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105 thoughts on “One Billion Rising At State Capitol

  1. johngaltwhereru

    I am confused.

    The following include photos of 5000 people at the Capitol today:,0,7366495.photogallery

    The following is a photo of 750 people at a Tea Party Rally in Hartford in 2009:,_Hartford,_Connecticut,_15_April_2009_-_059.jpg&imgrefurl=,_Hartford,_Connecticut,_15_April_2009_-_059.jpg&h=2592&w=3888&sz=9129&tbnid=BUYuvgyoZg9AXM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=135&prev=/search%3Fq%3DPhotos%2BHartford%2BTea%2BParty%2BRally%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1&q=Photos+Hartford+Tea+Party+Rally&usg=__Pmf1wZ_cVa–oKngZEDT9r8v2Pw=&docid=c5mR-_xvkImPhM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=nkAdUdvfLean0AHhhIG4Bg&sqi=2&ved=0CDwQ9QEwAQ&dur=2431

    Has America and the Hartford Courant started using a new method of counting since I left the country?

      1. Kim

        I’m the dope here. I have been wasting my time trying to convince gun control advocates to stop their campaign and now, I have decided to join them. Yes, I will hand my firearms into to my local police department. I am to angry at society to own a gun. I am a recluse. I was caught once in a men’s room moonlighting my services. And I am sorry and repentinent.

        1. Connecticut is Dying Too

          BillyJimmySusan, it isn’t nice to use others’ names to continue your sick, twisted rants.

          Perhaps a tuneup at your local laughing academy is in order. You’re due for one.

    1. Connecticut is Dying Too

      Its the new math John. Its all the rage in the federal and Connecticut budgets. What you do is spend whatever you want to spend, tax the evil rich for some of it, and borrow and print money to fund the rest. Then tell people we don’t have a spending problem and wait until the currency collapses.


    2. 5,500 post rally Bill

      Dr John, I hope you realize that your condition is getting worse. I was there, John. And I will tell you truthfully that there were probably more then 5,000 at the Capital. I did a complete photographic study of the event. I even took photos from the 2nd and 3rd floors of the capital. If you want to dispute this, I would love to bet you and I will submit my crowd pictures for a count.

      Just because there were only about 700 yahoo pro NRAers for their protest does not signify that we didn’t have the numbers. Frankly, I thought we might reach 10,000 but winter is a more difficult time.

      1. Johngaltwhereru


        Would you mind posting your photo that most closely approximates the view of the photo I linked to for the 2009 Tea Party Party event?

        According to your calculations, the photo should show about 8 times the number of people that filled the photo of 2009.

        I ask because I have yet to see a photo that clearly shows such a dominant crowd size.

        1. 5,500 post rally Bill

          Dr John;

          I kind of feel sorry for you. You are so disturbed by things like the count when the message of our rally was life affirming and against agents of death. I find this peculiar that a doctor such as yourself would be so inclined to point out less meaningful issues then the reason for this event. The state police measured the attendance at 5,200. We received names of 5,500 attending the event. Who cares – but you.

          Point of fact; we had many more times the attendance of the pro gun rally not long ago.

          Once again, you have missed the point of the life affirming rally.

          Perhaps in the near future I will be able to post a photo. My camera battery died at the end of the rally and it is a new camera. I didn’t purchase a battery recharger so I must wait for one being ordered.

          1. Johngaltwhereru


            I didn’t miss anything. I was making a point about the corrupt distribution of misinformation. I think it is a problem.

            I actually do not care about the number of people attending this rally. Further, I have not mentioned, nor do I care about the number of people at the gun rights rally.

            I just want to see a photo of the Capitol with 7.33 times the people that attended the 2009 Tea Party event.

      2. Patrick_Henry

        hoplophobia: A mental disturbance characterized by irrational aversion to weapons, as opposed to justified apprehension about those who may wield them. -Colonel Jeff Cooper

    3. 5,500 post rally Bill

      And I’m confused why you are confused. The pictures of the rally we’re of particular parts of the rally. They also mentioned in the article that 5,000 people were in attendance. They simply did not show a group shot. It is their story. It is there photographer. What are you confused about.

