Poll Finds Senators Facing Backlash For Voting Against Background Checks

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After the Manchin-Toomey compromise to expand background checks failed in the Senate, determining the fate of the full gun package, Sens. Murphy and Blumenthal, joined by outspoken Newtown activists, vowed there would be a \”political price\” paid by those who voted against gun control.

Recent poll results suggests that voting \”no\” on gun control may have become a political liability, something that advocates have said is the first step in a long-term strategy to enact stricter gun laws. Liberal leaning Public Policy Polling surveyed voters in a number of states whose senators voted against the background check expansion.

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, the junior senator from Arizona, voted against the measure despite senior Sen. John McCain voting for it. Flake\’s approval rating dropped 19 points and over 50 percent of those polled said they are less likely to support him in a future election because of this vote.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a moderate Republican from Alaska, saw her approval rating drop 16 points since February. Democratic Sen. Mark Begich\’s approval rating dropped among Democrats and Independents, and did not increase among Republicans.

Senators in Nevada and Ohio, both swing states, also saw declines in approval ratings.

Full results here.


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52 thoughts on “Poll Finds Senators Facing Backlash For Voting Against Background Checks

  1. johngaltwhereru

    Who wants to bet me Murkowski, who was able to win as a write-in candidate unsupported be either major party, will be totally unaffected by her gun vote. If she runs, she will win, and PPP will say nothing about it.

    Who wants to bet me that if the Democrats put up another Liberal, Jeff Flake will be re-elected? PPP had Liberal Carmona beating Flake by 4 points just 2 weeks before the election and Flake won by more than 5 points. It seems that when it comes to Flake, PPP has a credibility issue.

    1. Thomas in Pain

      galt and kim the troll:

      “The Independent Institute is an American conservative libertarian think tank based in Oakland, California, that states its mission”

      This conservative turd you want me to waste my time reading? he is not even associated with a university. No wonder. I could have guessed and in fact did guess that you wanted me to read some Libertarian fringe philosophy.

      No, I prefer to read from a scholar who thinks INDEPENDENTLY. Assholes you both.

      kim, why not go join johngalt. it seems as if you bother be a go team at…. mutual gratification.

      1. Johngaltwhereru

        I didn’t suggest any book, and it is beyond retarded to believe that a valid report of facts requires the author to be affiliated with a University. It is so stupid, that I use the word retarded, despite finding the use of that word in this contex disgusting. However, it is the most accurate description of your comments.

        If I were to suggest reading on this topic, I would suggest the writings of the authors of The Constitution, which clearly spell out their thoughts on this issue.

    2. Foley's folly

      You gun extremists need to get a life. All you have in your life are guns, which shows just how pathetic your life is. You’re not that educated, you don’t have a lot of wealth, and you’re not that successful at work. Your life revolves around over-interpreting the 2nd Amendment because guns are all you have. Enough with the psychotic and pathetic obsession with guns. Enough with the pickups trucks. Enough with the flannel. Get a razor and shave. And get a life.

      1. Johngaltwhereru


        I don’t own a gun. I guarantee my educational credentials exceed yours. I have enough wealth to only be working 20 hours per week to be completely comfortable. I am extraordinarily successful in my field. I own neither a pick up truck, nor any flannel. I am clean shaven, in order to fully demonstrate my stunning good looks. My obsession is with The Constitution, not just the 2nd Amendment.

        You, on the other hand, are a hate filled, ignorant punk who probably feels outraged at stereotyping unless you agree with the stereotype.

        1. bill


          While you are at it, why don’t you tell Foley about your abnormally large wang. After all, you seem to regal men with this unsolicited info. This tidbit of info leads me to question your purpose in the first place. Since this is coming out day… naw, forget it.

