Republican Senators Announce Plans To Filibuster Gun Legislation

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\"tedThree Republican Senators have announced they will filibuster any gun restrictions, writing to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid the week after he said universal background checks would be included in a final gun bill. Reid had previously announced the assault weapons ban would not be included in the Senate\’s gun package because it lacked the votes.

\”We, the undersigned, intend to oppose any legislation that infringe on the American people\’s constitutional right to bear arms, or on their ability to exercise this right without \"randbeing subjected to government surveillance,\” Sens. Rand Paul, R-Ky., Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Ted Cruz, R-Texas wrote in the letter, according to FOX News.

For gun control advocates in the Senate who may have more than 50 votes in support of measures like background checks but not the 60 required to override a filibuster, this news \"mikeis frustrating but not surprising.

\”The threshold is not a majority, it\’s 60 votes,\” said Sen. Blumenthal in an interview last week, before the three senators made this announcement. \”I voted to abolish the filibuster in one of my very first votes in the US Senate…precisely because the majority often fails to prevail.\”


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11 thoughts on “Republican Senators Announce Plans To Filibuster Gun Legislation

  1. sam

    “Sen. Blumenthal in an interview last week, before the three senators made this announcement. “I voted to abolish the filibuster in one of my very first votes in the US Senate…precisely because the majority often fails to prevail.”
    Thank goodness that this Blumy bill didnt get voted into place. Otherwise we would be prey to these liberal media hungry politicians.
    It’s good to see at least these three senators paul, Lee and Cruz are willing to stand up for our 2nd amendment rights because as we all see from all the grandstanding and anti gun media coverage our three senators from Ct have been posing for, they are not willing to stand up for our rights. They just want to give them away in this anti gun feeding frenzy. I guess they feel it will get them more of the liberal votes than doing the right thing and standing up for our constitutional rights that so many of our young heroic soldiers fight and die to defend everyday. We need to clean house of our media hungry politicians in connecticut and elect politicians who will turn our state around and make it a better place to live and work and not just try to turn it upside down for a few votes.

  2. Jeb Potchagalloop

    This was not unexpected. but fear not, the sooner we can ID the regressive officer holders, the sooner we can target them – that is with concentration opposition.

    1. We are Doomed

      Gee “Jeb,” that sounds alot like you’re threatening people with the “targeting” language. Maybe I should call the thought police like you like to do to people.

      1. Jeb Potchagallop

        I don’t call anyone. I think you have me confused with another poster.

        Doomed, there are more liberals here then you want to believe. You are not used to us by now. We are the overwhelming majority.


        1. Jeb Palooka is a Moronski

          Yes, the majority of liberals in this state has brought us to the verge of bankruptcy. You can be proud of being in charge of the sinking ship of Connecticut.

          Liberals also have brought us 8 years of Ballsack Oblamer and his merry band of socialist redistributers. We’re well on our way to a currency collapse and national bankruptcy on his watch.

          The liberal utopia is nearly at hand. See you in the breadline.

  3. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    I am heartened there are still American Patriots alive and well in Washington that will stop this non sense unlike our two Senators who are both political and agenda driven panderers.

  4. Jim

    Thank you Senators Paul, Cruz and Lee for standing up for our constitution. I’m sick of non-gun owners and admitted gun-haters making decisions on what gun owners can and can’t legally have. I’m still empathizing with the Newtown parents for their grievous loss but I am sick of the politicians using their tragedy like a guilt club and beating us all over the heads with it. Then in the same breath they chastize anyone for standing up for their 2nd amendment rights because it is “insensitive” to the feelings of the Newtown families. Why is it that anti-gunners can have their cake and eat it too?

    The bigotry of the anti-gunners is amazing as well. I am a person who does his job to support his family. I am a good parent, relative, friend and neighbor. I also feel that the 2nd amendment should not be infringed. For that I am called names, demonized and told to shut up and accept the change. Well, I’m no longer going to be quiet and respectful because the legislators of this state are trying to pass feel good legislation that accomplishes nothing to stop illegal shootings and strips my rights. Now they want to take my legally owned possessions away, reference to the latest Malloy commission gun control bill that makes any gun illegal that can hold more than ten rounds.

    Up until now I wasn’t an NRA member but now I have no choice but to join as they are the only ones standing up for my rights. I know I can’t count on people like Dannel Malloy, Chris Murphy and Dick Blumenthal to have my back when they are too busy chasing glory and camera time.

  5. Greg

    “I voted to abolish the filibuster in one of my very first votes in the US Senate…precisely because the majority often fails to prevail.”

    I propose we remind the good Senator of this quote if/when the opposing party has control of the Senate the first time he or his comrades use the filibuster rule to their advantage. He won’t be voting against it then…

  6. Truthseeker

    These are the type of Senators we need in CT.
    The ones we have now only have their party agenda in mind. I would like to see Rand Paul run for President in 2016.

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