Occupy Hartford Promises To Return

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Just in time for the rainy holiday weekend, Occupy Hartford has issued a communique saying it will return to the city with a three-day engagement planned for the sidewalk outside the offices of the Connecticut Business and Industry Association beginning today. An email states the action is designed to

     … draw attention to corporate lobbying in Connecticut and the growing gap between the rich and the poor. The occupation will last until Sunday morning.

The festivities begin at 4:30 today with a march from Bushnell Park to the CBIA offices at 350 Church St. in Hartford. In 2011, Occupy Hartford spent two months camping in the vacant lot near the intersection of Broad Street and Farmington Avenue.


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44 thoughts on “Occupy Hartford Promises To Return

  1. Quinte West

    Dear “Occupiers”– for the most part, the “growing gap between the rich and the poor” can be more clearly defined as the growing gap between the fewer who work and earn their living and the increasing number of individuals who want everything, but are unwilling to expend the energy necessary to earn it themselves.

    1. bill

      That, your statement, is a historic and economic fallacy. The income gap has many reasons but mainly can be viewed as special corporate interests influencing Congress to enact laws that allow the corporation to indirectly and directly rape pension funds through buy-outs and allow top management to increase compensation ratios way beyond anything in the past. And remember, a corporation is not a private company. It is a publicly traded and owned entity. Laws governing fiduciary responsibilities have been carved to favor management at the expense of their workers. And as more money accumulates into fewer hands, it buys up more either through vertical or horizontal expansion until the average Joe and Jane Schmuck cannot survive the competition and then works as an indentured servant to the boss.

      This is only one reason we need government intervention. I could continue but I must work again today.

      1. Greg

        I was all about the initial message of the occupiers, protesting regulatory capture and buying legislation and all that. TARP was the ultimate insult in my opinion, we should have let all those banks go broke and started over, but no, bailouts for everyone! But not actual people. The free market for failure should be as robust as the free market for success. But not for banks.

        Then the hippies moved in, smoking weed and playing the bongos in their drum circles. Then the demands for “everyone ever gets a living wage and a house and an education and stuff and everything for as long as their alive!” and then the occupiers lost all credibility. What could have been a robust fight for individual liberties and a widespread protest against special interests and all that turned into something else. So sad.

        1. dick

          People were smoking weed and playing bongos from day one of Occupy. If anything, that was the original message. There was never meant to be a message. We never wanted credibility. It was an anarchist initiative. We were, and are, there to represent an obvious and self evident dilemma and can do that however we damn well please. The only thing that ruined occupy was the general assembly. Occupy was ruined for the same reason humanity is ruined; because we had a government.

      2. Quinte West

        Bill –glad you are at work, hope you enjoy a Memorial Day Holiday…if your perspective of corporate assault on America is true, then what is preventing your beloved government from intervening and putting a stop to it? What is the difference between a “rape” of pension funds and the Government pilfering from my earnings to provide health care to everyone whether they want it or not? Whats the difference between corporate greed and Pork being used to buy elections and maintain power and control? Only difference I see is that I can choose which Corporations I work in and buy from–but my options on changing governments seem much less….

        1. walls

          Very good Quinte! We have a winner here!

          Actually, you do have some input on ‘changing government’ by changing our elected so-called leaders. But admittedly that’s hard to do when the gimmedats and ‘low info’ voters cancel you out!

          1. John

            Not really – only two choices in a presidential election, and two parties in most local elections, is a no choice at all.

            The spectrum of options is very limited. Where’s by anti-war vote go? Or my anti-2nd Amendment vote?

    2. John

      So 99% of people in Connecticut want ‘everything’ and are unwilling to expend their energy?

      All people want is to be able to afford to go to the doctor, pay a mortgage and run a car. Get real.

  2. dick

    Like people have a clue. Haters especially. Justice is dead. The system is irreparable. The end is near. The earth is doomed. The communique is just being politically correct about it. Everyday the planet dies a little more and you and I with it.

  3. rocky

    Get a job like the rest of the world. Parking your lazy ass on the lawn with a tent does nothing but waste law enforcement time and tax dollars because we have to supervise you stupid asses.

    1. John

      Their fighting for you too, rocky.

      See how you like it when the heating bill goes up (guess you haven’t noticed it always is, living everything else in the cost of living – all controlled by major corporations) and your wages don’t increase at the same rate.

