Perry Strikes More Diplomatic Tone in Hartford

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Texas Gov. Rick Perry arrived in Hartford on Monday, looking to make his pitch for why Connecticut companies should move to the Lone Star State.

Perry rolled up in front on Max Downtown a few minutes before noon and his staff said as many as 40 companies were invited to meet with him.

Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy also dropped in, saying he just wanted to show \”Yankee hospitality.\” Executives in the room said Malloy greeted them, but left just a few minutes after he arrived, without making any kind of counter to Perry\’s selling points.

In addition to Perry, executives from some firearms manufacturers also met with South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard in New Britain on Monday. Both Republicans say that lower taxes, fewer regulations and looser firearms laws make their states more appealing than Connecticut.

Daugaard said he hadn\’t met with Malloy.

\”I\’m not here to see him,\” Daugaard said just before he went on a tour of manufacturing facilities at Stag Arms.

Here\’s Perry speaking to reporters just before meeting with the companies:

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48 thoughts on “Perry Strikes More Diplomatic Tone in Hartford

  1. A great day

    This is a great opportunity for Perry to learn from Malloy and help his state which is a dump. Progressive thought rules in Connecticut a state where we have diversity and culture. The LGBT community has acceptance and power here. Malloy is a great leader. Let the companies making these killing machines like the AR15 machine gun leave our state. Take the stain of 26 dead children with it so we can have an ethical peaceful and diverse community. Ban guns and confiscate them if you tea Baggers so want your guns to compensate for lack of male anatomy, go live in Texas with a stupid leader like Perry who got bad grades at Texas A&m and has issues. Texas is a dump we have culture here. Leave tea Baggers we don’t want you here as is.

        1. The Conn-servative

          True.But these morons will never learn that progressives cannot survive or live off of the government dole without a strong viable,relatively conservative or even moderate,private sector population.Since so called progressives subsist merely on the government nipple,it’s probably in their best interest to not wish us all to go to Texas.But this is the by-product of a group of people who have been brainwashed by a Marxist style media and academia.A group of people who have been told and/or taught what to think,rather than thinking for themselves.Mere sheeple I suppose.

          1. Kaptain Kangaroo

            Not so true, Con-serv. I am both progressive and conservative. Too long to explain but I don’t let other dictate who I am suppose to be or what my belief systems are. I am not indoctrinated. And I could give two squeezes of my butt on the bowel if one doesn’t recognize that independent-minded people do think for themselves.

            I’m not saying you are one. I am only expressing for myself.

          2. Kim

            “I am both a progressive and a conservative”.

            Any questions (after you’re done laughing, that is)?

    1. Kim

      You’ve somehow managed to remain untouched by anything resembling culture, agd, so one must assume that you’re speaking of that with which you are quite unfamiliar.

      1. Kim

        I guess that settles it. There’s only one person out there who feels the need to attack me on someone elses’ behalf, even when he’s not being addressed – any guesses? At least the name is right

  2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    Talk about issues. You need help with your anger issues.

    P.S. At least Perry disclosed his college transcript. We dont even know if you hero Barry Soetoro matriculated as an Anerican student.

  3. Ctresident

    He probably spoke to them briefly, stating that Conn. will take their illegal immigrants in exchange for Conn. businesses. You know, just in case a Democrat runs for Gov. again.

  4. Kaptain Kangaroo

    Is that the same Governor Oops who couldn’t remember during the presidential debate which department he wanted to cut?

    1. Greg

      You mean the governor that goes “uhhh…ummm…uhhh…” every other word when he speaks in public?

      1. Rose

        Seriously? That’s your gripe about Malloy?

        I’m glad we have a governor who has vision, thinks, plans, and intelligently & effectively implements sound policy. These are tough choices that have needed to be made in very tough times. Malloy has been willing to make those choices, communicate and explain them and speak more intelligently about complex issues than Perry or 99.99995 of others could ever hope to do.

        Malloy clearly communicates the issues and weighs all sides in order to evaluate and decide tough issues facing our economy and state. He seems to have done an excellent job so far beginning to remedy the harm done to the state, economy, workers, businesses and families by the ‘do nothing but appoint yet another commission to study the obvious’ governor we had and the corrupt, convicted criminal we had as an abusive governor prior to her.

        Sure our economy and job growth in CT needs to make more progress, but considering we were 6 feet under and now continue to improve we’re on the right track. If any businesses leave CT for Texas it won’t be because they are competing for the best talent, opportunities or growth.

        1. Private Sector Taxpayer

          Seriously? That’s your view of Malloy? A visionary, thinker and planner who’s doing an ‘excellent job’?

          Spoken like a public sector recipient

          1. Rose

            Yes, I am one among us who drives on roads, crosses bridges and owns a house that was built and maintained according to town or state codes. I attended public schools and private universities in Connecticut and things I purchase are subject to state sales tax. I pay state and federal taxes, including payroll portions which help provide protections like wage and hour, ui, safety and regulatory protections for all of us. Of course I benefit also from parks, infrastructure, local police and fire departments and overall services that my property taxes as well as state/public funds help provide. Not to mention state laws and policies that I have a voice in by exercising my right to vote and choose elected officials.
            So, yeah – like everyone living in any state of this country I am a “public sector recipient”.

