Rep. DeLauro Receives \’Champion of Science\’ Award

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\"delauroA coalition of 50 research universities has cited U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro for her support of funding basic scientific research. She is among 28 members of Congress who were honored Wednesday with a \”champion of science\” award.

“Each of you has been a vital leader in this cause,” said Boston University President Robert A. Brown. “You have visited our campuses and talked with researchers, and you have educated your colleagues about the enormous payback from federal funding for research. You have formed partnerships across the aisle to maintain funding for America’s premier research agencies, even in times of austerity, and to improve America’s competitiveness through technological innovation and improved STEM education. Individually and together you are making a difference. You are true champions of science.”

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3 thoughts on “Rep. DeLauro Receives \’Champion of Science\’ Award

  1. johngaltwhereru

    DeLauro is so brave to spend other peoples’ money. What a champion.

    A question: When the left wants to spend money on something, why is it always described as “basic”?

    DeLauro was supporting “basic” scientific research.

    Obamacare was to provide “basic” healthcare. Never mind that the mandated covered services went way the hell beyond “basic”.

    Has the left determined that people are so dumb that if you add “basic” as a descriptor to anything they want funded, people will feel bad for not funding said service?

  2. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

    Rep DeLauro should be commended for her practice of Keynesian economics in which she excelled at spending and wasting more taxpayer money we don’t have. Her support of Government “investments” have contributed to our $16T in debt and tens in Trillions of unfunded entitlement liabilities.

    When our currency finally collapses, we should all thank Ms. DeLauro for her contributions to the destruction of our economy.

    Well done Ms. DeLauro

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