NRA\’s Wayne LaPierre Takes The Sandy Hook Promise

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During the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on gun violence prevention, Sen. Blumenthal read the Sandy Hook Promise:

\”I promise to honor the 26 lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I promise to do everything I can to encourage and support common-sense solutions that make my community and our country safer from similar acts of violence.\”

He then addressed the NRA\’s Wayne LaPierre, who was testifying at the hearing: \”So I want to ask Mr. LaPierre, will you make the Sandy Hook promise?\” said Blumenthal.

LaPierre initially responded by talking about \”Our Sandy Hook Promise…to make our country safer….putting police, armed security in schools, fixing the mental health system, computerizing the records of those mentally adjudicated.\”

\”I\’ll take that as a yes?\” Blumenthal responded. LaPierre started to sidestep again, and Blumenthal interrupted to ask his question again.

\”Yes, that\’s a yes,\” replied LaPierre.

\”It was certainly noteworthy,\” said Blumenthal after the hearing. \”Maybe it provides a basis for coming together with responsible gun owners seeing that there is a potential common ground.\”

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52 thoughts on “NRA\’s Wayne LaPierre Takes The Sandy Hook Promise

  1. Rally for Gun Control Feb 14 at Capital 11 AM

    I am not interested in this evil man whose only goal is to market all kinds of killing machines for the industries.

    1. Connecticut is dying too

      Which evil man are you interested in? The one who ignores the death of thousands at the hands of illegal handguns? How about the one that likes the idea of the slaughter of 55 million unborn babies over the last 40 years?

      Now that’s the kind of evil you can get behind, right?

      1. Sickofsanctimonioushypocrites

        Stop shoving your religious beliefs on others. It is neither biblical proven nor medically proven when life begins in the uterus. But jerks like you who will kill to preserve your belief that two cells is life, are not pro life. You are pro birth and heaven help the babies once they are born if they have to depend on pro birthers to give a damn as to whether they are fed, nurtured or shot with assault weapons. Lapierre and the gun manufacturers believe in one thing: make as much money as they can selling guns to the world. THAT’s evil. Pro choice advocates let those of you who believe in life begins at conception CHOOSE control over your own body. But you have no right to tell the rest of us when life begins, and you have no right to defend the right to murder anyone already born.

        1. bigpauly

          Your comments are very disjoint and an incomplete representation of who you oppose. There are many facets to the abortion, birth, unwanted pregnancy, contraception, abstinence discussion, and I say discussion loosely. Not engaging in activity that produces unwanted children should be the choice, not asking society to contribute to getting someone out of that situation. And I know there is a waiting list for people that wish to adopt. Please don’t bring up unwanted pregnancy due to incest or rape, it occurs less than 2% of the time. LaPierre, the NRA, many other individuals and organizations, by the way which you support, are motivated by profit. I think your issue here, though you have gotten far afield, is that an industry makes a profit and some people die needlessly from products of that industry. Like automobiles, over the counter and prescription medications, any food we eat, our environment, etc. True, rarely are there deliberate homicidal activities within those industries, yet there is corruption in the system that allows injury – wait, isn’t that manslaughter or murder, or some other kind of wrongful death? Homicide as an umbrella category doesn’t even crack the top 15 for causes of death, and homicide by firearm is only a part of that. Every individual murder is terrible beyond description. Please also look at cities that have tighter gun control and you will see higher murder rates caused by them. Please check in to how some of the recent terrible acts were ended: in Phoenix for example, a private citizen carrying a concealed handgun stopped the shooter. And there are others. The largest number of murders at a school was caused by a bombing. I agree that there are several problems that need to be addressed, including the enforcement of existing laws. The previous assault weapons ban, according to the Department of Justice, did nothing. The so-called gun show loophole doesn’t exist as less than 2% of guns are sold at shows. And please, promise me that if every restriction and law is passed, guarantee me that no criminal or mentally infirm person will ever have a gun again in this country, or bring one in. And if I don’t have a right to say any particular thing, when life begins, defending the Constitution, then please apply this thinking to yourself: if everyone should keep their opinion to themselves then you shouldn’t be able to say that, either.

          1. Mama Said

            Another inappropriate diversion from the real issue. Why is it that whenever a topic is brought up that NEEDS attention, people who oppose it, bring up THIS topic? IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SANDY HOOK!!! The victims of this tragedy DESERVE your FOCUSED and SINCERE attention to THIS issue!!! You are not a paid pundit, you are a human being…FOCUS!!!

