Pssst, Gov. Malloy Parties With Media, Hollywood, DC Elite

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Barbara Streisand, Conan O\’Brien, Kevin Spacey and … Dan Malloy?

The governor quietly flew down to D.C. Friday to attend the star-packed White House Correspondents Dinner. In a tweet, Sara Palin called it a gathering of  \”DC assclowns.\”

Malloy\’s office issued no press release. The governor was the guest of People Magazine, which paid for his trip.

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81 thoughts on “Pssst, Gov. Malloy Parties With Media, Hollywood, DC Elite

        1. John

          Haters gonna hate….these are idiots that voted for McCain and Romney making these “comments”! Don’t like the U.S. MOVE TO CANADA!!!

          1. Norm

            John, read your own words, try and comprehend; it’s as if you were announcing you were the hater.

    1. Mad Mike

      It looks like the kooks are out even on Sunday, the lord’s day or rest. But the looks of these posts, one might extrapolate that most residents are conservative. But no, the retiree and goof heads repeating under different names.

      Hey goof heads and retired retards, how does it feel to like in the land of LIBERALS.

      We are the people. We are the majority. And you are welcome to shine our shoes anytime.

      1. Norm

        Liberals demanding servitude, Mad? Must be those limousine liberals from Fairfield.

        You know, the hedge fund types that rip off the fixed income types from the rest of the State. And then gloat.

        1. Mad Mike

          Oh, contrar… In comparison to your limo liberals comment, I’m a po man. But we LIBERALS include po folk, rich folk, black folk, white folk, gay folk, Latin folk… and and Muslim folk, too, LOL.

          OUr vision of the world is simply different then yours. To experience yours, you must immigrate to… Mississippi. Don’t go to Texas. We LIBERALS will soon be taking over that state, too. We will be adding 11 million Mexican AMERICANS to the democratic rolls in the near future.

          But Norm, you may still shine my old cowboy boots and a tip if it’s quick.

  1. Norm Scott

    Time Warner (People Magazine) gave Obama 10 times more money than they gave Romney.

    So they were clearly acting as “bag men” for the Obama Administration.

    Here you go Dan, a little doggie biscuit for acting like a good little doggie for the Administration.

    Something the US Senate, as a whole, clearly wanted nothing to do with, selling out Constitutional rights for a little pat on the head and an even smaller treat.

  2. James J. Connolly

    Dannel Malloy is a decent man who has every right to represent our wonderful state at important gatherings of celebrated people. I find it contemptible that rightwingers are complaining about this. Republican Governor John Rowland celebrated with major corporate leaders of Connecticut at cocaine and prostitute parties in Las Vegas and the Republicans never complained then. They loved degenerate John Rowland so much! Republican hypocrisy stinks to high heaven. Sara Palin is just jealous she does not get invited to nice parties. Like Rowland, she is another degenerate and hypocrite.

    1. pat

      I, for one, am complaining about the amount of time Malloy spends away from the state on little jaunts like this. People may have paid for this, but taxpayers have paid for all others, including his trip to the final four in New Orleans. I would rather he represent us here in the state and do the job he was elected for. anyone’s party has nothing to do with someone not doing their job and he sure isn’t if he’s not here. Glad you voted for him cuz now you are getting what you deserve.

      1. CT Resident

        Personally, the less time Dan Malloy spends in Connecticut, the better we are. He’s actually wasting less money by jet-setting around the country than he would be running the state here. Let him have his fun. He’ll be gone in two years.

    2. tao

      James, what are you smoking? “A decent man?” Look at our state’s budget, look how much we’re in the hole and look at what this clown is proposing…

    3. James J. Connolly

      Typically the rightwing whiners rely solely on personal attack rather than any set of rational discourse. Hence my statement that they are contemptible.

  3. Fred Hogaboom

    People Magazine huh!!!
    Obama’s idea of a presidency differs markedly from the reason he was re-elected.
    Country is in turmoil, world status dropping and members of the military are dying while the “commander in chief” parties with “A” List” celebrities.
    Welcome to “Fantasy land!”

  4. sue

    And who do you think told the mag to pay for DANNY BOY’S JUNKET barry that’s whom. Isn’t there an ethics issue where George, our corrupt AG, Jepsen. And call the IRS. Sounds like reportable income to me

  5. Alpinglow

    Malloy getting invited to the big events is good for Connecticut and demonstrates Malloy is good for Connecticut.

    1. pat

      sorry, you are so wrong. all it shows is his butt kissing to go to a higher office. it is not good for CT for its governor to in- absentia when he is needed to do his job right here.

