Obama: Shameful Lies Alter Gun Debate

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\”Instead of supporting this compromise, the gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about the bill. They claimed that it would create some sort of big brother gun registry – even though the bill did the opposite\” and \”in fact, outlawed any registry,\” Obama said.


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25 thoughts on “Obama: Shameful Lies Alter Gun Debate

  1. Paul

    From what I am hearing there were things in the bill that would have affected law abiders and never prevented any shootings.
    Those who have no interest in guns & never did & never will were the majority of these 80/90%’ers that wanted this thing and all they saw was “Background Check”.They dont care about all the other resrictions I amm hearing that were in it.

  2. sam

    I am not understanding this, Isn’t everyday a shameful day in Washington DC what would make this day any different?

  3. Johngaltwhereru

    Poor Obama.

    After he was so honest leading up to the passage of Obamacare.

    After he has been so honest and forthcoming regarding Benghazi.

    After the honesty he displayed during both of his campaigns for President.

    After he admonished those who lied on his behalf during his campaigns for President.

    He really deserves an equivalent level of honesty.

    1. Kim

      His honesty during Fast & Furious was welcome as well.

      His display of the families of the SH victims, of course, is not shameful at all.

      The obvious solution is for him to continue wasting taxpayer dollars by flying around the country every day avoiding his real responsibilities.

      1. Paul

        I hope the Sandy Hook families are enjoying there all expense paid vacation in DC to watch Obama try to circumvent the Constitution

  4. drrick@healthyct.com

    You didnt have to go there to make your point…the first amendment is free speech. It comes before the others for a reason. By the way … yes the second is there for a reason too. Good point spending govt money to further your agenda not cool.

  5. justme

    When has the truth been embraced by Obama???? I stopped listening to him years ago and I am surprise that some still do.

    1. only you stopped listening

      In the last election 18.0% more CT people listened to him than listened to the other guy. What was his name again?

      1. Johngaltwhereru

        People listened to Bernie Madoff for decades.

        Dumb people listening doesn’t make the speaker truthful.

        1. only you stopped listening

          When President Obama speaks the world listens. You are a crank and nobody listens to you.

          1. Johngaltwhereru

            The Egyptian listened? The Syrians? The Lybians? About half of Americans? The Senate and House?

            Time for you hard lefties to face the fact that Obama’s political clout is rapidly fading and any hopes of passing hard left agenda items is over.

            As far as who listens to me, obviously you can be counted as one.

          2. Kim

            Obviously billyboy: not listening while listening. Not reading while reading. Not posting while posting.

            Simple-minded is easy to spot

    2. Patriot

      the ignorant and uneducated listen to him because he says things that make them feel good and they are too lazy to research his history.

      Socialists listen to him for obvious reasons.

      Those who favor government control over their lives listen to him.

      Those who survive on taxpayer handouts listen to him

  6. chris laro

    tragic truth here is beyond anything whites speak about and that is – karma has come home to the u.s. Did all of you really think we could go to war for so long and create such devastation without paying any kind of communal/spiritual price? The gun debate is no more truthful or vital than our wars. It stands for the awful mediocrity in this society on every level not just gov’t. I applaud the President for being brave but middle aged balding sexless white men who think they wield power are ruining this country for money and the very people complaining about this issue will NOT vote them out or manifest real change because at the heart of America is this – the people fear the govt whereas in Europe, the govt fears its people. Obama is correct unless the ‘sheeple’ out there in lala land get off their reality tv addictions and VOTE these white idiots out of office and replace them with people of courage and honor guns will continue to be the wingnut issue they’ll cling to as the only reason for being here in America – where did freedom and guns become umbilical? And finally, do any of you whites know how to spell umbilical w/out reading the word here?

    Good luck. HEY HOKA HEY! Mitakuye oyasin ho hetch etu aloh!

    tree bear

    1. Betrayed Democrat

      Looks like the racist professor is back, disguised as chris larso.

      “where did freedom and guns become umbilical?”

      For a professor, this question displays extreme levels of ignorance of our own history. An insignificant event called the American Revolution was started over the right to own weapons, and was won because the oppressed had them.

      Our founding fathers tied guns to freedom with many of the statements about government fearing its citizens, and freedom being tied to citizens having the ability to throw off tyrannical governments. Of course, our government doesnt fear the people – hence pseudo leaders like Obama and Biden.

      Time to cut your ‘umbilical’, professor, to the liberal lies favored by many in our so-called educational establishments.

    2. Johngaltwhereru

      Wow you are an ignorant racist.

      Tell us, Chris X, is single motherhood and the poverty associated with single motherhood responsible for any of America’s problems? If so, how are white people responsible for 72% of blacks being born out of wedlock. And please save the moronic slavery and Jim Crowe arguments, as this percentage has been steadily rising since the 1960’s

      Tell us you ignorant racist, how are white people responsible for less than half of blacks graduating from high school?

      You are right about the lack of truthfulness regarding the gun debate, but let’s not pretend your side is being honest. Honesty would require an attempt at properly repealing the 2nd Amendment. But you don’t see any of your beloved black politicians sending that Bill to the floor, do you? Do you think it is because they are unaware of how this process works, or they don’t want the left’s true agenda exposed.

