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5 thoughts on “Obama Margin Over Romney Now Over 3 Percent

  1. Richard

    If 184,000 people changed their vote in Florida, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Virginia Romney woudo be President

    FL – 37,155
    OH – 51,760
    VA – 74,656
    NH – 19,822

    Colorado was also close with 62,000 needing to change their votes there.

    CO – 61,655

  2. ccbeachcomber

    Just shows folks voted selfishly for themselves and stagnation vs. growth and jobs for the unemployed. Well done.

  3. Da Troof

    Congrats Rick. Sure glad we’re doubling down on $1T annual deficits, 8 plus percent unemployment, Obamacare, and monetizing our debt. We are on the fast track to bankruptcy, but not to worry as our campaigner-in-chief has plenty of bread and circus for the Roman voters.

    Hope you have a chair when the music stops.

  4. Kim

    As a poster in California said: “Now that the Democrats have all the power our kids will be well educated, everyone will have a job, gasoline and goods will cost less, our air will be pure, transportation will be state-of-the-art, everyone will have health care, there will be no hunger or homelessness, and we will all live happily ever after.”

    Any questions?

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