    2. Just Curious

      How, exactly, is Malloy partying with Hollwood “good for CT?” I am taxed to death because I have the audacity to 1) be employed 2)own a car 3)own 2 homes. And I only own two homes because I can’t sell one of them in this crap market – it MUST be because Malloy is “so good for CT.” Get a grip on reality Alpinglow.

  6. Jill

    Why would People mag. pay for our gov. to attend the dinner? Did Nancy attend w/him since she never leaves his side? How long was he in Wash. DC? Did the gov. use vac. or personal time to attend? The gathering was a weekend but state employees have been know to rack up hours when they travel and use toward vac. time and time in a half for pay.

    1. Laralu

      Washington DC is a 90 minute airplane trip Jill, so it is conceivable that he simply spent the weekend,so no need to use Vacation or Personal time. By the way, It’s time and a half, not time in a half. And since the Gov. is not an hourly employee he does not get overtime. I am no fan of Malloy, believe me, but that was a seriously ridiculous comment.

  7. Jack

    Let Malloy go to the party but we pay for his seven member State Police detail to follw him and pay for hotels and OT. Rome is burning.

  8. Jeb

    If we are lucky the Muslim-in-Chief will offer him a job in has administration. He’s probably qualified to be the groom of the stool.

    1. GoCT1

      Pretty sure we’ve never had a Muslim president… and by pretty sure I mean we’ve definitely never had one. Where do you get your information? And presidents are called “Commander in Chief” not *religion*-in-chief. I’ve never heard someone called Catholic-in-Chief. Read a book.

      1. Betrayed Democrat

        Jeb: looks like you’re going to have to start referring to Obama as ‘Your Holiness’ so GoCt understands

  9. Lynne

    It’s hilarious that Palin calls them “DC Assclowns”. Oh, how she wishes she could be among them! I pray to God she never is, and that one day soon we will be rid of her FOR GOOD!

    1. Laralu

      I’m right there with you Lynne. Right now her most important job is to sit on her back porch and keep an eye on Russia. She’s not even qualified to do that.

    2. Ant

      Just out of curiosity besides the media attack on palin is there any substance besides what the media told u that would make her a bad person?

      1. Jeb Potchagalloop

        Ant, Sarah Palin was a godsend. After her first speech, I jumped up and down. I danced sideways on the walls. Drank the bubbly until bottoms up. I knew that Obama would win. He got the scared vote. People were scared out of their wits over the prospect that a possible incoming president already showing signs of senility and anyways was just itching for another Viet Nam to hang his hat on. And if he died while serving, then the top spot would go to… oh my god, to the little lady that knew about Russia because she could see it out of her dinning room window in Waleska, Alaska.

        so Ant, I would give Sarah a bouquet of roses every Valentine’s Day if I could.

  10. Lori Hollywood

    This whole affair was absurd and an embarrassment. It’s not a correspondents’ dinner any more is it? It’s a celebrity/politician mutual admiration society.

    Holding this event such a short time after the Boston bombings was insensitive at best, cold-blooded at the worst.

    And the “jokes” were generally pretty bad.

    1. Laralu

      Seriously, I thought the President was very funny. I appreciate a person who can see the humorous side of all the hate the Republicans throw at him on a daily basis. As far as being insensitive and cold blooded, really, your ignorance is showing. That is a very silly statement. Be different if your boy Romney was in the White House right?? Haters gotta hate.

      1. Betrayed Democrat

        laralu: Obama is funny. But we didn’t elect him for his comic abilities. Too bad he can’t lead and hates our country and its’ constitution (being full of ‘negatives’ and all that)

  11. Sharpshooter

    Looks like Palin got that one right….why does Malloy keep going to Wasington D.C….doesn’t he have work to do right here in Connecticut…if not…let’s take his salary and use it as a spending cut…

  12. A Great Day

    What hypocrisy from the tea baggers and Sarah Palin is so 2008. Dannell Malloy is one of the greatest Governors in the history of our state. He has cleaned up the mess left by years of GOP corruption and control by Rowland and Nana Rell. People Magazine sees the talent and charisma of our Governor!! This state is turning the corner and people will reelect Malloy by a landslide.

    1. pat

      A great day: what are you smoking? he has cleaned up nothing and made a further mess that we will be paying for years. it’s turning a corner all right, the corner to more unemployment, more businesses leaving the state, and higher taxes. not sure what talent and charisma you see but all I see are smoking mirrors.

