PCSW on Hewett Snake Remark: \”This Incident Shows that Inappropriate Behavior Happens in Workplaces Everywhere\”

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Teresa C. Younger, exectutive director of the state\’s Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, issued a statement in response to state Rep. Ernest Hewett\’s inappropriate comment to a teenager during a hearing last week.

“As the agency mandated to study and work toward the elimination of gender discrimination, of which sexual harassment is a part, we look forward to working with the leadership from both sides of the aisles to make sure state government has a zero tolerance policy toward this kind of behavior – whether unintentional or not,\’\’ Younger said.

\”After all, in addition to being the seat of government, the state Capitol is also a workplace, and this incident shows that inappropriate behavior happens in workplaces everywhere – a fact borne out by the frequent calls to our office from women in many employment situations.  But in this case, it’s especially important for an engaged citizenry to know that their government will treat them with the respect they deserve whenever they come to testify.”


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15 thoughts on “PCSW on Hewett Snake Remark: \”This Incident Shows that Inappropriate Behavior Happens in Workplaces Everywhere\”

  1. Connecticut is Dying Too

    What ever would we do without the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women? Anyone? Beuhler?

  2. Richard

    Off to the glue factory Teresa. How’s that $400 million in hospital construction coming in Waterbury anyway? What? You did’nt ask the women in the state if jobs and income are more important than imposing your personal agenda on the financial viability of the proposed Waterbury’s Women Health Center?

    While the remark was inappropriate the action taken was over the top. I hear more vulgar comments from women at work regularly particualry concerning other women and their work affairs.

  3. Barbara Greene

    I’m a woman and I always ask what has the PMS commission done for me lately? I always come back with the same answer: NOTHING! But in this case their lame response is shameful. If a legislator made such a lewd offensive remark to my underage daughter, I’d pursue punitive action to the full extent allowed by law. They should be calling for his resignation, not issuing this namby pamby response. Another reason why I agree with Mumbles Malloy for a change in saying this useless commission has to go!

  4. Patrick_Henry

    these legislators – and others like them – are responsible for all the politically correct laws and feel good rules currently in existence. Laws that cripple citizens and business alike. Perhaps if we force them to live by their own rules – and fully suffer the consequences – they’ll come to their senses and focus on things that really matter instead of all the nonsense.

    I vote for letting him go – without percs and pension. Let’s send a message to the holier-than-thou politicians that lord over us

  5. Billy

    You gotta admit – on a scale of 1 to 10, that comment ranks about a nine for lewdness especially since he said to a teenage girl.

  6. The Conn-servative

    This will be the biggest accomplishment this year that MS Younger will do as part of this hack position and commission. A commission that probably gets between 1-2 million/year to operate and of course her 6 figure salary! All of these gender and ethnic specific commissions should be eliminated with THEIR respective hacks. All that they do,and we’re still guessing as to what that is,can be incorporated into the Human Rights an Opportunities Commission.

    1. Richard

      They don’t believe on human rights. They believe in having two sexist advocates, a racist advocate, and a tribal advocate masking as a classless society. How many single-issue pinheads cam you dance on the top of one desk? That would be my consolidation plan. One desk and one chair.

  7. enness

    “whether unintentional or not”
    Translation: guilty until proven innocent — who cares about the facts?

    It was stupid and embarrassing, but evidently not intentional. He already apologized. The student accepted. End of story.

    P.S. I’m not even a Democrat.

  8. Kim


    Please note that billyboy/jimmyboggs/rallyforguncontrol is now posting under my name. If you have any doubts, I think my positions have been quite clear. Any sudden turnarounds or changes of heart should be attributed to this newest cowardly act by the blog joker.

    Rick Green, if you want to control something here’s a good place to start. I’m sure you would take an interest if users started calling themselves Rick Green. Hmmmmm, something worth considering……

    You would think that with all the censorship going on on these blogs, the Courant would at least make it impossible for someone else to use your name. The simple and obvious message would be: ‘this user name or login ID is already in use – please choose another’.

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