NRA Robocalls Hit Connecticut

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8 thoughts on “NRA Robocalls Hit Connecticut

  1. peter

    The anti-gun agenda is well defined. Ban weapons, disarm the population and make it impossible to own or transfer any firearm. Hail our new Fuhrer Malloy, and Connecticut Black Shirt Democrats.

  2. Jim

    Reprehensible. Abhorrent. Despicable. Shameless NRA strikes again. I urge all NRA members to rethink their membership with such a senseless organization.

    1. johngaltwhereru

      Yes Rick,

      Please explain why the NRA would use a robocall naming a Middlesex County Senator in Newtown, and how you know these calls were made to Newtown phone numbers.

  3. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    Who cares, it is a phone call. You need a thicker skin if you Libs are going to make it thru your daily lives. This is a bunch of non sense and a non issue.

    1. Don't Tread on Me

      If the anti gun crowd is going to play in the big league, then they should be prepared to hear the truth about the 2nd amendment even if 20 kids were killed. What is the big deal. Kids are killed every day.

      Much ado about nothing.

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