  4. Bill

    Oh goodie…..it’ll be fun to watch the Occupy sex assaults and defecations on vehicles in the name of social justice.


  5. Josh

    I have a job where my productivity is far higher than my pay would suggest. I am clean, showered, and high-school educated. I could be considered an Occupier. I also have no faith in the class of people that angrily attack the Occupiers and other social justice activists. Why is this so personal? I’ll never understand.

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      Because socialist whiny brats who belive they deserve the fruits of someone else’s labor took over what was originally a worthy cause.

      Originally OWS was a protest against Goverment/Corporate cronyism, a worthy goal we all should oppose. It was quickly hijacked by unions and Socialist, much the same way the Fiscally Conservative Pro Constitution Tea Party was hijacked by Social Conservatives.

      1. bill

        Johngalt: I am pleased you had the foresight to understand the original message. I don’t think this “movement” can be so easily defined as having become corrupted. These groups have purposely stayed… (ambiguous is not the right word) fluid. I stopped by a few times and I found them to have a bear bones street visceral reaction to the Great Recession that was mainly perpetuated by bankers and the reality industry who lobbied hard for deregulation (remember Glass/Steigel?)- in essence, a license to steal.

        1. johngaltwhereru

          I strongly disagree with that assessment. The majority of OWS protestors have no clue about Glass/Steagall.

          In fact, the vast majority of Democrats, which I would bet my life savings is the party affiliation of the overwhelming majority of OWS protestors, have no clue that Glass/Steagall was repealed by Clinton with overwhelming support from Congressional Democrats. You know, because de-regulation was Bush’s fault. Just like the CRA, which was equally responsible for the 2008 collapse, was started by Carter and expanded by Clinton but was Bush’s fault despite his attempts to curtail that Act.

          1. Billy Yo

            Johngalt: And your point? So what if individuals who have reacted to the greatest economic upheaval in our (all our) lifetime by protesting don’t understand who it happened?

            What is your fricken point? Are your panties in a bunch again, today. And what about Clinton? Yes, it happened on his watch although I just don’t know if it wasn’t Congress or the President who spearheaded the demise of the 1930s act.

            Man, you are really really.

          2. johngaltwhereru

            Well Billyo,

            My point was to answer a direct question and dispell an ignorant myth.

            I think you would agree, assuming you are rational, that the evolution of OWS resulted in a movement based on hatred of the richest 1%.

            Additionally, assuming you are rational, you would agree that most OWS people erroneously connect the 1% with Republicans.

            Finally, I would hope you agree that the movement as a whole is in favor of increasing the size and power of Government, which ignorantly ignores the fact that Government was at least 50% responsible for the 2008 crash.

            So, these morons can protest all they want. It is just a shame that a very worthwhile movement, which easily could have combined with the original Tea Party in it’s efforts to reign in Government/Corporate Cronyism was destroyed in favor of a group of ignorant punks wasting time and union thugs being paid to protest. That’s all. No big deal.

          3. Billy Yo

            Johngalt: Talking about thugs, the Tea Party regulars stomping into civil community town halls disrupting during 2010 so don’t talk to me about ignorant behavior. I hate them and I would give them all flat tires if I know which cars they drive. :)

          4. Greg

            Oh sweet mother of Hades not the CRA nonsense again…

            Never knew Option ARM no-doc loans written on mcmansions were covered under the CRA.

          5. Johngaltwhereru


            Do you think mortgage lenders were going to bend over and spread them in response to being forced to issue loans to people?

            Or is it more likely that a business, who’s sole purpose is to make a profit would respond by offering thing like ARM No doc loans?

            I notice you wisely avoided the Glass Steagell argument, which people of your ilk miraculously convinced millions of people was Bush’s fault.

          6. Johngaltwhereru


            I’m always amused by the anger caused by Tea Party interrupted Town Halls. Is it the fact that they were calling out lying Democrat politicians directly to their faces, or that they used the methods traditionally only employed by leftist?

          7. Billy Yo

            Johnny Galt: You may not believe me, but when John Larson came to a town hall meeting in West Hartford, before the meeting began, an angry-looking woman with a long face and a little cam began peppering his aid on the side of the state. Or maybe she had someone calling out the questions as she taped. Anyhow, me looks at it for a moment for what it is, an attempted gotchu moment, and me starts asking her question after question rapid fire, thereby throwing her off her mark.

