NY Times Reporter Who Was Fed Blumenthal Vietnam Scoop Will Join DC Firm Led By One-Time McMahon Adviser

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Dylan Byers of Politico reported that former New York Times political writer Ray Hernandez is joining a Washington PR firm.

\"hernandez\"Normally the comings and goings of journalists aren\’t that interesting but in this case, as Byers noted, Hernandez\’ move merits a mention. Back in 2010, Hernandez broke the story that now Sen. Richard Blumenthal falsely claimed he served in Vietnam.

The story was built upon a snippet of video from an obscure event in Norwalk several years earlier. Almost immediately, people began to speculate that video was unearthed by the crack oppo research team of Blumethal\’s multimillionaire Republican opponent, Linda McMahon.

Columnist Kevin Rennie wrote the following on his blog right after the Times story broke: \”The Blumenthal Bombshell comes at the end of more than 2 months of deep, persistent research by Republican Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign,\’\’ Rennie wrote. \”It gave the explosive Norwalk video recording to The Times.\”

Ed Patru, McMahon\’s 2010 media strategist, fessed up to the Connecticut Mirror. \”We got our hands on it,\” Patru told @CTMirrorPaz shortly after the story broke.

Flash forward more than three years later: Hernandez is leaving the Times to work at DCI Group, a public relations firm where Patru is vice president. Coincidence?

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8 thoughts on “NY Times Reporter Who Was Fed Blumenthal Vietnam Scoop Will Join DC Firm Led By One-Time McMahon Adviser

  1. Connecticut is circling the drain

    Unfortunately, a Democrat can be an axe murderer in this state and the electorate will vote for him. A Republican, of course, does not get the same treatment.

    Pathetic but true in royal blue Connecticut.

  2. will

    That is not news. Blummie is a lair. And true blue flash blinded Ct. voters vote the party line no matter how great the sins are. Blummie truly represents the people of Corrupticut.

  3. Johngaltwhereru

    Wow. I’d like to know why Daniela used the phrase, “The story was based on a snippet of a video from an obscure event in Norwalk several years earlier.”

    Is she really trying to downplay lying about serving in a war in which 60K American lost their lives? Would it have been a greater affront if he had lied directly to her face?

    You know, I don’t remember Mitt Romney’s comment about the 47% who don’t pay taxes being classified by Daniela as a snippet from an obscure event.

    Daniela, when studying at Columbia School of Journalism, do they advise you to pretend to be unbiased in your columns, or are they overt in their opinion that the purpose of Columbia School of Journalism is to advance the Liberal agenda?

  4. Lawrence

    Of course Richard Blumenthal actually enlisted in the Marines and served his country, as do his sons. Linda McMahon never served her country, nor did her daughter. The two of them just degraded American culture by promoting illegal drug use, sex, and violence against women.

    When Dick Blumenthal and his sons die, the American flag will be draped over their coffins, and a military band will play “Taps.” When Linda McMahon dies, some Fairfield County caterer will make $36,000.

    Deal with it.

    1. Mr Bill

      Lawrence: go get ‘em. And don’t forget that little weasel, Kim Junk Jerk. He is even worse. Sociopath comes to mind.

    2. Johngaltwhereru

      Get over what?

      Daniela’ poor journalism? The fact that Columbia and schools like them have destroyed the profession of journalism, and therefore the purpose of a Free Press?

      I didn’t mention Linda McMahon in my post once, as she was incredibly irrelevant to the simple fact that Blumenthal is a dishonorable scumbag who lied on camera, then lied about lying, then Daniela spewed bias all over her political advocacy page which is mislabeled as journalism.

  5. Connecticut is circling the drain

    Once again the adjective “multimillionaire” is used to describe a Republican. I believe, but am not certain, that Blumenthal is worth much more than Linda McMahon. Of course there will be no such adjective to describe him by the liberal media. It’s just another day in the liberal media spin machine.

    Lawrence, the Marine Corps (that’s pronounced “core,” not “corpse” for non-Obamatrons) motto is Semper Fidelis, or “always faithful.” By lying about his war record, Danang Dick broke his Marine Corps pledge. While you and your fellow godless libtards may want us to “get over it,” veterans like myself served for reasons other than political expediency and we take our service seriously. We will never forget what a lying POS this guy is. Got it?

  6. Lawrence

    Tell it to your chickenhawk GOP friends, of which there are legions.

    And you don’t have to lecture me about the military.

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