    2. James J. Connolly

      Go for it, Great Day. Time to counter all the Teabagger nonsense and negativity. The Republican House in DC demonstrates the dead end of the Republican Right–unable to relate to people, the keep staring at their ideological navels. They are a pure Black Hole of political nihilism.

      1. johngaltwhereru

        JJ seems to hold a very selective disdain for idealogues. Additionally, he does not know the meaning of the word Nihilism, or has a warped sense of morals.

        I will skip JJ’s lack of understanding of Nihilism, and move on to his remarkable complaint that the Republican House is too ideological.

        The Democrat Minority Leader in the House, Nancy Pelosi, is an extreme idealogue and, according to a recent Poll by The Hill, is the least liked of the 4 Congressional Leaders. Her 4 years of pure Liberal Speakership led to the largest Republican Landslide in the House in modern times. Contrast that with John Boehner, who Conservatives are trying to remove from the Speakership due to his moderate actions and his bending to the liberal desires of Obama and Congressional Democrats. The fact that the overwhelming majority of Republicans in Congress are moderate allows the moderate Speaker to keep his job.

        Onto the Senate. Here we have another extreme idealogue, a proven liar and easily the most corrupt member of the Senate as the Majority Leader. Reid will not even allow bills passed by the House to be voted upon. He will not allow Budgets to be voted upon. His only Moderate action in his Leadership was to yank the Assault Weapons Ban from the anti-second amendment bill. He did this not because of idealogical reasons, but for survival of his leadership, as he did not want vulneralble Democrat Senators on the record.

        Let’s move on to the President. Easily the most ideological Presidency since FDR. As Conservative as Reagan was, his Conservatism pales in comparison to Obama’s Liberalism, as Reagan expanded government and signed the 1st round of amnesty. Obama has done nothing Conservative, and the only Moderate things he did were because the House gave him no choice.

        So, in JJ’s insulated little Liberal Land, Republicans are extremists and Liberals are moderates. Everyone on the pages (except Billy) should go jump with glee that their brains do not malfunction in this manner.

        1. Bill

          johngalt: And then I thought, “he wants to invite me to lunch in San Jose after making him angry in 2012? After calling him all kinds of names sometimes in different languages? No way, Jose – as they say. You would have your chance of revenge. you would poison me and dump my body in some crocodile-infested waterway.

          No way, Jose.

          1. Johngaltwhereru

            We could skip the poison.

            I was pointing out that only a malfunctioning brain could believe Republicans are extreme and Democrats are moderate, based on the current political landscape.

            In the world of Art, I have noticed a malfunctioning brain tends to be quite an asset. Being a fan of Dali, I am pretty sure he had a couple neurons misfiring. Further, many of my favorite musical artists had clear psychological abnormalities.

            So, in your case, I believe it was a compliment.

          1. bill

            johngalt: I will accept the insult as a compliment. My view are well though out and my method of expressing them is through lyrics and song. Commentary is no other inspiration occurs.

            In a small way, you remind me of my old man, who was quite conservative and anti arts. He was accepted to medical school in the depression but didn’t have the money to secure his 1st year. His college yearbook quote in 1931 was that “if the laboratory is the search for truth, then most philosophy and all are are worthless.” He was a republican and an NRA member.

        2. Bill

          johngalt: you really don’t understand how much farther to the right the Republican party has veered over the past few decades? But of course, in your connected brain stem, it’s called libertarianism which is extreme in its own right.

          1. johngaltwhereru


            The Democrat Party has moved far more to the left than the Republican Party has moved right. JFK could never win a Democrat Primary. He lowered the top tax bracket 21 percentage points. He would be called a Tea Partier by today’s Democrats.

            And what, over the “past few decades” leads you to believe the Republican Party is moving right? Has Government spending shrunk? No, it has increased. Has the size of Government shrunk? No, it has increased. Has abortion been made illegal? No, it has become easier to obtain. Has the progressive tax been flattened? No, it has become more progressive. Has there been blockage of any bill that fails to demonstrate roots in the Constitution? Nope, they have sailed through.

            There is not a damn thing about this Country that moved to the Right during times of Republican control. They have just moved less aggressively and dramatically to the left than when Democrats are in control.

    3. Marie12

      Dannel needs to line up his next gig now. He will never be reelected again. His best bet is some lackey policy wonk position in DC doing what he does best: lying and scheming. Please DC take him..the sooner the better.

  13. Jack

    Yea, Malloy has cleaned up Rowlands mess by “using a credit card to pay off the credit card debt”. For those Malloy worshippers that don’t understand this, Malloy is paying our current expenses by selling State of CT bonds, something he has said he would never do. The union lackey also agreed to extend the health benefits of state employees and retirees to 2022 without any changes. This may be the most expensive thing he has done to the states taxpayers.

