

          2. Truth

            Just pointing out the fallacy and the lie behind your ludicrous position that if AR-15s weren’t allowed Lanza would be alive today. Point made.

            Of course, you didn’t respond to that. Just spouted more nonsense to justify owning shotguns

        2. trufacts

          Or he could of used a knife like in china and kill 8 children. The mentally ill will find a way to cause harm to the un protected. Its time to look past the guns and to the mental issue.

        3. Paul Edward Zukowski

          Actually it could been worse if he used the Short Magazine Lee Enfield he had. You can 30 shots a minute out of it. Each round is times heavier and 2 1/2 times the engery.

    1. The Conn-servative

      Yeah, after all,with the diseased left,it’s all about “women’s healthcare”. Let’s call it for what it is MSNBC,ABC,academia,etc. : infanticide

      1. GunsKillKids

        perhaps we should arm fetuses? Maybe insert little AR15’s into the womb so they can defend themselves?

        1. wildbill

          good idea, ‘guns’. Then they can ‘defend themselves’ against stupid hosts who have kids without having a clue how to raise them. Makes at least as much sense as your posts

      2. Liberalism is a mental disorder

        The good news is that if liberals continue to have abortions, we may be rid of this scourge in a few generations.

        1. Kim

          “Liberalism”: Perhaps we need a law forbidding liberals from procreating. I’d be happy to be on the committee who selects the candidates.

  3. Kim

    Mark Mattioli: Thanks for showing the country what REAL strength and courage looks like.

    All of us – gun owners and gun haters – wish you and your family peace and some respite from the circus-like atmosphere that the Newton families are being subjected to by politicians and special interest groups.

    Kudos to the Courant for even allowing this video

    1. Kim

      That circus-like atmosphere is also being propagated by the media as seen in this video it would seem. The interviewer feels obligated to drag this man down memory lane all over again to view and hear comments from 12-14-12. Could it be to test his resolve? Perhaps.

      This brave and reasonable man must surely be under attack from many of the residents of his town, as well as politicians who may be trying to drag him into their dog-and-pony show. Again, this is real strength and courage on display here.

      Take note, people. THIS is an American patriot giving lessons on how to handle his suffering and grief while being true to himself and the laws laid out by our forefathers. He deserves our support, our credit, and our deepest condolences

      1. GunsKillKids

        there is no peace or sympathy for those that take on the pro-mass murder policies of the NRA and its terrorist supporters.

        True patriots are working to disarm the gun hoarding terrorists in our communities that are killing our children.

        1. Truth

          there is no peace or sympathy for zealots of any kind. Especially your kind.

          You’re confusing the word ‘patriot’ with ‘appartchik’. Fact: there’s a difference that you wouldn’t understand – your zealotry and overwhelming urge to dictate to others and/or be dictated too is in the way

        2. trufacts

          Looks like the police don’t agree with you. New survey from 15,000 police officers on disagree with a lot of the gun control issues.

          1. Truth

            real facts don’t matter to those like ‘guns’. They make up facts for their arguments then fall like a house of cards when asked to back them up.

            Alternatively, they make schoolyard taunts and comments like the intellectual midgets they are. Everything is emotion-based

  4. GunsKillKids

    Hey Mark, you are free to move to Texas, where gun nuts are welcomed with open arms. CT soundly rejects your culture of violence and terrorism. Some states still like it, so you and all the other gun nuts still here, are free to leave.

    be sure to take your guns with you, though.

  5. CT Citizen

    I can just hear the conversation now, between the Dick Blumenthal and the cockroach Chris Murphy. “What? This man doesn’t support our emergency legislation to take guns away from law abiding citizens? Maybe he is under the influence of some dope bought from the kings relative! We will just declare him to be a domestic terrorist at the first secret meeting after we ram that bill through!

  6. The Conn-servative

    Nobody respond to the horse arse Guns Kill. He is nothing but an online troll,sucking everyone’s energy into his stupid comments.

    1. GunsKillKids

      too late!

      those helicopters flying over now? are the jack booted thugs at your door yet? Better take a look just be sure……oh no, don’t do that! There may be a sniper out there!

      Better build that bunker fast.

    2. Kim

      Conn: he gets around that by posting under 20 different names. People are starting to recognize him whatever name he uses, though. When you’re that close to the edge, it’s like a trademark that can’t be hidden.

      1. Betrayed Democrat

        the truth is Conn, that we all know who he is because he’s used his real name here, right billy? He’s not bright enough to realize that this is common knowledge and that his stupidity here labels him with a big red ‘A’ under any name, like the ‘A’ in the Scarlet Letter – only in his case it’s ‘A’ for A**hole

  7. The Conn-servative

    Based on what happened in Texas today,it’s time to ban knives,or should I say,”assault knives”.Anyone with more than 10 non-butter knives will have to register with Danny + co. and purchase a special permit.Background checks will also be required if we can sway the majority of Democrats in the Senate to include Bloomy and Murphy,but they are planning a filibuster.What a shame!

    1. CT Citizen

      Yes, I believe you are correct. I have received unconfirmed information that the Dick,Blumenthal, will be requesting senate hearings be held on this matter immediately. Anyone who has been assaulted with or threatened by a butter knife or high serration assault knife will be encouraged to testify. Upon completion of these hearings a live demonstration will be given on the capitol steps by Emeril Lagasse demonstrating the danger of these instruments of death. Rosa Deloused was originally scheduled to attend this live demonstration but canceled when it was requested she leave the bag on her head while in public. Fortunately, through Dicks vast sources, he was able to secure the Cockroach’s services. Attendance will be free, however autographed hugging pictures with dick and the cockroach will be available for a nominal charge and assault knife ribbons for the loved ones on your list will be available in limited quantities. All proceeds to benefit the purchase of armored vehicles and AR15 weapons for the soon to be formed “Assault Knife and Rifle Confiscation Brigade. Thanks to the citizens for your support!

      1. Fed Up

        Let’s not forget a free ride on Air Force one and the joy of having Obama’s arm up their arses, once Dannel pulls his out

  8. kuma138

    way to recognize this brave individual Mr. Mattioli after they pass the bill. don’t worry liberals it’ll get repealled and you guys will all be crying once again

      1. Betrayed Democrat

        dr no: you mean like your snide remarks encourage posters on these blogs, billy?

        love the post, JohnGalt

      2. johngaltwhereru

        Remarks from anonymous bloggers should not affect one’s ability to perform their job properly.

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