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10 thoughts on “Obama: Shame On Us If We Don\’t Respond To Newtown

      1. johngaltwhereru

        Ah, another Liberal who disdains election law, and probably knows nothing of the Court’s basis for halting Florida’s illegal and arbitrary hand recount.

        Sure wish we could have had that lying hypocrite Al Gore instead of Bush. He could have pushed an anti-global warming agenda, right up until it became beneficial to him to stomp all over that cause for personal gain.

  1. We Are Blessed

    George Bush was so wonderful they hid him during the convention. He was probably at home painting pictures of doggies and taking his meds.

    1. We are Doomed

      Where was your hero Ballsack Oblamer during the Congressional midterms when his party couldn’t get far enough away from him?

    2. Johngaltwhereru

      I was not defending Bush. He appointed John Roberts. That is an unforgivable offense.

      I was pointing out that, as a liberal, you believe that because the Supreme Court did not allow Liberals to retroactively change a States election laws, that Gore really won. Either that, or you incorrectly believe the Electoral College is irrelevant.

      I was also pointing out the lying, hypocritical, self-serving fraud that would have been President had Liberals cheated their way to victory.

  2. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    Mr. Obama is a lameduck and irrelevant from now until he leaves office. He can bloviate about things but his effect on any issue is severely limited. He has alienated to many Reps and Senators in Congress from both party’s that he will not be able to pass any legislation of consequence. He will be spending more and more time golfing or playing basketball as his Presidency winds down and we look forward to a new one. His effectiveness for a second term lasted about 3 weeks.

  3. Brian C. Duffy

    Why is the “gun” amendment number 2 in the U.S. Constitution?

    Why is it number 15 in the Connecticut Constitution?

    What and why are 13 more important in CT?

    Perhaps the CABs (Cowardly Anonymous Bloggers) here can research these questions and enlighten the rest of us with their usual CAB expertise.

    1. Johngaltwhereru


      If the “gun amendment” is number 15 in CT, then according to your rationale, there are 14 more important, not 13.

      Also, where did you find information that shows the Amendments in the Bill of Rights are listed in order of importance? The authors of the Bill of Rights seem to indicate otherwise in their other writings.

      Cowering in The C.R.,

    2. The Conn-servative

      I have better things to do than to give you an answer for this stupid scenario as to why one amendment finished in 15th place and is not higher up on the Constitution.
      Truthfully,anonymity is important with opinions due employment,school,etc,and you know this. Because you are mocking us,why don’t you post your “real” picture After all based on comments,what do you have to hide?So you post as Brian C. Duffy,who’s to say your real?

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