          But here we are talking about your 20 hours per week and if this is correct and you don’t work in Costa Rica, this would lead me to believe that you don’t live there full time and that you are a liar because you portrayed yourself as an ex-pat running from Obamacare. The wealth and degrees I accept. If you were not so wealthy, you would not be one of those cheap scape Libertarians who don’t want to contribute to the common good of society that allowed you to flourish in the first place.. You know, the kind that wants to use that roadway that you didn’t build and don’t want to contribute paying for. You are a shekel slave – an accusation that Carl Solomon used to quite rightfully point out. (I think he is around but not revealing himself.)

          1. Johngaltwhereru

            As I have repeatedly told you, to have no reason to lie.

            I have fled Obamacare because it is designed to devolve into single payer, and there is going to be an extremely painful and dangerous transitional period to which I do not want to have my family subjected and I want no part.

            I am only a pure Libertarian on the Federal level. On the local level, I prefer good public schools, good roads, trash pick up, ect.

            As far as the use of roads, I thought that is what the massive gas taxes on every gallon were supposed to go towards. I am all for toll roads, gas taxes, or even a surcharge on auto purchases based on the weight of your vehicle. Everyone gets equal access to the roads, everyone should pay proportionately based on amount of use and damage caused to those roads.

            The troll’s use of roads argument, like most of the left wing extremist interpretations of Libertarianism is without merit and is not based in reality.

          2. Johngaltwhereru

            The “to” should be “I” and that is a strange auto correct.

            My wang has nothing to do with this conversation. You do seem to have better memory when it comes to that topic than any other. Perhaps we have found the root cause of your militant Liberalism.

            You know, Libertarians don’t care if you are gay, or what you do about being gay. You would be able to express more logical positions on many other issues if you didn’t have to toe the liberal line because of their stance regarding homosexuality.

            Think about it.

          3. bill


            and my first sentence? S-I-L-A-N-C-E?

            Then you work 20 hours a week in costa rica? or do you fly up and back every week?

          4. bill

            johngalt: sure, try to turn it around. I recently mentioned something about you and it was you who suddenly placed this unnecessary and frankly uncalled for info in the text. Why did you need to say that?

            Not me that has the problem. And looky here, we liberals surely don’t have any issues with coming out gay conservative republican/Libertarians. I suppose they are finally reaching a certain truth but remain unable to understand the importance of history as a guide to understanding historical documents. So at least you may be half way there.

          5. Betrayed Democrat

            careful JG – Gollum aka bill is now focused on your anatomy. He’s probably been peeking in your windows given his awareness of dimension and size.

            The bigger the better, right Gollum? You obviously know what you like.

          6. Johngaltwhereru

            I do not commute to C.R.

            Silance is not a word. I usually don’t care about spelling, but when it is presented in an obnoxios all caps and hyphens form, you should spell silence correctly.

          7. Betrayed Democrat


            Thanks Gollum for proving the ‘pseudointellectual’ part of my assessment of you as spot-on

          8. I Heart Obama

            One ringy dingy…two ringy dingy… yell-ow.

            Johngalt, guess what… “obnoxios” isn’t a word either. You appear to need some remedial spelling.

            Goof head.

          9. Johngaltwhereru


            I assume your post was directed towards me. It is impossible for me to explain how little I care if you believe anything I say.

            As far as nothing I say making any sense, that is because you are not smart enough to understand what I am writing. My posts are based in logic. You clearly understand emotion over logic. That is your problem. I will keep my hobby and keyboard.

            By the way, in typical Liberal hypocrite fashion, your post whining about derogatory rhetoric consisted entirely of derogatory rhetoric. How is that for making sense?

          10. Johngaltwhereru


            Very good. You got me. I am surprised you know how to spell obnoxious.

            Why don’t you stick to one name for a while? I try to use less aggressive language when I know I am writing to you. I know how sensitive you can be.

          11. Jeb Potchagalloop

            Johngalt: I learned how to spell “obnoxious” after consulting my old Franklyn speller repeatedly while writing about you and your little Jimboy. No please, no extra kindness toward me, sir. Remove the boxing gloves.

            BTW: Another point to make is you assertion that creative minds have a tendency toward insanity but I sense this was your humor at work since the comment is without merit.