      Dr, you sure do get upset over nothing. Hey, trust me on this one. There were thousands of people there. Buses kept coming from all point in CT. I personally gave WBGO jazz in Newark to run a PSA. I got Five College Radio in MA to show a PSA on their web site. We had people coming to the rally from all over. We exceeded our goal by twice the number. Personally, I thought we just might get to 10,000 but hey, it’s winter.

      Why the bug, Doc? Because our rally attracted many many more then something that happened in 2009?

      What is it the disturbs you so much? The inconceivability of a growing awareness of the destructiveness of guns and as a mass movement, that we will eventually prevail. Why do you always need to see these social/political divides in terms of liberal vrs conservative or in your case, libertarianism. This is a movement to make all of us live in a safer community.

      Why must you feel good by locking horns on this gun issue that was corrected in England and Australia with support across the political divides. In fact, the Australian prime minister that led the ban was from the conservative party.

      Give it a break, Johnny boy.

      1. johngaltwhereru


        I was not confused. That was sarcasm.
        My post was simply pointing out that media bias extends all the way to counting.

        Maybe we should regulate the 1st Amendment along with the 2nd. I am not calling for censorship, although it already exists in a de facto form.

        Instead, I would like media organizations to be held accountable for blatantly lying and editing information to mislead the public.

        If you can make someone a criminal for exercising their Constitutional rights without harming anyone or even leaving their house, certainly you could make a media Propagandist a criminal for their lies leading to ill-informed voters making poor decisions that harm all of us.

        1. 5,500 post rally Bill

          A newspaper can write whatever it wants too. I say that you are over reaching and you were not even able to comment on the nature of the protest. That is the shame of your remarks

          1. johngaltwhereru


            Overreach says the guy who wants to back door a repeal of the 2nd Amendment!

            I believe that just because a tiny minority of the population uses guns for nefarious purposes, the Constitutional Right to own a gun should not be infringed.

            You believe that just because the major majority of the press uses the 1st Amendment as a shield to lie and spread propaganda,the right of Free Speech should not be infringed.

            In reality neither right is absolute under current law. If you can’t yell fire in a theater, you should not be allowed to disseminate lies.

            So tell me, why is it that curtailing the religious part of the 1st Amendment, and all of the 2nd, 4th, 9th and 10th Amendments is not an overreach, but curtailing the right of the media to lie is an overreach?

          2. johngaltwhereru

            Oh, I forgot about your comment about my failure to comment on the nature of the protest.

            I don’t know which protest you are talking about.

            If you are talking the Anti-2nd Amendment Protest, congrats on taking advantage the 1st Amendment of the Constitution you otherwise dislike.

            If you are talking about the 1 Billion Rising Flash Mob, I hope they enlightened the people who are unaware that domestic violence is a problem. Further, I hope the next time a man or woman is about to commit an act of domestic violence, they step back, remember that flash mob, and decide to resolve their grievance in a peaceful manner.

    1. johngaltwhereru

      Who says the Tea Party doesn’t exist anymore?

      The extensive network of local Tea Party affiliates still exists. Your only argument might be they are no longer effective.

      The effectiveness of the Tea Party will not be determined until after the 2014 mid-terms when informed voters matter more than the uninformed masses who know more about American Idol than the reality of the fiscal catastrophe that is in process.

        1. Johngaltwhereru


          First, I do not worship anyone. Nor do I agree with anyone on all of their beliefs. That may be hard for a lock step liberal to understand, but it is a simple fact.

          I assume your “hypocrite” statement is based on the midget minded MSNBC/Huffpo talking point that Ayn Rand was a hypocrite because she used Medicare. You would be correct, had Rand not had Medicare taxes involuntarily confiscated from her by the Government. Problem is, andI know MSNBC failed to report this, is she did pay a big pile of Medicare taxes. Using benefits you paid for is not hypocritical.

          1. Kim

            john. Well said, but you know that truth and logic won’t work with those who can only debate with accusations, name-calling, insults, etc. Fink is likely just another log-in for wildbilly/susan/rally, the picture framer

    2. Patrick_Henry

      if the Tea Party doesn’t exist anymore, why were they allowed a rebuttal after the State of the Union manifesto by Obama?

      Selective memory is a liberal disease

      1. 5,500 post rally Bill

        Point of fact; the Tea Party does exist but it is on the wane. 2014 should be a good election year to cycle out the Tea from Congress. Just be patient. And believe.