        2. Connecticut is Dying too

          @Sanctimonioushypocrite: Your blind hatred of anyone who does not share your beliefs is not surprising given the intolerance of liberal thinking. Its laughable that you defend the genocide of 55 million aborted babies while decrying as evil those who would legally own weapons that have caused a fraction of the deaths caused by illegal handguns in our cities. And to top it off, you have me incorrectly categorized as a religious fanatic.

          You are exhibit A of why liberalism is a mental disorder. Get some help.

        3. Johngaltwhereru


          Drugs and prostitution should be legal, right?

          The government should have no say in what we eat or drink, correct?

          There should be no sin taxes on items the Goverment is opposed to you consuming, correct?

          Obamacare should be immediately repealed, correct?

          Because if you disagree with a single one of these statements, your “choosing control over your own body” argument makes you a sanctimonious hypocrite.

    2. johngaltwhereru

      The goal of the NRA is neither to sell nor market weapons.

      The goals of the NRA are to protect the Constitution from people like you, promote safe use of firearms among law abiding citizens, and to educate the misinformed.

      1. Repeal the 2nd Billy

        JonGalt: Stick to practicing medicine. Your comments keep getting worse and worse and worse. I hope you know I had respect for you at one time.

        1. Connecticut is dying too

          I’m sure your respect is what keeps the Doctor going Billy. You are beginning to lose it again and may need another tuneup at the IOL.

        2. Carly

          Johngalt, I’ll take protecting children over protecting a misinterpretation of the Second Amendment. (BTW, if you think you’re Atlas, shrug already and go off to your commune. You’ll be surprised how well the rest of us get along without you.)

          1. Johngaltwhereru


            Only the left’s non-textual, non-construtural interpretation of the Second Amendment is valid?

            I know I am not Atlas, however I have recently decided to no longer subject myself to being a slave to leaches and left the Country.

            Try reading the name again. It is a question in the form of a plea for help; not a self comparison.

            Your nasty comments aside, banning assault rifles will do absolutely nothing to keep our kids safer. It will make our world a far more dangerous place through creating a horrific black market.

          2. Professor Poop

            Tell it, Carly. Tell it. But Johngalt has a single-mindedness and he will never bend except perhaps in a conjugal situation.

      2. Linda

        YES! You’re so right. The NRA stands up to the 2nd amendment. It’s the old addage…”Give an inch and they’ll take a mile” Don’t let them control our guns, because next down the line will be even our handguns we use for protection or rifles for hunting. We have no problem with making mandatory reporting of someone who should NEVER have a gun. Trying to control the use of a gun by someone who is having mental problems isn’t a problem for us. But that’s like trying to control the use of a gun by someone who has it illegally….it’s going to be a challange with any decision and I choose to keep my right to bear arms.

  2. Johngaltwhereru

    I know these points have nothing to do with this story, but I just wanted to point 2 things out.

    1. The Courant, while they surprisingly reported the Senator Menendez prostitution allegations, they also failed to note that the hooker in question was a child. That is low budget.

    2. The Courant has hidden stories about the contraction of the US economy fairly well. Where on the front page of this website would negative GDP growth been plastered had a Republicans been in charge?

      1. Rally for Gun reform at Capital 11 AM

        Which of course would only be aaprapo for a republican in good standing selling out to the highest bidder.

      2. Johngaltwhereru

        They don’t Republican and Democrats in The D.R. If they did, she would probably be a Republican. She is out there earning her income rather than leaching off the tax payer. She is being self reliant.

        However, it is unlikely she is paying taxes on her income, which makes her more likely to be a Democrat.

    1. Rally for Gun reform at Capital 11 AM

      Oh, and I almost forgot. What is it that you once said you did running around DC picking up those young people that you bragged about when you lived there?

    2. Mama Said

      John Gault: This comment is inappropriate. The thread is about pledging to honor the lives of 26 innocent human beings who were slaughtered in the Sandy Hook Elementary School and advocating for common sense solutions to make our children and our country safer in the future. Let’s stop the partisan deflection in favor of something that makes you less uncomfortable. I am sure there is another thread somewhere where you can discuss the prurient topic which seems to be much more interesting to you. Can anyone who supports people like LaPierre show a little more respect for the tragedy in Newtown and engage in a focused, reasonable, intelligent and “common sense” discussion?

