Politico On The Failure Of Gun Control After Newtown

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Worth a read.

Would things have been different if Obama had moved more quickly?

“Yes, absolutely,” said Newtown First Selectman Patricia Llodra, the town’s equivalent of a mayor. “I think it would have been much more difficult to vote against change when we were still in that immediate, that first ring of response.”

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25 thoughts on “Politico On The Failure Of Gun Control After Newtown

  1. Truthseeker

    How many have died protecting the Constitution fighting in wars. We need to think before laws are enacted running on emotion is never the right thing to do. Its time to work on the morals in this country to help people get on the right track. People need the government to help with jobs and fix this out of control spending.

    1. Thomas in Pain


      Are you referring to the naive young volunteers and conscripts who foolishly wasted and lost their lives fighting in Iraq and the bigger one, Viet Nam? And the other ones injured but never told that medical benefits would not be forthcoming.

      Were they fighting for the constitution, you areshole?

      You like to run your mouth on these blogs but I’ll bet you would be too scared to do it in person since you are bereft without your gun protection.

      Not Truthseeker but a diminutive coward. A genuine punk you are hiding behind national symbols.


      1. Greg

        Truthseeker says:
        – People died in wars protecting freedom
        – Don’t legislate on emotion
        – Country needs better morals
        – Government needs to help with jobs
        – Government needs to control spending

        To which Thomas in Pain replies:
        – Conscripts and volunteers for the military foolishly wasted their lives
        – Truthseeker is an “arsehole”
        – Truthseeker is a coward, unwilling to discuss issues in person without a gun
        – Truthseeker is a coward/punk/troll

        A little testy today, are we Thomas?

        1. Thomas in Pain

          Greg: You don’t know how to assimilate information. Go back to grade school where you dropped out.

          Yes, the conscripts who went to Viet Nam all died in vain. it was a war built on a lie and fed to us as a war to enhance our freedoms.

          the Iraq War was a lie and almost 5,000 soldiers died for nothing.

          And Truthseeker is a coward, punk and troll.

          Is that all for today?

          1. Greg

            Can I buy you a drink? Let’s discuss these things in person, like civil humans instead of keyboard warriors. Are you in the hartford area?

            I did go to public school in Waterbury, so forgive me and my poor reading comprehension skills.

  2. susan

    Yes Thomas, all guns are evil, wicked things which need to be gathered up and taken from all gun owners in Connecticut. These gun owners are all potenial nuts, waiting to committ mass murder. And they have the means to do so. Once we ban and collect these weapons all children will be safe again.

    1. We are Doomed

      …and we will all be safer when all the voices in billyjimmmysusan’s head fade away….

    2. Publius


      Instead of the law enforcement expenditures required for the seizure of lawfully obtained property, why don’t you just push for a law that exiles out of the state?

      I’m still trying to figure out how a gun owner is more of a nut than someone that reads poetry to dogs.

    3. Greg

      Susan- I agree with you 100% and nominate you to head up Albany Ave into Hartford’s North End and go house-by-house taking the guns away. I’m sure those fine folks would be more than willing to give up their guns for the sake of the children. Please report back here when you’re done. Thanks.

  3. Quiet Eye

    Seems like you forgot who actually started these wars.
    The Democrats pushed us into Vietnam, the great altruistic war. And the Republicans in Iraq. Enough blame to go around here. Oh and by the way it was the Southern Democrats who fought for gun control in the South after the Covil War. How did that work out for the defenseless emancipated slaves, and later on with the KKK murders and killings. Gun Control is racist and sexist by its very nature of not allowing individuals to defend their life and property. That is a natural condition of human beings. Seems like what I’m seeing is that it’s okay for progressives to own guns, but no one else. Long live the constitution and the 2nd Ammendment.

    1. Wildbill

      Good for you, Thomas in Pain. We all know that igniting a war is not the singular domain of either party. But to drag out nationalist symbols like the constitution or flag to hide behind is most definitely the last refuge of a scoundrel.

      We can always search for an argument in favor of armed possession. In relative modern times, the FBI virtually decimated the Black Panthers in the 1960s. Did the Panthers have a right or not a right, did they use arming themselves for good purposes? I think they did. They only wanted to protect their communities against the police aka, state pigs.

      But today, we have too many gun-related deaths. Also, no one is talking about removing the shotgun from the home. But we are talking about the massively more efficient killing machines that have been invented in our time.

      Now, we need to identify the laggards so that we can target them for removal from office beginning in 2014.

      This is the beginning. We are tired of these killings and the long term solutions are ahead of us.

      Peace to those who seek it.

