Pelosi & DeLauro: Mad Men Is So Over

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Writing for, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro say it\’s time to move beyond the Mad Men era:

Too many women face financial pressures simply because of outdated policies and a \”Mad Men\” view of the world that constrain opportunities for women\’s full participation in our economy. Our country\’s policies simply do not reflect the way families live today, with both parents in the workforce and more single-parent households than ever. A second income is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity.\"madmen-dolls

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11 thoughts on “Pelosi & DeLauro: Mad Men Is So Over

  1. Richard

    Create jobs you dimwits. Stop the yap and pretending this is the 60s. The problem isnt legislation. Its job creation. The Democrats in Blue states refuse to talk job creation and full employment. Its nit what they believe in. Instead its class wax, sesism, Islamophobia, homophobia, etc. Get with the younger generation dimwits. They want jobs. Get with the over 50s. They want better jobs.

  2. sharpshooter

    I’ve never seen ‘Mad Men’…but I’m thinking Nancy and Rosa are ‘so over’ and have been so for quite some time….talk about legislators that live in perfect world where people actually listen to what they have to say about their TV habits….

  3. ccbeachcomber

    Yeah, even Obama himself said he doesn’t care about Obamacare – he already has great medical converage. He and these two mad women should lead the way and switch their coverage to ACA.

  4. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    These two hags are poster children for the epic fail that is liberalism in America.

        1. billy boggs

          Drain: You seem to make glaring statements without backing them up and I think this has to do with your lack of information and education.

          On the topic of who caused the Great recession; there are far too many coments to suggest that one political orientation caused it. However, the lowering of regulations by Greenspan certainly had much to do with it. The demands placed on Fredie and Fannie mac to buy 5 trillion worth of sub standard loans thereby forcing or encouraging banks to loan when they should not have loaned. I would be more apt to blame the various industries who stood to gain from the lowering of regulations that bought Congress for their new found but temporary prosperity.

          Having said that, when I listen repeatedly to conservatives talk of lessening regulations, I am apt to sense that their side had a greater if indirect role in this economic mess.

          Standards have been addressed but not sufficiently. We will probably be ready within 5 – 7 years for another recession. They tend to go in 10 year cycles. Just count back and you will understand. Until we lessen the influence and greedy impact from the private sector on law making, we are doomed to repeat.

      1. fred

        Failed Businessman Makes Good

        Georgie: Oh gee-wiz, Uncle Dick, you mean I gotta sign this? It just don’t seem right. You were the one told me spending was a “bad thing.”

        Dick: Georgie, you gotta sign it. The banks need that 700 billion or else the little doggies won’t have a place to live. Now you don’t want that, do you Georgie?

        Georgie: Well no, Uncle Dick, of course not. Is “billion” more or less than “million.” I always forget.

        Dick: Well Georgie, you can remember it this way. Barney is your dog and he is number one right?

        Georgie: Sure Uncle Dick, he’s the bestest dog there is.

        Dick: Well a Billion with a “B” for Barney is better than a plain old million. There you go.

        Georgie: Aw, gee, thanks Uncle Dick, you sure are swell. Alright, I’ll sign it. Can we go get ice cream now?

  5. brian C. Duffy

    Wow. The usual Left and Right CABs are bravely having it out on the internet.

    (I hope I’m not infringing on any 1st amendment rights with that statement.)

  6. enness

    Clearly what we need is…drumroll please…more abortion! As usual. Right, Congresswomen?

    How and why, exactly, did a second income become a necessity? Does it sound like we think we are free, or are we just as trapped as ever? I’m tired of being spoken for by people who don’t ask these questions.

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