        They have run their course.

        1. Kim

          “Stupid, idiotic, ignorant”. Great rebuttal fink. You must be right, of course. Name-calling is the perfect argument.

          I’m guessing you are yet another iteration of the multiple personality we know as rally/susan/wildbill, etc. At least, you exhibit his methods of debate

      2. Fink

        They offered a rebuttal, and some fictional news emitters like Faux News elected to pick it up.

        For entertainment purposes.

        Because stupid is funny.

        1. Johngaltwhereru


          Out of curiosity, who are the real news sources?

          If Fox is faux due to a Conservative bias,
          you must concede that NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, PBS, most major and minor newspapers, The Huffington Post, The Daily Kos, the vast majority of colleges and Universities, ect. are faux due to their liberal bias. Correct

          Where does that leave us for obtaining accurate information?

          For example, if you were to obtain your information from any of the liberal media outlets, you would probably believe that Todd Aiken and Richard Mourdock were Tea Party candidates, despite the fact that no Tea Party group endorsed them and
          their States Tea Party groups supported their primary opponents.

          You probably still think the Tea Party endorsed those fools and are about to be shocked when google leads you to the simple fact that Fox News told the truth on this topic, while the other outlets lied for the political advancement of their liberal ideology.

          1. Kim

            john: too many words for fink. and they’re much too long for him to comprehend. but, it did quiet him down

          2. johngaltwhereru


            You may be correct. Or he is frantically searching the internet for a Tea Party affiliate who endorsed either Aiken or Mourdock.

            If he googled the same thing I did, the first thing he will see is a Washington Post story proclaiming that the “Tea Party backed” Aiken and Mourdock were trounced in their elections. He probably feels vindicated.

            However, if he has any intellectual curiosity whatsoever, he would continue his search in hopes of finding evidence that the Missouri or Indiana Tea Party Express, or any National Tea Party organization backed those 2 idiots.

            If he did anything beyond taking left wing media for their word, that explains his lack of response, as the aforementioned Tea Party organizations backed Aiken and Mourdock’s primary opponents.

          3. Mike Robinson

            John, You have condemned these news sources as too liberal. So you must also condemn Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal as conservative. You left out the New York Times. On purpose? So what news sources do you read that are neither liberal nor conservative?

        2. Kim

          Fink: if ‘stupd is funny’ then the readers here must be rolling over at your posts. I’m not, but then I don’t find stupid to be funny. Ignorant, yet, cut not funny

        3. Johngaltwhereru


          I get my news from a variety of sources, including bits and pieces from some of the biased sources I listed. Then, when something sounds like outlandish Liberal Propaganda, I investigate further to confirm that it is in fact Liberal Propaganda.

          The NY Times falls under the Major Newspaper category.

          WSJ does have a Conservative slant, though not nearly as severe as the Times Liberal slant.

          I do not know of an unbiased news source. I would love a fact based, opinion-less news source. Do you know of any?

          By the way, I was not “condemning” the Liberal news sources as much as pointing out Fink’s massive hypocrisy and the left’s ignorant lie that Fox is not legitimate because it is biased, but all the sources with Liberal bias are honest and legitimate.

    1. johngaltwhereru


      That is why I linked to pictures from the outdoor rally, and ignored the irrelevant flash mob.

      If you would notice, the Courant did not afford the public the ability to comment on their story about 5000 people at the Capitol. I took the best available opportunity and closest related story to comment on the wildly differing counting methods.

      1. Sarah

        Wait, I was at both events and both were important. But why are you writing on a piece about the flashmob and calling it irrelevant?? Irrelevant to what? Violence against women is a terrible and important issue.

        1. johngaltwhereru


          The flash mob was irrelevant to my post. My comments, in context of the totality of my comments, did not reflect any opinion on the relevance of the actual flash mob.

          And as I told Nancy, the reason I posted my comment on the flash mob story is that it was the closest story to the Anti-2nd Amendment event in Hartford which the Courant allowed comments.

      2. 5,500 post rally Bill

        Also Dr John, I don’t know what took place in 2009. I am referring to a recent gun rally and it wasn’t very large. And how dare you to remark that the flash mob celebrating the woman is irrelevant. These remarks only shows your own irrelevance on matters of social importance.

