Rep. Toni Walker: \”We\’re In a Crisis, My Friends\”

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 State Rep. Toni Walker, the co-chairwoman of the legislature\’s powerful appropriations committee, made an impassioned plea to preserve the social services safety net in the face of looming budget cuts.

\”We\’re in a crisis, my friends,\’\’ Walker, D-New Haven, told members of the Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance, who were gathered for a symposium at the legislative office building Friday morning. \”I\’m being told that people are proposing that we cut $400 million more out of the budget.\”

Walker urged those in the audience to contact lawmakers to lobby them against additional cuts.

\”I don\’t like to use names so I won\’t do that, but I will say if you do call legislators, call them from either Wethersfield or Middletown, or Milford or Waterbury because they seem to feel that we spend too much money,\’\’ Walker said.

She was alluding to three key Democratic state senators, who are often swing voters on budgetary matters and have publicly expressed skepticism about some aspects of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy\’s budget plan: Paul Doyle, who represents Middletown and Wethersfield, Gayle Slossberg of Milford and Joan Hartley of Waterbury.

Those senators, Walker said, \”forget that non-profits are employment, [that] non-profits are who help connect the community to the government. They forget the fact that many of our kids need education but education isn\’t just sitting in a seat. Education is learning how to grow and be normal children.

\”So,\’\’ Walker concluded, \”we need your help. We need your help desperately.\”





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26 thoughts on “Rep. Toni Walker: \”We\’re In a Crisis, My Friends\”

  1. Greg

    Oblivious to reality. We’re not spending ENOUGH money, nevermind too much. Did this come from The Onion?

  2. Connecticut is Circlng the Drain

    Gee, its May 17th and now we’ve got a budget crisis? This is laughable from a collection of liberal village idiots.

    Maybe if they didn’t spend 3 months on the assault weapons ban and mattress legislation they’d really address our budget mess.

    You voted these idiots into office. You deal with it.

    1. Midas Mulligan

      CT: the gun issue was must important. Now let’s reduce pensions and health benefits.

      1. jschmidt

        except the gun law doesn’t do anything except chase companies out of the state. The schools still depend on gun free zone signs and mental health was hardly addressed. It only affects legal gun owners but wouldn’t stop what happened.

        1. Midas Mulligan

          one hope for outcome in Ct’s new laws will be to lead the nation in new restrictive laws and this will eventually benefit everyone. Sorry if you don’t believe or understand this but I have respectfully expressed my opinions.

          1. Quinte West

            “and Toni walker looks hot.”–
            Midas Mulligan may need to change his name to Mr. Magoo.

    2. Greg

      “You voted these idiots into office. You deal with it.”


      Democrat legislature, Democrat governor, Democrat budget. Hard to blame the handful of Republicans for screwing this up.

  3. Matt

    Don’t worry Greg. If it were a Republican governor, Republican budget, and Republican legislature they’d screw it up too. There’s too much focus on what lobbyists feed you for information and no look at what’s actually happening. Newtown should have helped move something forward on mental health – instead, the system is totally broken, overcapacity, and overutilized. The response – pass 2 new laws to require more screening and to train more people in “mental first aid” versus making sure the system we have now actually works. These new mandates will crush what’s left of functionality in this system, and there isn’t much.

    1. Johngaltwhereru

      While I agree with most of what you said, of the 27 States with surpluses last year, 19 of them had Republican Governors. I think it does make a difference.

  4. Palin Smith

    The revolution is approaching rapidly. In New Jersey civil disobedience erupted at a gun control hearing.
    Perhaps Connecticut’s patriots inspired them. It’s time to start saying NO! Thank you New Jersey. We love you.

  5. jschmidt

    perhaps if you froze hiring, didn’t do the busway or jackson labs, raise taxes and regulations on business, we might not be in this mess. Has the size of govt gotten smaller? No

  6. Keith J Robbins

    Not a surprise we need to spend more because spending money will solve all our problems! It as worked very well thus far, Connecticut is last in everything but spending. This is what happens when you elect people who have never had to make payroll.

  7. Quinte West

    Friends, the best thing that we can do for our state is to vote each and every incumbent Democrat out of office in the 2014 General Election. Doesn’t even matter to me if you replace them with new Democrats via a primary or if you vote Republican or Independent. Just get them all out of there before it’s too late.Take the snake charmer Hewett, the “fixer” Aresimowicz, all of the tough guy/wise guys that dealt with Soucy, Masselli and all of the rest of the corrupt feeders at the public trough. Get rid of them all–Looney ( need I say more?), Williams,Walker,Bye, Fleischman,each and every one of them bought and paid for by a Union, teachers association, or special interest group.If you get rid of enough of them, along with Dannel the (prosperity)Destroyer, we might just stand a chance to reclaim our once great state.
    These folks must go for a few very simple reasons–they are incompetent to discharge their duties and they
    are either corrupt or so accustomed to the greed and influence peddling that they are immersed in every day that they cannot be trusted.
    They vote on bills without knowing the content,they act surprised when the economy fails to improve or the unemployment rate remains static. They act as if they are knowledgeable when they are buffoons…and as long as we keep sending them back election after election, we have nobody else to blame but ourselves.

    1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

      Well said. Connecticut is run by a ship of fools voted in by an even bigger ship of fools. Change the calculus in Hartford and we may just have a chance of fixing this broken state.

    2. The Conn-servative

      Quinte you right.Unfortunately,getting our state back to some form of normalcy I don’t think will happen until the inner city/urban vote becomes more informed. But why do that when you are still attached to the government nipple and don’t have to worry about being weened from it?
      Our super-majority leftist controlled government is not as dumb as you think. We keep thinking they’re dumb,but in actuality it’s all part of the plan.They’re very smart and are willing to accept slow incremental change over time.They are masters at creating sideshows and diversions from the main issues and continually get away with it with the support of the lamestream media.The recent gun control furor,Benghazi,the irs.Look at the results as to what will these bring.Gun control,they recently wanted universal background checks,but there were/are many hidden items in the bill that will violate your rights and mine.Benghazi:a cover up and LIE from the very beginning from the Commander in Thief himself.The irs:terminate the top figure when he was going to resign anyway.You can’t make this up and it’s been going on and on. Everything they do is a smokescreen for the real reason. Where we are at now didn’t happen overnight. This has been going on since Johnson’s Great Society.The socialcrats captured the inner city dependents for the last several decades. Now they are once again establishing the illegal immigrant vote.We are doomed.

        1. Kim

          sadly, “Yes, you are doomed” is what passes for ‘enlightened’ voters. Conn-servative: looks like you ran smack into that ship of fools.

        2. Kim

          and one of those shipmates wants to be me. more gollum billy breaking hiw own promises

  8. The Conn-servative

    Remember, as long as imbeciles get to vote,only imbeciles will get elected.

    1. walls

      Our great Dear Leader in the White Hut has shown us that low info’s [aka imbeciles] will vote for anybody who promises them more free stuff. We are screwed.

  9. Sharpshooter

    Crisis after crisis after crisis…all under progressive rule…to quote Peter Paul and Mary …’When will they(electorate) ever learn’

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