Red Sox License Plates In Connecticut

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\"redThe new charity plates will raise money for a college scholarship program for public high school students in Connecticut that will be run by the Red Sox Foundation.

The charity license plates start at $115. Of that total, $65 will cover DMV production costs, and the other $50 will help fund the Red Sox Foundation’s Connecticut Scholarship program. A total of 400 applications must be received before the DMV can begin production of the new plates.  Connecticut drivers interested in a Red Sox license plate can visit to complete the application form.

I\’ve asked who get #1 but I haven\’t heard yet.


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8 thoughts on “Red Sox License Plates In Connecticut

  1. sam

    If you are going to allow those red sox plates then we should also be able to order Yankees license plates. I cant believe it costs $65.00 to produce these plates. Dont the prisons make them anymore?

  2. alan

    I know lawyer/legistlators have fistfights over little sport guy talk like Sox/Yanks, Patriots/Giants etc. They have argument over where their little “dividing line” is (wallinford?, Naugatuck?). However we have lost jobs since 1989 and have the highest debt per capita and no one says a word. This is sub trivial..

  3. j

    CT needs to resdesign ALL their plates. Why cant they have a nice background depicting something special about the state. There just so “blah” and boring. A blue backround with 3 numbers and 3 letters with “Connecticut Constitution State” That just screams how boring CT is.

  4. Cdubs

    I think we should have a license plate to honor losers like me who reply to newspaper articles.

  5. jek

    The Red Sox are much more community and charity minded than the Yankees by far. Check it out, the Red Sox out spend in the community and out donate to charity by multiples of the Yankees. There are reports from entities that follow charitable giving and activities that will confirm this fact. The Yankees, unfortunately are more interested in keeping their vast wealth only for themselves. They are the Evil Empire after all.

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