        1. Johngaltwhereru


          You don’t need to know what happened in 2009 to look at a picture are read that the Courant estimated the crowd at 750.

          In fact, knowing the subject of the photo would ruin your ability to objectively assess the crowd size.

          And again, on the flash mob, they are irrelevant to my comments.

          1. post 5,500 gun control rally bill

            once again John, the number 750 was in reference to the pro gun group that rallied at the capital a few months ago. And I was there. Not many supporters showed. I think you have your protests confused. We had protesters that had to stand way out into Bushnell Park on top of the snow mounds that Public Works plowed out.

            What else is on your mind, pray tell?

          2. johngaltwhereru


            It was my post and my link. What makes you think you know more about what I meant to post than I do?

            The point was that vastly different methods of counting must have been used for 2 events.

            To be clear, I do not care about the pro or anti-2nd Amendment rally attendance.

            And for the record, if there were only 750 people at the Capitol for the 2009 Tea Party Rally, I do not believe it is physically possible for 5500 to have been there when it just snowed 3 feet a few days earlier. But then again, I am depending on the media for my snowfall total knowledge. It is possible Hartford was warm and sunny with plenty of green grass.

          3. Kim

            john: how could you ask such a question of billy? He knows more than anybody – hasn’t he made that clear?

            if only he could be honest

          4. 5,500 post rally Bill

            John, what snow are you talking about? It didn’t snow here. It was the media tut played a joke on outsiders.

  2. CT Phemale

    Johngaltwhereru – Your comment that the Flash Mob was “irrelevant” is astounding. The Flash Mob was regarding violence against women. So you support violence toward women?

  3. varekai

    gentle folk, the point has been clearly missed. read the one billion rising information and its purpose. please don’t be so small.

  4. Connecticut is Dying Too

    …still waiting for the violence against 55 million aborted children rally. Who dances for them?

    1. post 5,500 gun control rally bill

      CT: The problem with your statement is that the abortions were not children. Now who is being overly emotional?

      i know that you don’t believe in a woman’s right to choose her own destiny. that is why you probably hug your rifle, too.

      1. Connecticut is Dying Too

        Jimmy, if women want to control their destiny, then why do they allow statists like Obama to control every aspect of their lives?

        Also, if aborted babies aren’t children, what are they- tadpoles?

          1. Connecticut is Dying Too

            I’m sure you’re glad you mother didn’t choose death for you when you were a tadpole there billyjimmysusan.

            By the way, has your tail dropped off yet?

          2. Kim

            Unborn children are not people, they are ‘tadpoles’? Please take note people. This is the mentality, character and mindset of the one who goes by many names.

            And he wants everyone to worry about gun owners? The hypocrisy and ignorance are breathtaking and frightening.

    2. johngaltwhereru

      There is a huge rally for them every year in D.C.

      The media does not cover the annual March for Life, as they wouldn’t want to amplify the fact that millions of people oppose abortion.

      The March dwarfs the attendance of recent dances, flash mobs and anti-2nd amendment gatherings that have been at the CT Capitol lately, as well as the heavily covered OWS protests.

      Even the low end liberal estimates of last year’s March for Life puts the crowds at 250K. But why would 250K people marching for a cause deserve media coverage?

          1. 5,500 post rally Bill

            If I threaten, I do it in Italian – or Yiddish – both my people. In Yiddish, it would be, “Let’s go buy some waterfront property.” In Sicilian, the threat would be, “Let’s go take a swim.”

            Oops, you were right.

            Then I say to you, “behave yourself.”

            Call the FBI.

            And I am the proud poster who once made two people real mad. You are one and the other is black goose in your family of political nincompoops, Cousin Kimmerian.

          2. Kim

            gottal love the selective memory of billy/susan/rally. He stamps his feet and cries like a baby on these pages because – in his words – ‘that Kimmerian makes me so mad.’ Then he comes here and claims that he made ME mad. People who are capable of such mental gymnastics are the real threat to harmless, innocent civilians. We call them ‘loose cannons’. Psychoanalyze that, Fraud (no, I didn’t mean Freud).

            The hole you”ve been digging for yourself continues to grow, billy.

          3. Kim

            more ‘civil discourse’ and ‘positive’ posting from the poster with DID who accuses others of not being capable of either. Can you say ‘hypocrisy’?