            I was proud that day. Even though you may not think so, I do often think fast on my feet.

    2. The Conn-servative

      It’s personal because most normal protests don’t setup Civil War style camps for periods on end. Additionally, as Bill mentioned above,people shouldn’t be living in an area to make a protest.Like most civil things ,there are legitimate ways and means to make it happen. Not to strike a stake in some public property,deem it ours for the next 12 weeks,and not have any care or concern about human waste or sexual assualts that have occurred at these camps.Never mind the cost to taxpayers.

      1. bill

        Conn-Serv: Oh… you are just an old whinny grand ma ma sitting in her rocking chair and peeping out a window through the shades.

        Get a hold of yourself.

      2. John

        Civil unrest of this kind is sometimes the only way to get results.

        Were you against the civil rights protests too?

  6. dick

    people who bitch about the tax aspect dont realize what really happens to their tax dollars. your tax dollars are spent on war and they are embezzled. one penny of every tax dollar is what it costs to run society(indoctrinate and enslave). youre getting bamboozled. source; get bent.

    1. Really dick?

      Sounds like you have all the answers dick. Too bad you don’t know the questions.

      1. Johngaltwhereru

        Really dick?

        I was looking for a way to answer dick ‘s post, but it was so confusing I could not. Thank you for your concise response.

        Was Dick trying to say people shouldn’t complain about taxes because tax dollars are consumed in a corrupt manner?

        1. Brian C's Nothing

          Good to see you again Doc. I thought you might have left this blog. How are things down south?

          1. Johngaltwhereru

            Brian C’s Nothing,

            Unfortuantely I chose a 40 degree rainy “summer” weekend for a return visit to CT.

        2. Billy Yo

          tweedle dee say look here tweedle doo
          tweedle dum went on the run
          choose the NRA for fun
          we kicked him out just like a lout
          tweedle doo replaces dum
          the tweedles never had no fun with guns
          with good repute for good clean fun
          and the moral of the story
          and the moral of the tale
          though johngalt is wise with oratory
          his message fully fails

          1. Johngaltwhereru


            Clever, and I am not one Who excels in prose, or in your case nursery rhymes. But here is an attempt:

            An activist media thick with corruption and bias,
            tricked Americans to believing Obama was pious.

            Obama’s opponents they attacked and falsely vilified,
            and misled the public to thinking Obama was qualified.

            IRS, Fast and Furious, Benghazi,says the media nothing to see,
            But wait, don’t those DOJ phone lines belong me?

            So with the path of the Constitution errant,
            We wait to see what next comes from the tyrant.

          2. Billy Yo

            Johnny Galt: “and I am not one Who excels in prose, or in your case nursery rhymes.”

            I can hold my own in rhymes and had I wanted to tighten up on the meter, I could have spent more time.

            advice to you:use polysyllable words sparingly or not at all.

            I have completed a manuscript of rhymes on cats and I am now seeking an editor and an illustrator. It will be the best ever produced on the feline topic in rhyme – ever. Example:

            Cool Cat Ringo

            The tyrant mused from the house where he rules.
            “Even Ringo will bow and submit or  loose.”
            The last trace of dignity this new cat found.
            Gone as he runs and is refuge bound.

            ‘Twas the mother of the tyrant he attacked one day.
            Ringo’s first mistake and his last to make.
            Curled underneath an old wooden crate.
            Quiet as a mouse too afraid to shake.

            The world of the feline a precarious one.
            Hunts or is hunted with nefarious gump.
            Life is short if a tale be told.
            He sleeps with an opened eye wide and cold.

            Ringo came ’round one day last fall.
            Grand as a cat can without a stall
            Made his plea both day and night.
            Got taken in without much a fight.

            There’s nothing like a cool cat as this.
            A pure white coat does grace his chest.
            Head held high if a cat be wise.
            My arms wide open where he sits sometimes.

            Johnny; I was trying to rework your piece but it is hopeless. Stick to medicine and chasing alligators out of your pool.

            Hey, why complain about flying up to rain and cold. Don’t you like a little diversity? You have sun and heat all the time.

          3. Rick Lime

            There once was a troll named Billy,
            Whose prose was a bit lame and silly,
            But we gave him a pass,
            As he’s a pain in our ass,
            And without it he’d be spanking his willy.

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