          2. Kim

            thanks for the load of horse manure, Rose. At least you’re consistent (consistently liberal), and like to dance around a subject instead of addressing it head on. That might work with the mindless kids you might be teaching, but it falls flats with those who know how to think for themselves

          3. Kim

            Not me, Rose. I am not a ‘recipient’ in any way, shape or form. And I’m proud of it. You should be a little more willing to stand on your own two feet in these discussions instead of attempting to drag everyone into your corner via innuendo.

            Say it out loud: “I am a recipient and I’m proud of it – I live off the efforts of others and turn a blind eye to the injustices and financial inequities they must suffer on my behalf”

        2. The Conn-servative

          Unless you’re trolling,it’s amazing how regressives will give covering fire for our horses arse for a governor and general assembly. Right to the end of the noose.

          1. Greg

            Isn’t it funny? Even with the hard economic data slapping everyone in the face they still insist everything is A-OK. Fascinating.

          2. The Conn-servative

            Sorry to slap you upside the face with a dead fish(Monty Python),but newsflash:You don’t pay any payroll taxes! The cash flow for a gov’mint employee is = taxes collected from everyone,wages distributed to the public employee,taxes collected again and over and over. The private sector employee is as follows: Private company sells good or services,from that employee is paid,and from that taxes are paid. Trying to put it more simply,a company needs to sell something to get money. The government doesn’t sell anything it just mandates tax and fee collections.Money in government sector payroll and taxes is a revolving door.You keep getting back what you put into it.Not so working for a private company. Just saying. I’ll give you the sales tax though.

          3. Kim

            the only rational answer is that they aren’t being hit by the economic woes the rest of us are suffering through. Kind of tells you where they work, doesn’t it?

          4. Kim

            I wouldn’t be so eager to give them the ‘sales tax’ either. Their COLA and other regular increases cover any increases in their expenses. Just take a little more from the taxpayers, right Rose?

          5. Johngaltwhereru

            Rose cannot be serious, can she?

            Roads, bridges, public schools, police firefighters, infrastructure?

            Really? Are we to understand these things fail to exist in solid red States?

            Perhaps Rose hasn’t had the pleasure of comparing the smooth, new, well designed roads in Texas to the pot-hole ridden, rim crushing bottle neck infested paved wagon trails of Connecticut.

            Perhaps Rose is unaware of the fact that the list of top ranked public schools in this Country is dominated by solid Red States, with 8 of the top 10, or that there are 29 public high schools in Texas alone before you get to the highest ranked CT high school.

            Or maybe she is just one of those typical provincial New Englanders who believe liberalism is synonymous with intelligence and that the majority of citizens who reside in Red States spend their day shooting alligators and bashings gays with oversized bibles.

        3. Greg

          Rose- Answer this: if Malloy is this fantastic leader you make him out to be, how come the state of CT is the ONLY state in the nation with negative growth?

          Simple question. Even the very blue enclaves of California and Illinios are doing better than we are, and they were arguably worse off over the past 3-5 years than CT.

          What did Malloy bring us: Increased taxes, increased cost of living, increased state spending, increased debt load, and increase hostility of state government upon business and the taxpayers…the result of which is to be the single outlier in the country in terms of economic performance.

          Rose, Please explain to us simpletons who clearly don’t see the upside to Malloy’s reign of terror how his policy initiatives have benefited CT for the better. I’ll wait…

          1. Rose

            Kim & “con-servative”….don’t know what you’re smoking or what language you are reading, but I am neither a teacher nor a public employee. So your comments about payroll taxes or trying to equate that to government spending, etc. make absolute no sense.

            Waste of time trying to discuss topics with people who intentionally or unintentionally fail to grasp what is written.

          2. Kim

            and Rose, we all noticed how you are still refusing to answer direct questions. Wasting time is apparently your strength (either intentionally or unintentionally)

        4. The Conn-servative

          “Malloy clearly communicates the issues and weighs all sides in order to evaluate and decide tough issues facing our economy and state.” Yeah just like with the behind the scenes legislation for the Newtown photos,he clearly communicated that.Nothing like a meager 10% increase in the budget to help solve those all tough decisions he had to make.And you libs wonder why we bash you on these blogs. But what the hell,it’s all about making sure our public employees are taken care of. I believe though that the true ‘public servants’ ,are those working in the private sector,trudging along to make sure those in the public sector have normal cola’s,healthcare,and retirement. Damm straight I’m bitter.

        5. Kim

          the good news is that rose isn’t wasting our time anymore. Knowing when to quit is a good lesson for other liberals – hope it catches on

    2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

      Is this the same guy who keeps bringing up this gaffe?

      This from the party who elected a President who thinks there are 57 states.

      1. Kaptain Kangaroo

        Governor Oops who is a member of a country club with a sign on the outside calling it the “N” word. Sho ‘enough. Eat them doggies.

        He added levity to the debates.

