Rep. Esty: Avert The Sequester!

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U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty takes to the House floor with her plea about the pending across-the-board budget cuts:

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3 thoughts on “Rep. Esty: Avert The Sequester!

  1. sam

    I could not watch the whole video, I had to stop and get up get up and get my boots and a shovel. It was really getting deep. Ms. Esty maybe if you politicians had sat down sooner and looked for things to cut before this dead line was upon you, I bet you could have found “at least” 85 billion just in waste, never mind things that are duplicated or really not needed. Instead most of you are out pointing fingers and doing nothing or are out stumping for votes trying to keep your names and faces in the media, or looking for “campaign contributions” for the next election. Listening to our politicians I really think they are totally out of touch with reality. Our country is going broke and you politicians need to start earning your money and lucrative benefits we pay you. There are many programs that need to be trimmed and you need to stop the social security and medicare scare tactics. Peole pay all their lives into these programs they should be the last you cut. How about you start with the free Obama phones, I read somewheres the cost tax payers 250 million per year. You spendocrats got your tax increase last month with the threat of the fiscal cliff now you need to start shrinking our bloated goverment and any and all wasteful programs.
    I think the first place we the taxpayers should demand you start is if the sequester does happen the senate and congress and everyone all the way to the “top” Every federal politician, your pay checks should be the first part of the 85 billion in cuts. No exceptions. Maybe then you will stop screwing around and do the job we taxpayers pay you for.

  2. justme

    Since Obama is campaigning on not leading, the sequester is going to happen. The Republicans are not the problem– Obama is…… Anyway the sequester only represents 2.4% of the budget and will do more good than harm because it is addressing our spending binge albeit is a minor way.

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