Q-Poll: Surveys Show Sustained Support For Gun Control

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As Congress and the state of Connecticut close in on a package of gun control legislation in response to the Newtown school massacre, the Quinnipiac Poll folks point out that their surveys show a striking national consensus aro0und enacting background checks for all gun purchases. A March 7  nationwide poll shows 88 – 10 percent support for universal background checks, including 85 – 13 percent among gun owners.

The Q folks also point to state surveys:

– In Florida a March 21 poll found 91 – 8 percent support, including 88 – 11 percent among gun owners;

– In Connecticut a March 6 found 93 – 6 percent support, including 89 – 9 percent among gun owners;

– In Ohio a March 1 poll found 90 – 8 percent, including 86 – 12 percent among gun owners;

– In Pennsylvania a January 30 poll found 95 – 5 percent, including 95 – 4 percent among gun owners;

– In New Jersey, a January 24 poll found 96 – 3 percent, including 95 – 5 percent among gun owners;

– In Virginia, a January 10 poll 92 – 7 percent, including 91 – 7 percent among gun owners.

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8 thoughts on “Q-Poll: Surveys Show Sustained Support For Gun Control

  1. Thomas in Pain

    After 2014, progressive legislation will find an easier time squeezing through the bowel intestines of Congress.

    1. The Conn-servative

      Check that: Regressive legislation. Call it for what it and it’s supporters are.

  2. Richard

    Every time I read the poll numbers I’m reminded that Harry Reid refused to bring the assualt weapons ban to a vote because he didn’t have enough Democratic votes. Too many Blue Dogs are at risk in 2014

  3. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    Harry Reid stated in an interview this week that even with the most OPTIMISTIC counts he did not have even 40 votes for the AWB. Many Dems won’t even vote for the background checks. If the polls were right and the public was this biased they would have voted for all these measures already. It is just an illusion of confusion. The Q poll said 93% of CT residents want these new regulations, LOL. You can’t get 93% of any population to agree what day it is let alone any legislation. Disinformation at it’s best. Just like that commercial that makes fun of “If it is on the Internet it must be true”

  4. Kim

    Recent Quinnipiac polls show that no one believes Quinnipiac polls, including 99.9% of the Quinnipiac pollsters.

    99.7% of those who don’t believe the Quinnipiac polls don’t believe that anyone is being polled other than the Quinnipiac pollsters who are polling themselves in mock polls.

    This is supported 103% to 18.2% in a Quinnipiac poll of the Quinnipiac pollsters. Among those pollsters who were polled, 118% don’t recall being polled or responding in a way that supports that poll results.

    Any questions?

  5. Truth hurts

    Shocking another Liberal Pol showing that the masses agree to More gun control. Funny how its always 80% of the population yet I am never polled. I pay taxes I work 80 hours a week unlike the 15% sitting at home collecting food stamps.

    I am all for an Island buy where all you Progressives can mull over each others business, just stay the hell out of mine. Oh and hows this I will even start a fundraiser to pay for said Island, lord knows the progressives would hate to use their money, they would rather use other peoples money instead.

    Never in my 45 years have I ever seen such a dysfunctional group of people in my life, gives a whole new meaning to the word Dope.

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  7. MaverickNH

    There was a time that you could have taken polls that showed vast support for denial of voting rights for women and minorities. Did that make laws explicitly prohibiting women and minorities from voting? No – the US Constitution is specifically designed to prevent the repression of the minority by the majority.

    Polls support Gun Control, but gun control organizations are dead-broke. Can the NRA, with ~4 million members, and budget of a few hundred million dollars, alone sway the policies of the USA, where almost 5 billion dollars were spent in the last presidential election?

    No – it’s the 40-50% of homes that have guns that drive opposition to gun control. Who this powerless 80-90% that support gun control are is a good question indeed…

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