Only In CT: Go To Doctor, Get Paid

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I know this is old news and all, but somehow this just seems warped. State employees, and legislators, get paid to go to the doctor.



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6 thoughts on “Only In CT: Go To Doctor, Get Paid

  1. Connecticut is Dying Too

    Is this part of the cost savings in the state budget? It works like the $250M union suggestion box, right?

    If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be funny.

  2. Richard

    And to vote. And to got to Retirement Parties.

    And coming soon: managing zombie departments when the funding is cut. The staff remains but the public services disappear. The zombie staff goes to internal meetings while developing contingency plans to address the backlog should funding ever get restored. The zombies could set up shop in Florida and it wouldn’t make one bit of difference. Best of all is when the zombies telecommute. Why waste the gas 4 days a week waiting for someone to invite you to a meeting or to go to a retirement party?

  3. Bumbershoot

    Rick, Rick, Rick. You know quite well that the change Malloy negotiated saves the state billions, yet you take the cheap shot so that all the haters and complainers can run around saying how stupid the state is.

    Shame on you for playing the simpleton card.

    1. Connecticut is Dying Too

      Righto. We’re saving so much that we’re a billion dollars in the hole each budget year while tying our hands from being able to cut the biggest expense in the budget (union state workers).

      Who’s the simpleton?

    2. johngaltwhereru


      While I am the last person in the world who would defend Rick Green on just about anything, I feel your attack is without merit.

      Do you challenge the legitimacy of the letter Rick posted? Do you challenge Rick’s assertion that this letter demonstrates that State Employees are in fact being paid to go to the doctor?

      It seems the correct answer to both of these questions is no, and therefore this is a completely legitimate story.

    3. Savingbybuying

      Ahhh…yes. It used to be ‘money grew on trees.’ It was a harvestable commodity. Our farming has such improved that we are now able to harvest much greater sums by following the new procedures; A: Harvest the fruit before it grows and thus reduce tree rot and falls, B: Harvest less of the fruit before it grows thus allowing more fruit to grow from the same branch and bud, C: During a bad harvest year plan on not harvesting any fruit thus any fruit harvested reduces the harm of a bad harvest year. Farmers…does this work for you?

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