            Perhaps for you, I will now call myself Midas Mulligan. I kind of like that one. johngalt is over.

          12. Midas Mulligan

            Midas Mulligan. Now I new to take leave and complete my taxes on extension. I’m thinking a flat tax might just be the way to go.

        2. pat

          think your ego is getting in the way of your brain. nothing you say makes any sense so find a better hobby and give up your keyboard. too bad you can’t say anything without all the derogatory rhetoric. would make your excellent education credentials easier to believe.

          1. Truth Teller

            Silance everyone- Gollum Katz is skooling us on propur speeling.

            Are the voices in your head getting louder billy boy?

  2. Kim

    Paul Rand voted against the recent Senate attempt at gun control, and his poll numbers are skyrocketing in virtually every major poll.

  3. Bill

    Johngalt and Kim:

    I have just begun reading Professor Saul Cornell’s book “A Well Regulated militia” and I am willing to accept is first premise that both gun control advocates and pro gun rights are examining the 2nd amendment in the wrong way. That the 2nd was neither an individual right of self defense nor a collective right of the states but a civic right that guaranteed that citizens would be able to keep and bear their weapons as needed to meet their legal obligations to participate in a well regulated militia. And this well regulated militia needed to prove to officials that their arms were of worthiness. Which signifies inspections with penalties attached if the citizen did not comply.

    I am willing to keep an open mind on this topic. It is much more complicated then all the flub shouting going on.

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      That is funny.

      You have found a Liberal Professor who is using a selective analysis of history to distort the interpretation of the 2nd Amendmendment, and now, suddenly, the written word and original intent of The Constitution matters.

      Who cares what the Constitution says or what it’s authors meant? It was written over 200 years ago by old, rich, white, slave owning men. Don’t you remember?

      1. bill

        johngalt: I was not looking for a liberal professor. I listened to him in a recent Newtown lecture.

        You suggest (sarcastically, though) that a strict reading of the Constitution is all that is needed and my response is that this is fundamentally flawed reasoning especially that famous sentence that makes no sense in our time: “…a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

        Why is well regulated in the sentence. if you want a strict understanding, then you must agree that all firearms must be inspected and accounted for. THIS, MR DUMBO, IS WHAT “REGULATED” means.

        Then I ask, is “STATE” referring to the State as in nation or individual state?

        To suggest that a historical context is unnecessary is to allow one to reason that you are half crocked on some old Irish whiskey.

          1. I Heart Obama

            why should I read from that neo-con? When we get our liberal majority, and we will have 3 years plus 2 of Hillary’s administrations to do it, and then I will be happy.

          2. Betrayed Democrat

            exactly gollum billy – why should you read anything that might be truth. It’s so much easier to remain intellectually lazy and obnoxious and avoid anything that might upset your wrong-headed way of thinking.

            And THAT what was so ridiculous about your post with the lie ‘I try to keep an open mind’. You wouldn’t know an open mind if you had your brain in your lap and you were smoking it.

          3. Johngaltwhereru

            And you will suffer the consequences.

            Do you see any long term consequences of ignoring the rule of law, absolving people of any responsibility for their actions or their own well being, and having a shrinking number of people funding an ever expanding entitlement society for an ever expanding population of citizens who contribute nothing to paying for the entitlement state?

            By the way, there is no argument that the things I just mentioned are occurring and are strongly desired by Liberals.

            I just want to know if you see any downside.

          4. bill

            Do you see any long term consequences of ignoring the rule of law, absolving people of any responsibility for their actions or their…

            Do you mean like the Boston Tea Party did in the 18th century?

          5. Johngaltwhereru

            The Boston Tea Party was in response to illegitimate law, not Constituional Law.

    2. Kim

      Saul Cornell is full of crap. If you want the truth read the words of the actual founding fathers on the subject. I have pointed you to the book on many occassions.

      You are pretending to have an open mind on this subject because you have found writings of a liberal that suit your position, instead of the truth. Don’t pretend you have an ‘open mind’ until you read The Founders’ Second Amendment by Stephen Halbrook. Then we’ll talk.