    1. Alpinglow

      Jack either doesn’t know jack or is a GOP hack.

      I’ve read the budget carefully. No borrowing is funding current operating expenses. That is the plain and simple fact.

      Did anybody notice Justice Scalia seated next to Bill O’Reilly, by the way?

  14. America Is Dying

    In a tweet, Sara Palin called it a gathering of “DC assclowns.”
    For once I agree with the Bimbo.

    1. Truth Teller

      Palin nailed it. There are DC assclowns, Hollywood assclowns, media assclowns, and the local variety like James J Connolly and Wild Billy Katz. Take a bow James and Billy.

  15. Brian C. Duffy

    The conservative C.A.B.s are out in full force here…along with a couple of (vastly outnumbered, but no less spineless) liberal ones as well.

    Ah, the beauty of the internet!

    1. johngaltwhereru

      Brian C. Duffy,

      Do you realize that there is no way to confirm that you are, in fact, Brian C. Duffy?

      Additionally, unless you are an Attorney in Charleston, S.C. or a Physical Therapist in Parkersberg, WV, Google considers you to be so insignificant that you might as well be anonymous.

      If you add “Connecticut” to a Google search of Brian C. Duffy, it shows you to be a frequent poster on the Simsbury Patch and Courant blogs, but beyond that, you still appear to be insignificant and still could be using an alias. So again, you might as well be anonymous.

      In all likelihood, you do not have a career where your posting habits could adversely affect your business. You are also a Liberal posting in an overwhelmingly Liberal State. That does not require bravery.

      There are mentally unstable people who read these posts. Some of us have jobs that would be adversely affected by expressing a Conservative, or even Politically Incorrect but factually accurate posts. Some employers ban their employees from certain online posting.

      Posting anonymously does not make you a coward. Posting with a real name when it could cause you harm does make you stupid.

      1. Bill

        johngalt: take Kimmie, your trusted sidekick, for example of the mentally unstable and unpleasantly aggressive. here is a guy who sleeps late, probably has a hangover from the Saturday night men’s room hangouts. but a trusted and reliable supporter.

        1. Johngaltwhereru

          What’s with the constant attacks on Kim and men’s rooms?

          Did Kim mention that it bothered him, so you won’t let go? Is it a play On the Larry Craig fiasco?

          I don’t get it.

          1. bill

            jg: last year, kim kept taunting the professor to give him oral relief. after a few days of this, I composed a profile on him and kim stopped it. i obviously struck a sensitive cord.

            So yes, he has a very negative side and i get a charge out of hitting back.

            Here is my post from last year.

            Carl Solomon:
            Let’s discuss the social and psychological ramifications of Kimerian this morning. I believe that he exhibits passive/aggressive tendencies. In addition, his aggressiveness leads me to ruminate on  the lack of maternal love shown to him in early childhood. As a result of this lack of sufficient affection, he demands that you perform fallatio on him which signifies a need to be cuddled and controlled.  This is characteristic of an obedient bottom with anger management problems.
            Kimmerian becomes a sociopath by design and his lack of early nurturing should be grounds for immediate neutering before he becomes a danger to himself and to others and before he replicates his model and avenges society for his shortcomings. His need for attention leads me to believe that he would show improvement in an institutional setting for an indefinite period of time.
            As a psychologist, these are my observational findings which of course lack more complete clinical testing. We would be happy if Kimmerian would visit our Abnormal Psychology Clinic for study.

            if kim stopped i would stop. but I think he really like this insult back and forth.

          2. Kim

            another lie from gollum katz: “if kim stopped i would stop”.

            Over the past 16 months bill has offered several ‘treaties’ where he promised to stop with the nonsense. he – not I – broke his promise every time. Once he lasted less than an hour without any provocation from me. He is not an honorable person

            now keep slinking around looking for your ‘precioussss’ billy gollum

  16. Joe Black

    This is just another fine example of Malloy polishing his national apple and getting out of the state as often as possible and for any reason. Legendary newsman Tom Brokaw says this event is so bad, he refuses to go. But hey, our bon vivant governor – with police protection in tow – flies off to be a party animal. Did we pay for it? Sure.

  17. sam

    Who paid for this trip? This is getting ridiculas, I hope us taxpayers are footing the bill for this one.

  18. jschmidt

    Somebody should have asked why CT is one of the worst places to do business in the country and why is the economy not improving. Looks like he’s looking for an exit strategy to another failed administration in DC>

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