Rennie Ups Ante In Cat Fight With Prague

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Kevin Rennie takes the bait and lobs one back at Commissioner of Aging Edith Prague in response to her letter to the editor ripping him:

Prague loaded up on Boost, headed for the keyboard, and consulted her tiny thesaurus. “Ashamed,” “drive-by attack.” and “cheap-shot” were the predictable notes of her raggedy aria of outrage.


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20 thoughts on “Rennie Ups Ante In Cat Fight With Prague

  1. Richard

    The last we heard from Edith was a proposal to end hazardous duty pension spiking and other pension grift and graft schemes in state and municipal government. At which time the Democrats began referring to Prague’s well deserved rest and retirement and thanking Ms Prague for her years of dedicated but no longer needed service.

  2. Richard

    Here’s a bone. Check into this program to hire Senior Workers.

    Sounds great. Send warm bodies in to get a job. Whoops. Waiting list. How long? .A year? Two years? Well……and the BS just gets piled higher.

    Edith is there to rubber stamp this stuff and run interference.

    Then ask about SAGA cash for unemployables over 55 that was cut from $350 a month in 1997 to $200 in 2003 and now sits at a paltry $212 a month after Rell signed a COLA compromise.

    Prague? Once again a no show advocate on the issue. Its a patronage job pure and simple.

    Not a constituency Malloy is interested in.

    1. Richard

      You won’t. You don’t get that bad news until an application is submitted. At first you get the PR version of this wonderful ground-breaking program. Much like the web site. Its only after a client does the Full Monty does the truth cim out.

      If Government web sites were subject to consumer protection laws and dietary disclosure laws we would see the full administrative cost burden including pensions and unfunded health benefits and the size of the current population, net service expenditures to the clients, the numbers presently served and the waiting lists.

      The way it is now there’s a waiting list. My favorite line “Yes, clients may age out of eligibility while on the list.. Age 59? Yes”

      As near as I can tell the jobs go to the connected. There’s no lottery. No meaningful info.

      It comes across as a zombie program. Funded for administrative and PR purposes only.

      If a retailer tried running this program and issued rain checks with no fulfillment date the state would have them in court. If the state does it? That’s good business .. Err…politics and windows dressing.

  3. John R. McCommas

    I wan to know if Commissioner Prague is really working or is she just casing checks. Anyone have an answer?

    Its hard to imagine her driving every day to Hartford.

  4. Richard

    from Capital Report below

    Prague stepped down last year as a state senator at the age of 86 after her doctors warned her that campaigning could affect her fragile health. She had suffered a mild stroke around Christmas 2011, and then a stress test showed that she had an irregular heartbeat. But she says she is now feeling well enough at 87 to take the fulltime, $120,000-per-year job.

    “You’re right. My doctor did say, ‘Don’t get yourself into a stressful situation’ when I said I was going to run for my seat,” Prague said at the Capitol. “Both my doctor and my daughter didn’t want me campaigning, running door to door. That was then, and this is now. I’m healthier. I’m drinking [high-calorie] Boost every day, so I’ll stay healthy. And I’m looking forward to the job.”

  5. Richard

    I don’t like beating up on 87-year-old Prague. Its obvious Malloy went for appearances when hiring Prague instead of increasing SAGA cash for the over-55s and over funding the Senior hire program instead of leaving it an administrative zombie life support program. Its all good 2014 campaign PR over at the new commission. . No heart or soul or substanev from the Malloy camp.

    And it keeps Prague occupied and well off from addressing pension spiking and other state and municipal grift and graft pension schemes with unfunded benefits.

    Get into the political pension accelerators for pricey appointees and really get into griftmand graft.

  6. Lawrence

    There is no such thing as Kevin Rennie v. Edith Prague. There is only Rennie being publicly humiliated, as he should be.

  7. Quinte West

    I can understand how this got started with Edith feeling the need to defend a former colleague and friend. However, there has always been a very bright, clear line in public service that appointees ( like Commissioner Prague) are supposed to respect. Commissioners are supposed to implement policy, and leave politics to elected officials. I know that Edith is keenly aware of this, because she told me that very fact when she was a Senator and I was an appointed official.
    Politicking for Toni Harp is something that Edith must do on her own time, without using State resources and never while describing herself as an agency Commissioner. Even with those provisions, her publicly supporting Toni Harp and chastising Kevin Rennie comes too close to unethical conduct.

    1. The Conn-servative

      This is how libtards incrementally get what they want. This will soon be the norm and then they lower the bar for the next thing,all the while creating a fog and blur telling us it’s ethical and accepted.
      The fact there is this commission in the first place is a joke. Some of us get old and die. Others less fortunate,have shorter lives. But to have a commission on a specific demographic, my god. The same is true for the garbage at the UCONN Health Center Dept. of Aging. This begs the question,why are we as taxpayers funding funding two departments to do effectively the same thing. I know someone who ” works” at the latter, and let me tell you,there’s a reason why I put it in quotes. See’s the kids off at bus stop for 8:45, then pickup at 3:15. Comes and goes as we want. Home at least one day a week. Of course tele-working from home.Knudge knudge,wink wink :) All while pulling a generous compensation package of six figures. This is one person and one useless dept.

      1. Beth

        You’re kidding, right? Sketchy political practices are not limited to one political party–you conservative bias is your opinion, and everyone has a right to his/hers, but your statement about “libtards” (so charming and sensitive) exposes you as being unable to distinguish fact from the fiction you desire to be true.

  8. Richard

    Let Dan Malloy trot out his web pages, Edith, and her $120,000 salary and tell everyone the paradise he’s built for the aged. C’mon now. He gave them web pages, a do-nothing commission, and Edith!

    Its a patronage job! Of course she spoke out in defense of Democrats. That’s her real job.

    When Dan raises SAGA cash for the over 55s and fully funds the senior hire program and puts all the stats and figures on the web site including waiting list size and time then I’ll believe he has more muscle than mouth.

  9. Lawrence


    two questions:

    1. what makes you think Prague did this on state time using state resources? Any proof? Or just an assumption on your part? Please provide some evidence.

    2. Edith didn’t identify herself as a commissioner — the Courant did, in its tagline to the letter. Please try and get a few things straight.

    1. Quinte West

      I made know assumptions whatsoever–merely observations. I’m not contending that Edith Prague used state resources — I’m sure that someone else will look into that angle. However, whether she identifies herself as a Commissioner or the newspaper did, the fact remains that when an appointed official publicly involves themselves in politics, it is too close to being a breach of established ethics and protocols. Imagine if she was publicly campaigning for/publicly supporting a Legislator who had cognizance over the Committee that oversees her Department.
      As to ” please try and get a few things straight”–lets come to an agreement–you read better, I’ll write simpler…

  10. Richard

    Richard September 2, 2013 at 3:04 pm
    How could Prague earn her $120,000 salary without performing patronage duties. Good God. It boggles the mind. The Democrats gave her a job. Created a toothless commission. Created some web pages for Campaign purposes and gave an old women some attention. All they ask for is some patronage in return.

    If I’m wrong I’ll see some of the programs targeting the distressed over 55 crowd better funded with higher benefits.

    But, I’m not wrong. Its a political patronage job. A payoff. And its not the only one :)

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