      1. Wildbill

        Another NRA member in good standing:

        “…A local man unhappy with how his McDonald’s order was prepared returned to the restaurant Tuesday night, became enraged at the drive-thru clerk, then threw his meal through the drive-thru window at a pregnant store manager, police said.

        Geoffrey E. Weglarz, 56, then drove off in his white BMW.

        When police caught up with him at his home a short time later, “he was immediately belligerent to officers and was taken into custody.” Police also found a loaded Glock pistol in his waistband.

        Weglarz had a permit for the pistol, but police seized it along with other weapons and ammunition in his home. They also seized his permit and said they’ll send it to the state board of firearms permit examiners for review.”

        I guess he didn’t order the “Happy Meal.”

        1. Greg

          What’s funny here, WildBill, is that the guy had a permit, was carrying his Glock on his person, STILL acted like a colossal jerk and the gun wasn’t an issue until the police arrived and searched him. Oh, and he was belligerent with the police and the gun STILL wasn’t an issue until he was searched.

          This guy, absolute jerk, no doubt, slap an assault and resisting arrest charge on him. Despite the food assault AND the encounter with police, he never went for his weapon to commit the crime. So…somehow his moral standing is different than someone who would do the same without carrying the gun?

          In a very strange way, this case demonstrates the exact opposite of the “gun nut” stereotype- the man flew off the handle while carrying and yet STILL had the discipline to never bring the gun into play to shoot the McDonalds gal or the cops. Fascinating.

      2. The Conn-servative

        Do you honestly have something different to contribute other than your anti-gun rhetoric which is spewed from post to post all over these blogs? Good grief. Your third sentence is worthy of an argument. Do you think you have exclusive rights to the flag and Constitution? Are you one of those who thinks it’s okay to burn the flag in protest/efigy because it’s your 1st Amendment right? Give mem a break. At the end of the day, we are all locked hard step in our respective positions on every social topic, but the arrogance of your tone in that third sentence is amazing.

        1. Wildbill

          I don’t think it is right to use the right to burn the US flag. The same goes for the current interpretative right to own semi automatic weapons that I don’t feel the need to own such dangerous items.

          My 3rd sentence speaks for itself.

          Now go and get a life for yourself and stop trolling these blogs.

          Yes, you.

  4. Quiet Eye

    Hey Wildbill
    We’re you there? Did you ask for his NRA card. Could have been a crazed OWS leftist angry that his burger wasn’t cooked the way he wanted it. He may have been carrying a Glock, but he did have a permit, and he did not show it.
    Police did the right thing. Using this as an excuse for gun control will not hold up. Best case is backround checks are not fool proof.

  5. justme

    Gun control is not a solution and never has been, but the left rather fight for more control of guns than address the real problems and solutions. We could start with over-haul of mental health and then continue with abolishing the disparity and hopelessness of left wing policies that are driving more and more people into despair. When people are happy they are less prone to kill others.

  6. Richard

    Bottom line: if they rallied around the assualt weapons bill from Day One it would be law today. Then the politics started and the Progressives got cute and the hearings started and woops! Lieberman’s a Senator again.

    1. Bill

      Perhaps. But those who lost most and who came forward to play a pivotal role, needed some time to grieve by themselves. And while the grieving continues, the organizing has commenced.

    2. Greg

      The Patriot Act was a fantasticly well crafted and efficient piece of legislation not emotionally passed after 9/11, going after those pesky evildoers while protecting the civil liberties of American Citizens. Oh wait…

  7. Dociardi

    Thomas-in-pain; you are the Pied Piper type. You lead the uninformed, toe to heel, as they march to the abyss of socialism. America, for we who have served and bled, is dying. Why? Because the freeloaders outnumber the thinking voter. You mock the veterans, the kind of people who prevented the loss of your freedoms. Were it not for my desire and effort to work to keep the kind of America I knew and which I want for my children and grandchildren, I would stand aside and allow you to fully experience what America will become in a very few short years. When your guns are gone and you have no means to protect yourself we will be in another state, one which lives by the code of Live Free or Die!

    1. Thomas in Pain

      Dociardi; I am a veteran, you nieve jerk. I just don’t need to wear it on my sleeve like you do.


      Get over it. The War Is Over.

      Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead.

  8. peter

    Both parties are working behind closed doors to release an emergency bill to be voted upon within the next two weeks. This law when passed will be the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. It’s coming, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. So, we have three choices, comply, move everything out of state, or not comply and hope you’re not the poster boy the Courant will enjoy taking full press on.

    1. Thomas in Pain

      I hope you are right, Peter. And if you are correct, then it is still only a beginning.

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