        1. Kim

          is that the governor who ‘negotiated’ with state unions for guaranteed increases and job security during the toughest financial times in recent memory? Oops is right

  5. Jim

    How is losing tax dollars and jobs good? In a warped world where you apply your hyper-politically correctness to that scenario, you think it’s good. Stop with the guilt club and the 26 dead children. Feel good laws wouldn’t have stopped Newtown because that defective kid was obsessed with mass murder, he would have stopped at nothing to do what he did. Thinking some law on the books would have averted tragedy is deluded. Thousands of jobs lost, over $1.5 Billion in lost tax revenues. No, that’s not good. Think rationally and let go of the need to beat us with your guilt club.

    1. Rose

      Losing tax dollars and jobs isn’t good.

      But losing some jobs because an employer refuses to comply with the law isn’t such a bad thing. Replacing lost jobs with good, high paying and high skilled growing industries (like pharm & healthcare labs and tech firms) is certainly better than weakening laws to keep a couple of employers who aren’t willing to comply with laws happy.

      I’m sure the goal is to help keep any and all manufacturing jobs here, these are good jobs. They are NOT being forced out. But a couple of gun manufacturers can’t be allowed to hold CT’s policy and laws hostage.

      Imagine if every time a company had threatened to move jobs to China the U.S. government just threw up its hands and said ok, we’ll do away with all our wage and hour and safety laws and building codes, please don’t move those jobs! We’d be working for pennies an hour if we were lucky here in the U.S. Just a few steps up from China in the regulated department is …Texas.

      1. Private Sector Taxpayer

        I see how the ‘rose-colored glasses’ got their name. What a bunch of nonsense

      2. Kim

        Rose says: “But losing some jobs because an employer refuses to comply with the law isn’t such a bad thing.”
        —Care to provide some examples, Rose?

        “But a couple of gun manufacturers can’t be allowed to hold CT’s policy and laws hostage.”
        —Putting aside for the moment that no gun manufacturers are holding ANYONE or ANYTHING hostage (but it sure sounds nice when trying to make an invalid point, right Rose?), there’s apparently no issues with public sector employees holding private sector taxpayers hostage. Yet that is EXACTLY what is taking place here in CT at this very moment (and over the previous 25 years).

        Imagine if public sector employees and union members said “instead of taking advantage of our political power and voting numbers to financially improve our own lives at the expense of taxpayers, we want to play fair in order to live peacefully with those paying our salaries”. Maybe then our taxes wouldn’t be so high, causing private sector taxpayers to require higher and higher pay from the employers, driving those employers to foreign soil for cheaper labor.

        But wait, that wouldn’t make sense at all – if you’re in the public sector paying $5.00 for a prescription or retiring after 20 years of 35-hour weeks with lifetime medical benefits for your entire family. Kind of sounds like…..California (and CT and NY)

          1. Kim

            but he surely isn’t Rose. The kangaroo is more likely (another species altogether – a new direction)

          2. The Conn-servative

            Kim (below)Yeah,we are witnessing Darwin’s theory of evolution on the blogs.

        1. Kim

          still waiting, Rose. When you say it’s a waste of time “trying to discuss topics with people who intentionally or unintentionally fail to grasp what is written”, you apparently mean that you don’t have anything of value to reply with so let’s try to make those questioning your position appear to be inadequate. Can’t say I blame you for not at least trying to back up what you are saying – you simply can’t.

          Or are you having trouble grasping what is written (intentionally or unintentionallly)?

      3. The Conn-servative

        I know Kim responded to this quote also: “But a couple of gun manufacturers can’t be allowed to hold CT’s policy and laws hostage.” They were making products that were legal in most states including CT until the new,anti-constitutional law was passed. So now,you question why they would consider moving and still back the gov and general assembly? It seems Danny and company do not care about the 2-3k jobs that support the firearms industry in CT,but he bent over backwards two years ago protecting state employee jobs because as he stated,the economy couldn’t sustain that many more people on unemployment.But now it can right Danny? Okay,it must be me.

      4. Jim

        Completely irrational thinking. No companies are lining up to fill these lost jobs. Jackson Labs – A mouse growing operation – won’t replace the loss of thousands of manufacturing jobs. These companies date back over 175 years here in Connecticut, they help shape this nation and they weren’t breaking any laws until the Obama bandwagon rolled into town after a terrible tragedy caused buy one mentally defective individual happened. That’s like saying, “If a crazed lunatic knocked a bus full of people off a bridge with their car, then cars should be illegal in this state”. Then when all the car related business leaves the state you say, “good riddance car related companies, I don’t care about your lifelong committment to the state, go away because I don’t like you.” These companies employ THOUSANDS of Connecticut residents along with the state located component suppliers, you are kissing off so many jobs it is a tragedy unto itself. Stop drinking the kool aid and wake up to see the economic blight that Malloy & Company are causing. This state is business unfriendly.

  6. Lee

    One would think that Malloy and the Hartford Courant would provide reasons for companies to stay in Connecticut rather than political spin. What business friendly legislation has Malloy and his mid-night vampires proposed or passed that would encourage business and prosperity in Connecticut?

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