      We both know that you won’t listen to or read anything that disagrees with your subjective viewpoint on this issue

      1. Bill

        Not true, Kimmie boy. I will look into Halbrook but coming from you, I would bet that the guy is sponsored by the Heritage foundation.

        I see, so this is the old surrogate fight now. Anyways, you don’t know squat about me. It remains important to put the 2nd into perspective of the times it was written and this is what Cornell is doing.

        and I could turn the argument right around and claimed that the founders also allowed for slavery and for some unexplained reason, I can’t quite fathom way, smelly Kimmy, we outlawed it.

        1. wildbill

          I know all I need to know about you billyboy: you’re a compulsive liar. Nothing else matters to me when it comes to judging people. You hit that wall and you’re not worth a damn in my book.

          Your other glaring deficiencies like immature school-yard taunting, pseudo-intellectualism, insitigating, name-calling, plagiarizing (my comments included), rudeness, OCD-like behavior, inability to acknowledge truths that don’t fit your preconceived notions, inability to admit when you’re wrong and just plain unpleasantness, all come after the lying part to combine to make you decidedly rude, crude and socially unattractive.

          Simply put: IMO you’re a weasel (no offense to weasels of the animal kingdom). Your thoughts towards me are completely irrelevant as I don’t aspire to be liked or respected by – or acquainted with – people like you.

          1. Patrick Henry

            Kimmie the Troll of Trolls:

            You sound as if you just described yourself. I can’t add more to that.

  4. Richard

    I’ll believe there’s a political price paid when I see it.

    18 months is a long time in political polling and most non-gun owners put gun control way on the bottom of the voting issues. You would think Murphy and Blumenthal would concentrate on the Democrats who vacated the party instead of GOP polling. They might even look at their failure to play quid pro quo well enough to get the bill passed. That’s the real problem right there, Inexperience and competence.

    Lieberman would have gotten those votes and sent 40-B1 Bombers to Israel and contracted 2 new subs for EB in return for CT taxpayers footing the bill for health care costs and education for all the citizens in the at-risk Democratic districts. “Race to the Top” funding would be tripled in those “historically leans Red” Districts and each would be getting a new Hospital if Dodd was on board. Dodd would have the hospital funding written right into the legislation and take the heat about it being a CT perk until payoff day.

    1. Kim

      Richard: Jenny does more copying and pasting, or deferring readers to others’ writings, than reporting

      1. Richard

        Isn’t Jenny an intern? Did a great job I think. Made a good impression. Looks like she worked some after hours events, etc, I nominate her for Koch Courant Employee Badge #1.

    2. Foley's folly

      You gun extremists need to get a life. All you have in your life are guns, which shows just how pathetic your life is. You’re not that educated, you don’t have a lot of wealth, and you’re not that successful at work. Your life revolves around over-interpreting the 2nd Amendment because guns are all you have. Enough with the psychotic and pathetic obsession with guns. Enough with the pickups trucks. Enough with the flannel. Get a razor and shave. And get a life.

          1. America is Dying

            Kim the Troll, Betrayed Democrat, Truth Teller:

            Kim Troll, I guess you will need to wait an hour before posting under Kim. your MO.

            Foolish POS.

      1. Richard

        Yeah all that and they are fecund, well endowed watchers of ‘Duck Dynasty’ and know the difference between a ‘Feeding Call’ and a ‘lonesome hen’.

      2. Johngaltwhereru


        You already said that. I should have added dementia to my description of your essence.

  5. bill

    to the topic at hand:

    Yes, pro gun control will not forget who had blocked legislation and who wouldn’t have supported in the first place. Kim the Troll though that my head was exploding when Congress didn’t pass the very watered-down bill. I half expected it but I realize that this struggle is a long one and we will win in the end.

  6. Truefacts

    This is a meaningless poll from public policy polling owned by Dean Debnam, a liberal democratic activist.

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