QPoll: Americans Oppose GOP Strategy 3-To-1

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Quinnipiac University released a timely national poll this morning that shows widespread voter discontent with both parties in Congress, and the Republican strategy in particular in the budget fight that has brought a partial government shutdown. From the Quinnipiac announcement:

American voters oppose 72 – 22 percent Congress shutting down the federal government to block implementation of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today.


Voters also oppose 64 – 27 percent blocking an increase in the nation\’s debt ceiling as a way to stop Obamacare, the independent Quinnipiac University poll finds.

American voters are divided on Obamacare, with 45 percent in favor and 47 percent opposed, but they are opposed 58 – 34 percent to Congress cutting off funding for the health care law to stop its implementation.

Republicans support the federal government shutdown by a narrow 49 – 44 percent margin, but opposition is 90 – 6 percent among Democrats and 74 – 19 percent among independent voters.

President Barack Obama gets a negative 45 – 49 percent overall job approval rating, compared to his 46 – 48 percent score August 2.



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10 thoughts on “QPoll: Americans Oppose GOP Strategy 3-To-1

  1. Megel

    This is a Megel here again. Me no like a the Republican party, as they always a want to take my welafare away and say I need to find job. I like things just as they are, and no want to work, just collect. If I work, I make a less than state give me now. I aways vote for Democrates.

  2. Connecticut is circling the drain

    Based on these figures, I wouldn’t be too cocksure about the popularity of either party.

    1. Mr Bill

      Here is why our country is so disgusting. Not this bickering back and forth. When the active drug in sudifed cannot be made a prescription medication in order to shut down meth labs because the drug industry finds this drug so profitable, and it prevents law makers from making this change, this is the most disgusting.

      The soul of man has been compromised in this land by money.

      1. Johngaltwhereru


        Why have You called my vision out? I didn’t even read this story since it is a rehash of the same useless story Rick Green posted.

        As far a sudafed goes, why should someone have to go to the doctor and and get a Sudafed prescription for a stuffy nose just because meth addicts exist? Isn’t it bad enough you have to wait in a pharmacy line and be documented?

        Have you no interest in bringing health care costs down? I know you don’t care about individual liberty, except when you desire to abort a baby or marry someone of the same sex, but what about the cost and time spent going to a doctor just because you have an uncurable common cold and you simply want symptom relief?

        1. Mr Bill

          Galt, I will attempt to respond. As fat as the gay thing, I haven’t an iron, excuse the expression, in that fire. I am less interested. My main interests lay in traditional civil rights of the races.

          Your vision only as a smug look at the greater negativity ratio and growing toward Republicans.

          As far as Sudafed goes, I need it with regularity. At first, I objected to my pharmacist asking me to show ID. But now I am willing to sign off if need be. Yesterday, they didn’t make me sign because I am a long time customer.

          How can you not be supportive of making this product a prescription med? I know that it seems contrary to what I have said before. But my opinions do not need to be the same size for all. I believe that heroin should be distributed to addicts just to keep them from robbing and stealing. Meth crystal makes a person an animal and it usually kills them in short order. A narcotic does not. Hence my seemingly different opinion on different drugs.

          Sorry I don’t fit you concept of being all in favor of something or all against. I told you before I don’t easily fit into other people’s right and wrong.

          No dogma here.

          So at least we have something else in common. We are both in it for the money. But I sell things of beauty. Not instruments of death.

          1. Johngaltwhereru

            I am not one size fits all on drugs either.

            You should need a prescription for anti-biotics, as overuse creates resistant bacteria that effects other people.

            You should need a prescription for chemo, and other toxic drugs that can directly harm the non user.

            Recreational drugs. Nope. Whoever wants the will get them. The war on drugs is lost. Time to give it up. The reason it was lost was because Liberals, as they always do, overreached. If they didn’t ban weed, coke, mushrooms, the other popular drugs that will always be used by millions of Americans, perhaps the focus could have been kept on the more dangerous drugs. Perhaps people who smoke weed and find out all the lies about it are not true, would not move on to meth and crack with the assumptions that the warnings against those laws were also lies.

          2. Mr Bill

            coke and weed were popular in black commuinities. perhaps, the banning was due to this popularity.

            back on drugs. get off thei liberal thing. it is gewtting tired, john. real tired.

            if you think some of those drugs you mention should be banned for the stated reasons, why not a drug that can easily be synthesized into meth crystal and soon bun a hole in your brain and heart and turn you into a raging maniac then kill you. you have an inability to use logic.

            or perhaps, as I stated before to you, your logic is dictated by your stratified dogma.

            I’m told that one box of Sudefed could be woth $100.00 on the black market. That is an inducment for a lot of people to buy and resell. No, clearly, this product should be dispenced via perscription only. It would immediately dry up the illegal supply lines.

            how come you can’t get it. a very simple modififcation can stop one of the most destructive problems and growing in america and because it doesn’t fit your Libertarian ideals, it is a non starter for you.

            (I’m tired of correcting my spelling. don’t like it don’t reaD it.)

          3. Johngaltwhereru

            I never complain about your spelling. Spelling is a hard factual correct or incorrect part of life. You operate out of the artistic, non logic based side of your brain, so I wouldn’t expect proper spelling or grammar.

            Sudafed used properly is very helpful to the masses, and there is absolutely no reason for restrictions on it’s proper use. Once again, you want to govern to the lowest common denominator because a tiny fraction of those who purchase the product use it to make meth.

            I am opposed to governing to the lowest common denominator in all cases.

  3. Sharpshooter

    It seems to me the true stratgey of the Republican party, in terms of Obamacare, is to create a level playing field in which everyone has the same opportunities…this is a quote from Obama’s handbook…but when push comes to shove, Obama has created some many inequities in his own ‘health plan’ in terms of exemptions and delays; how can anyone fault the conservatives for wanting to scrap or delay a bill that is not ready and may never be ready for implementation…

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