NSSF Responds To Malloy\’s Gun Proposals

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\"NSSF_Logo\"The National Shooting Sports Foundation says Gov. Malloy\’s gun proposals, released Thursday after the governor criticized the progress of the state legislature bipartisan task force, indicate he\’s abandoning his previous commitment to bipartisanship.

\”We are…troubled by the Governor\’s apparent change in attitude and seeming impatience with the approach of the General Assembly\’s bipartisan Gun Violence Task force and even his own commission,\” said the Newtown-based organization in a statement released Thursday criticizing \”a rush to quick-fix legislation.\”

The NSSF praised the General Assembly task force Malloy criticized earlier in the week, and said their organization would review the proposals in hopes of engaging in \”meaningful dialogue\” with the governor.

They ended their statement with a zinger, echoing other Malloy critics:  \”We believe [effective policy] is more important than achieving headlines in connection with Vice President Biden\’s visit to Danbury today.\”

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3 thoughts on “NSSF Responds To Malloy\’s Gun Proposals

  1. Jim

    Typical “I’ll tell you what you need” Malloy politics. So out of touch with the constituents in Connecticut. He commissions a panel to come up with potential solutions and then shortcuts their recommendations and dictates what HE wants. Stop trying to “Out-liberal” Cuomo for national attention. Look at the NY S.A.F.E. Act, the police are now criminals because he didn’t exempt them because he was rushing the law through so he could say, “Look at me, look at me, I’m so much better than all of you with my new foolish law that won’t affect any criminal activity!” Nom Malloy wants to start the confiscation merry go round by a mandatory turn in of magazines in excess of 10 rounds. What’s next? The guns? How about the enforcement? “You fellow gunners owe it to ME to rat each other out.” Really? Come on Dannel, get us fighting with each other? Did you pick that divide and conquer tactic from you puppeteer Obama?

    1. Herb Rosenthal

      Typical of most anti-Obama, pro-gun commenters who are too cowardly to post their correct or full names

  2. Klang

    We in Ct don’t need our politicians to tell us what we need.I’ll bet my last dollar and all my rights that if they put it to public vote any proposal they put forward it would be voted down.

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