          4. Carl Solomon

            Johngalt: Do you remember when you counseled me to leave Kimmarian alone because he was strung tighter then a piano wire?

            Your counsel was considered. He has a bunch of monkeys in his head.

          5. Johngaltwhereru

            Hello Professor,

            I don’t remember that, and I have a memory that I sometimes wish was not so strong.

            But if you say so, I know you only speak the truth, and never alter someone else’s words to better fit your narrative, so I guess it must be true.

            It is possible I will be heading to Kentucky for the Derby. Any early Picks? I like itsmyluckyday and Revolutionary.

          6. Mike Robinson

            I prefer a quote from Everybody Loves Raymond:

            “There are squirrels juggling knives in his head.”

          7. Professor Carl Solomon

            Dr Shekels,

            You really must show a kinder and gentler attitude toward my ally, gun control bill.

            Put it all on itsmyluckyday and when you win, you may donate a portion to the James Brady Foundation.

            Kim, aka Patrick Henry, seems to be in a fit these days. Can’t you recommend an appropriate practioner for him?

          8. Johngaltwhereru


            The least kind and gentle thing in my interactions with Billy was to ask him to post a photo he had already stated he had taken.

            Is that so bad?

          9. Gun rally Bill

            I mentioned that I needed to buy a battery charger for my new carbon. It just came in. I am not sure where I will put them in order to paste a link. Any suggestions? I am opening up the package right now. I am anxious to see them.

          10. Gun rally BillY

            John: I viewed my pictures and the crowd shots taken from the 2nd and 3rd floors of the men’s room came out good. (Taken there because the state cops wouldn’t allow me on the balcony.) The crowed was so large that no picture includes the full 5,500 ralliers. Once I/we figure how I get them to you, you are going to respond that no single picture shows the full crowd. Knowing you, this shall be your response. I don’t have a wide angle lens. My new camera is a canon EOS 5D Mark II. Expensive so I only bought one lens for now.

            I’ll ask my friend who will help me to transfer the project to a disk where to upload online. I guess YouTube.

            You will have your photos soon. Go take a swim. Vai a fare en la mare. Or something like that. My Italian was never that good.

          11. Johngaltwhereru


            I believe you said you took photos from the 2nd and 3rd floor. Those would be good.

            Then you can post the photos anywhere you want, and link to that website’s page that includes the photos.

            I would like to see one that shows a panoramic view of the Capitol lawn, including the margins of the crowd, preferably time and dated by canon.

          12. gun control bill

            Listen up, doc. I’m not on the witness stand. I don’t need to prove anything to you. I was only doing this as a curtesey.I didn’t date and I may not even do it for you know since you made such a stupid demand. I also informed you that I didn’t have a wide angel lens and even from the 3rd floor, I was unable to capture the whole of 5,500 people.

            Just because you made that demand, forget it. Who the hell do you think you are making that kind of demand? i now what I saw that day. i don’t need to prove anything to you. I was going to provide you photos out of generosity. Now, I won’t.

          13. Connecticut is Dying Too

            @John: I’d like to learn more about Costa Rica and your experience there. Can you suggest a way we can communicate about that? Thanks.

          14. rally no guns BillY

            Patricia “The Kim” Henry: Where may I put them?

            Hee Hee Hee Hee

            Did you finish writing your book yet, “Autobiograpy of My Time Working Men’s Rooms on the New Jersey Turnpike?”

          15. Johngaltwhereu


            You want a time and date? Who the heck do you think you are questioning my truthfulness? You mean you wouldn’t believe me if I couldn’t prove my photos?

            First, since I mentioned that I couldn’t get the whole crowed in a single photo. I didn’t have a wide angle lens. You would discount my evidence of 5,500 based on this alone. In addition, you want a canon time stamp on my photos? I hope you realize how ridicules you sound.

            I won’t waste my time proving anything to you. Believe what you want. One thing is certain. This movement has just begun and it is energized. It is determined. It is growing. The NRA folks thing that given time, it will blow over. It won’t. Unfortunately, we have future martyrs who will unwittingly give their lives as future tragedies materialize. We will overcome the evils of this uniquely American access to guns.

            We will have hundreds of marchers in the streets of America demanding reform. It will happen regardless of you attitude.

            Funny, You took an oath to save people. Shame on you for double crossing this oath.

