People Magazine Mess: Five Lessons For Gov. Malloy

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How not to step in it when invited to the White House Correspondents Dinner:

\"dan1. If a big private company offers to pay your way, even if it is a big media company, don\’t accept. Ever.

2. Make sure your lawyer knows state ethics laws better than the Republicans who plan to run against you in 2014.

3. If you are going to Washington to schmooze with influential television actors, directors, Hollywood insiders and just about everyone else on the Democrats\’ cool people list, tell the world about it and why we want these folks to come to Connecticut and use our tax credits.

4. When you do pay your own way, hold a press conference to tell everyone about it.  Be proud of the fact that you are doing whatever it takes to put Connecticut on the map after years of hiding behind our shadow.

5. Bring your wife.

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8 thoughts on “People Magazine Mess: Five Lessons For Gov. Malloy

  1. johngaltwhereru

    My favorite was number 3.

    Here, Mr. Green would like Malloy to emphasize that providing tax credits attracts buisnesses while simultaneously pretending that increasing taxes on existing business and individuals has no effect on whether those businesses and individuals choose to stay in Connecticut.

  2. Quinte West

    Permit me to add a 6th item to the lesson plan—-
    The same people that you pass on the way up the ladder, you will pass on your way down it…and your unmitigated arrogance and disregard for rules will surely hasten your descent.

  3. Please, your highness

    The article quotes Malloy spokesman Doba, ” we don’t believe that personal wealth should be a pre-requisite for the Governor’s active promotion of this great state.”

    We know – the poor, pauper Dannel Malloy household, earning a paltry $300k per year – how could we expect you to pay your own way to party with the “glitteratti”?

    We know we’re not as smart or important as you. We apologize.

  4. walls

    Perhaps Danny Boy was truly trying to woo new business to the state to compensate for the gun manufacturers who are soon to depart for greener pastures.

  5. George

    #1 If it were really business-building for the state, it wouldn’t be Black Tie.

    #2 Malloy always expects everyone else to pay. Only when he is shamed does he open his own wallet.

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  7. Disgusted former Democrat

    Is this the only time this has occurred? Is anyone investigating to verify we do not have multiple ethics violations?

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