      1. bigpauly

        There have been many “focused, reasonable, intelligent and ‘common sense'” points brought by those with whom you (plural) disagree, and the points are dismissed out of hand. This is not discussion, that would require give and take, an assumption that another’s view is as valid. I usually don’t see that. Who gets to decide what is or not focused, reasonable, intelligent and common sense?

        1. Mama Said

          It is not FOCUSED to insert the “hooker” story into the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy. It is not “REASONABLE OR INTELLIGENT” to allow special interests and corporations to dismiss the slaughter of 20 innocent babies, and it defies “COMMON SENSE” to assert that more high powered guns and more high capacity clips are a solution to this constant stream of senseless massacres.

          1. Johngaltwhereru


            This story is about Blumenthal trying to show up LaPierre. Nothing more. Nothing less. It is useless red meat for liberals.

            Where do you suggest I make comments I wish to make on GDP and pedophile Democrat Senators? If you would notice, stories that reflect poorly on Democrats are covered lightly in this paper. And, like in the case of these 2 major stories, The Courant rarely allows for comments on such stories.

  3. Beverly Kneeland Patrick

    I would love to be a fly (or a maggot) looking over his shoulder at his portfolio and his bank statements to identify how much earns from gun and ammunition sales.
    I cannot wrap my head around why he can’t or wont budge on EVEN the issue of enhanced background checks, so it must have something to do with his wallet.

    1. CADonohoe

      I agree, Beverly. The NRA has no interest in the Constitution or gun owners’ rights or the lives lost to gun violence. Their only interest is the almighty $$. This man has no soul and no conscience.

    1. Mama Said

      Common sense is an honest desire to LISTEN with an open heart and mind and see the situation unfettered by personal ego, financial gain or any other type of self interest. If common sense is now considered subjective, is explains a whole lot about the mindset of the radicals in this country.

      1. bigpauly

        Your definition is not of common sense, but decency, objectivity, and community. Common sense is subjective and often a lost art.

      2. johngaltwhereru

        Blumenthal’s version of common sense is to ban weapons that are involved in a miniscule percentage of murders, used by people who obtained those weapons illegally and are already banned from obtaining them, and to ensure that only criminals own those weapons.

        Rational people know this does not work.

        Here is what it breaks down to: Liberals govern based on emotion and populist reactionary crisis management, and call it common sense.

        In reality, Blumenthal’s gun and ammunition rights removal as a solution to Sandy Hook type tragedies has no connection to common sense.

  4. P. Richards

    LaPierre’s response to background checks is criminals won’t do them. So going by what he wants, the criminals will still be able to get their guns. This only stands to show where his true loyalty lies. It is with the gun and ammo manufactures, and by him and others hiding behind the 2nd amendment to keep these weapons on the streets only proves he is more concerned about keeping the guns out there for everyone including the criminals means more than the lives of the innocent victims murdered by these weapons.I have heard “arm every teacher”, “allow people to carry guns everywhere” this will make everyone safer. There are enough guns in the U.S. for every citizen to have one, yet the murder rate continues to grow. How safe is that? I have yet to find a case where someone needed a semi-automatic/assault rifle with 100 shells to protect themselves from a crime. If LaPierre was sincere about taking the Sandy Hook Promise, why did he have to be asked twice? His true loyalty lies with gun and ammo manufacturers and his wallet.

    1. bigpauly

      Thank you for defeating your own argument, it saves a lot of time. So by enacting more or tougher laws you already know that criminals will always have guns and whatever else they want. And how does the 2nd Amendment put guns “on the streets?” And why does anyone need a whatever kind of weapon, well, tell me forever what kind of attack they will be under? Having 100 (or more) bullets doesn’t mean they are all in the gun at once, or have to be used all at once.

  5. SHP Member

    As a rule I don’t get involved in my website debates that I am a member of. However, this time I do want to make a reminder comment. I just want to make sure that those who are making comments are also remembering that this is a Sandy Hook Promise page. I hope all of you making good or bad remarks have also taken the Sandy Hook Promise. If you haven’t, then research the purpose of the Sandy Hook Promise and take the Promise. You will then know that the parents of the Sandy Hook victims do not want this type of batter but to see all sides to put aside their personal feelings and come together using common sense reasoning to develop ways the the nation can make changes to bring safety back to our communities. It takes education and willingness to be part of the solution. Please, if you are not willing to take the Sandy Hook Promise, do not be negatively battering those who have. You may want to consider not being a part of this page at all. Thank you.