        1. Kim

          Here’s a quote for your Mike: “I give up Kim. You are right”. Sound familiar?

          No need to respond to any of wildbill’s personalities with their group selective memory. One day he’ll get lucky and maybe be right, but it hasn’t happened yet. Trying to put words’ in JohnGalts’ mouth is the latest attempt at reconstructing history – failed attempt, of course.

          Looks like he spends so much time in men’s rooms that he’s started taking pictures from them. Waving your hand under the dividers are you billyboy? Good to see the professor back – you can hide behind his skirts

          1. Gun control bill

            Patrick Patricia Kimmie Henry: You think you sound like the pot calling the kettle black this morning?


          1. Johngaltwhereru

            Easy does it there Billy. No need to get your brown shirt in a twist.

            While I don’t believe you, the Courant or the State Police, all of whom have a dog in this hunt, that is not why I asked for the time stamp.

            I asked for the time stamp because you had stated the 5500 total was for the full day, and not 5500 people at any given moment. So, the time stamp would allow some common sense extrapolation based on the start time of the rally.

            But please, by all means, don’t post the photo for my benefit. You are not punishing me by your failure to support outlandish claims. I was simply offering a way to prove all your Naysayers wrong, and to provide photographic evidence of a claim that has been entirely unsupported by any photo, despite the likelihood that there were thousands of cameras present.

          2. Gun control bill

            You are bing overly kind. Kim is a Charector from last year who has shown a need for attention and I only psychoanalyzed this need and after reading it, became quite unhinged. I think I unwittingly hit a sensitive button of his. The “squirrels getting quite frisky” is a kind way of looking at this reptilian beast of an alleged human.

          3. Kim

            John: YOU are putting words in my mouth. But that has become a trend so I accept the terms. I did not say that the photos were for the full day or a moment in time. But you are getting your panties in a bunch again. I did state that I didn’t have. Wide angle lens. This fact alone would discount you acceptance of the crowds that I photographed. Then you go into this painful banter about the max crowed size at any one time. What is your itch? Just by making such an issue out of this make you the oddest of the oddballs. oh yes it does. So freak the 5,500 count. We had many thousands come from all points in CT and outside CT. I alone got WGBO jazz in Newark to run a PSA and spoke with a woman that traveled from NYC. A cast of thousands in the dead of winter.m

            So I say to you: Greek you and the tired-ass jackass you first rode in on and used to ride out. Although I once thought you were not so wacko, I am not infallible with my first impressions. You, my friend, are a first grade nut case. The reason I won’t tell you where the photos will be published is because because because… I’m off to see the wizard, the wonder wizard of ox.

          4. Johngaltwhereru


            Give me some credit. I don’t need to look at the user name to know you are not Kim.

            Anyway, here is the deal:

            I don’t care how many people were at either rally. I do not believe it is true, or possible, that there were over 7 times as many people at the Capitol for your rally than there was for the April 09 Tea Party Rally. I don’t believe there is enough room, and unless a substantial percentage of the snow was removed from the Capitol grounds, including the grass, I know for a fact it is not possible.

            Until photographic evidence is provided to prove me wrong, that is the end of this story.

  5. Johngaltwhereu

    Connecticut is Dying, too: there is an Internet cafe in the capital and if you send an email to them with my name, Johngaltwhererru, I will receive it.

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      CT, I trust nobody on this website, even those I agree with. No offense.

      Some people on this site seem mentally unstable. I do not want any chance of my identity being revealed to one of these potentially dangerous individuals.

      I will make up a new email to answer any questions, and send it next week. But for the most part, If you are willing to live inland, with no view of water, real estate is very cheap, taxes are very reasonable, personal freedom far surpasses that of the US, and Costa Rica has no standing army and no enemies.

          1. Johngaltwhereru

            CT dying,

            I didn’t even know google would shut down gmail accounts. It seems unnecessary.

            I will set up another later. Anything you want to know that I can tell you on this site?

          2. Connecticut is Dying Too

            John, are you saying the two addresses above are not valid? I’m not following you.

            I prefer, if possible, to communicate without the likes of you-know-who getting involved.


          3. johngaltwhereru

            CT Dying,

            That was one website and it is not working.

            I am looking for one that does not require you to give an existing email address or confirmation phone number.

            Do you know of any?

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