      Finally, freedom and guns are umbilical because throughout history tyrants have trounced on people’s freedom until they were removed by force. There are plenty of Countries in your precious Europe that have recently removed their tyrants with guns. The fact that the US has enjoyed peaceful transitions of power since 1776, does not mean that will be permanent.

  7. Paul

    Obama has a fit:
    | 04/18/13 | Bob Lonsberry

    Yesterday was a big news day.
    One of the biggest in years.
    The nation had been hit by a terrorist attack just two days before, reports were that a suspect had been identified and might even be close to being arrested.

    The mysterious assassinations of two Texas prosecutors had been broken open and the country was just learning that it was neither white supremacists nor Mexican drug lords who had targeted our legal system.

    Letters containing a lethal poison had been mailed to both the Congress and the White House. For the first time since the season of terrorism commenced in 2001, a poison attack had been launched in the mails.

    And all of this had broken since noon.

    So when the White House announced that the president was holding a hurry-up press conference at 5:30, you knew it was big.

    The Boston evening briefing had been called off just minutes before it was scheduled to start, presumably out of deference to the president’s appearance, and the air was heavy with portent.

    Perhaps the president was going to announce an arrest. Possibly he was going to give more information about the deadly letters sent to Washington and whether they were tied to some terrorist plot.

    Maybe he had something to say about the evacuations at the Boston courthouse, and at Brigham and Women’s.

    Maybe it was just an update to the country on where we stood and what we should expect.

    But it was none of those things.

    As radio stations and television broadcasts across the country went live, the president and his props walked out and it became clear what this was about.

    Barack Obama was throwing a fit.

    After some comments from a Sandy Hook father who has become an anti-gun campaigner, Barack Obama took the microphone and wore it out for most of a half an hour.

    Not a word about Boston.

    Not a word about defending the country against terrorism or any success that might have been had in catching whoever was behind an attack on the country just 48 hours before.

    It was Obama about Obama.

    His big gun-banning initiative had come up empty.

    He had taken the horrific murder of 20 young children and their teachers and whored it out to advance his lifelong anti-gun agenda. He used the tears of bereaved mothers to manipulate the political system to get what he wanted.

    Only he didn’t.

    The Senate – controlled by his own party – denied him even the least offensive of his attacks on the Second Amendment.

    The legislative process played out and he lost and his reaction was – on a day when there was an abundance of truly significant issues facing the country – to throw a self-centered hissy fit.

    He ranted and raved, condemning Congress and the NRA and anyone else he could think of. He raised his voice and there was rage in his eyes and he threatened his foes and tried to rally his supporters.

    He called on people to support him and his party and to oppose the Republicans and their supporters.

    He was concerned about politics.

    While there was still blood on the sidewalk.

    While a dozen people were still fighting for their lives.

    While a nation was looking for leadership.

    Barack Hussein Obama was throwing a fit. Outraged at his political impotence. Indignant that the Congress had not bowed before him.

    On the day that a poll said 4 percent of Americans believe gun control is an important issue.

    Barack Obama was upset about guns.

    So clueless. So out of touch. So focused on what mattered to him, without regard to what mattered to the people.

    He had tried to gut a piece of the very Constitution he had sworn to uphold, and it bit him, and he threw a tantrum.

    It was like watching a spoiled prince, some inbred and addle-minded scion of entitlement and privilege, raging against a disappointment to his ego.

    Last night we saw the real Obama.

    The one who doesn’t give a damn about anything but himself and his interests.


    1. Kim

      Thanks Paul, your post is outstanding in its’ honesty and simplicity.

      Let the personal attacks and the name-calling from the libs begin

  8. Patriot

    Why isn’t the media screaming about the police in Boston ordering businesses to close and people to remain inside their homes? Has martial law been declared?

    I understand the concerns about the bombers, but I’m more concerned about this government ‘putsch’ and the lack of outcry against it.

    Sure it’s easier to search for a suspect if no one is allowed out into the streets. Using that logic, it would be even easier if they simply rounded everyone up and herded them into football and baseball stadiums. How easy would it then be to locate a suspect when he would be the only one not in custody?

    We could give these ‘processing centers’ nice friendly names like ‘gulag’ or ‘work camps’ or even ‘Auschwitz’ and ‘Dachau’. The police could separate anyone they thought had any knowledge at all of these bombers, and start pulling fingernails and breaking knuckles to get them to tell what they know (or don’t know). Hell, it worked with the Japanese didn’t it? Let’s round everyone up

    This is why the government is taking your guns, people. It’s not too late to see the light but time is running out.

    1. johngaltwhereru

      The answer is because Democrats are in control.

      Remember the media’s response to the Patriot Act?

      Remember the media’s response to TSA screenings?

      The only reasonable answer to your initial question is that when Democrats stifle freedom in the name of safety, mum’s the word. When Republicans stifle freedom in the name of safety, it is tyranny.

  9. Kim

    Yes, please do. Please express how I love hanging out in men’s rooms and now some of them are Jewish men’s rooms.

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