  6. Repeal Bill

    I want to pretend that those on both sides of this divide can be more civil. I am on the farther side of gun control. Ecause I believe that the 2nd amendment has indeed been maligned. And I know that I have been almost the lone voice mentioning this. I have because other countries have taken draconian measures to get guns out of circulation. But we have this modern mindset that all these horrible weapons are perfectly suitable in society.

    I know I’ll be accused of emotionalism but when one thinks of rights, think of the description of that little boy whose mother had an open casket to show the damage that the Bushwacker does. The bottom half of his face was blown off. One hand was so mangled that the globe with the angel inside that his mother wanted to place in that hand wouldn’t hold because there wasn’t enough hand remaining.

    There is something wrong when a person jumps up and exclaims, “but it’s my right.” no, I am sorry. It is no one’s right to have the capacity to shoot a six year old little angelic boy into pieces.

    I have hope for those of us who have guns for protection will realize that the big weapons are not necessary and that perhap a doubled barrel shotgun is enough.

    I would rather all guns to be taken away and melted into a statue depicting six year olds at play and have one molded and placed in every town and city I the nation.

    When you get shot and you happen to be a conservative Republican like James Brady, then you retire and go on to found a gun control foundation. But not until you are shot.

    Now does that make an sense to anyone?

      1. Kim

        How thoughtful of you – repeal – to admit your fault to SHP Member, after FIRST saying your piece and contributing to what SHP was complaining about.

  7. WildBill

    SHP Member: Thank you for correcting the direction we have gone. I am at fault too. I have been active in the gun reform movement. Honestly, I don’t have a great deal of confidence with the results short of a draconian measure to ban most kinda of firearms. But we all will need to live with it. I know that my rhetoric about repeal can go nowhere. I just wanted to sow seeds on this idea.

    We are all held hostage by this modern trend of more everything including a major increase in the destructive weapons being marketed. It wasn’t always this way. Police only changed from revolvers to the Glock when criminals were able to outshoot the police. Now we are in a kind of arms race on the street.

    And we are the only developed nation on earth with this mentality. When England passed laws on gun control ( and very effective and strong ones) the Parliment voted overwhelmingly in favor and it was not a partisan vote. Here, we become slaves of the industry over the security of people.

    I attended the public meeting in Newtown this past week and after hearing testimony from the families of the lost, It so affected me that I will never forget it for the rest of my life. We all cried and cried hard.

    We must somehow return to sanity because right now, the schism is wide.

    When a conservative republican gets shot as did James Brady while press spokesman for President Reagan, he is forced into retirement and goes on to found a gun control foundation.

    Can this not be an example for those who, when asked why they need all these destructive weapons, have replied, “because it is my right.”

    The mother with that beautiful boy with the long eyelashes insisted on an open casket because she wanted to show others the destructive effects of the Bushmaster. This angelic boy’s lower face was blown off. She used a cloth to cover the missing part of his face. The mother wanted to place a little globe with an angel inside in each of his hands before he was buried. But she couldn’t because one of his hands was too mangled to hold the globe. Now I ask each and every one of you to go back and look at that beautiful 6 year old.

    So I ask anyone who is preoccupied with their 2nd amendment rights; how do you feel now? Do you still want your 2nd amendment rights?

  8. Johngaltwhereru

    SHP member,

    First let me send my condolences if you have lost a loved one in this senseless act of insanity.

    I must disagree with your assessment that this is a Sandy Hook Promise page. If it were, it would show the promise, explain what it is and who’s idea it was, then link to the website where you can take the promise.

    Instead, this was a piece about Blumenthal trying to make LaPierre look bad. Neither LaPierre nor Blumenthal would have been mentioned had Jenny Wilson wanted the focus of her piece to be the promise.

    If you want a page that is actually focused on the Sandy Hook Promise, perhaps you could contact the Courant and ask them to supply a page free from political attacks, opinion, or anything other than simple facts regarding the promise.

  9. Kim

    This thread looks familar – a multiple personality talking to himself under at least 5 different names and accusing others of being irrational.

    If this is indeed a promise page, let me make mine:

    “I promise to honor the 26 lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School by not using the unfortunate victims as a political tool to advance my personal agenda.

    I promise to do everything I can to encourage and support common-sense solutions that make my community and our country safer from similar acts of violence. That includes but is not limited to helping to make sure that private gun ownership by responsible, legal citizens continues without further useless regulations – because if one life can be saved by arming decent people, then we have an obligation to try”.

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