Politicos Flock To Student Loan Controversy

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\"blumenthalWith the clock ticking on a federally-subsidized student loan program, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal and U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro are joining the call for Congress to act. Blumenthal will host a meeting in his Hartford office this morning and Delauro will \"rosapreside over a discussion in Middletown that includes Wesleyan University\’s associate director of financial aid.

\"RobertInterest rates on the federal Stafford loans will double in July, rising to 6.8 percent, unless Congress can come to some agreement on preserving the popular program. That\’s Robert Stafford on the right, the Vermont Republican who led efforts in Congress during the 1970s and 80s supporting public education.

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4 thoughts on “Politicos Flock To Student Loan Controversy

  1. lee

    Most of our problems stem from decades of government meddling in health care, education, economics and etc. Now we are seeing the fruits of those efforts which are causing: educational crisis, economic malaise, medical insurance problems, legal obfuscations, and distrust of government. I think the Libertarians had it right all along. At least they provided warnings that should have been heeded. I can hardly wait to see what is going to happen next ;-)

  2. enness

    Um…where were they when I started my Master’s not so much longer before? My rate has always been 6.8%. To the more recent grads, sorry, but welcome to my world.

    1. ccbeachcomber

      Dude, you are so lucky, my rate was 9% from CBT between 1982 – 84. Could have been a week after graduation a payment book, roughly 3/4″ thick arrived in the mail. Luckily, just hire by Fafnir in New Britain so paid back early.

      Comments regarding government meddling as the main reason the cost of education is what it is today are spot on. If Blumenthal and DeLauro honestly want to help, they should grab a mop, start washing a floor. And resign.

  3. Christopher Schaefer

    At the Middletown discussion, Rosa DeLauro “denounced opponents in Congress as hypocritical for refusing to raise taxes” to maintain lower student loan interest rates. Raising taxes is DeLauro’s solution to everything. Why not cut spending? Search “Sen. Coburn 2012 Waste Book” to see the kind of profligate, reckless spending that DeLauro supports. Ironically, DeLauro’s biggest fan base is among young, idealistic recent college graduates—of whom only 62 percent are working, and of those, half are able to find only part-time jobs. http://washingtonexaminer.com/harvard-just-6-in-10-millennials-have-jobs-half-are-part-time/article/2520719 Why? Because DeLauro consistently supports anti-business lesgislation and ObamaCare. Employers are getting around the onerous provisions of ObamaCare by simply not hiring full-time employees. When a business struggles, everyone loses. But since Rosa DeLauro has never held a real job in her life nor run a business, how would she possibly understand this? Perhaps it’s finally time for idealism to be replaced with reality. And for DeLauro to be replaced with someone who actually will serve the best interests of CT’s 3rd district—rather than focus on pandering for votes solely to retain her very lucrative office-for-life.

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