Tom Foley: I\’m Back; Malloy: Bring It

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Republican Tom Foley, long expected to seek a rematch with Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, said Thursday he is planning to run for governor again in 2014.

A wealthy businessman from Greenwich, Foley lost to Malloy by just 6,000 votes in 2010, despite winning most municipalities in the state. He promised to work harder in the state\’s cities, where voters delivered a victory for Gov. Malloy.

\”The state needs a new governor. I\’m very concerned about where the state is going,\’\’ Foley said.



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14 thoughts on “Tom Foley: I\’m Back; Malloy: Bring It

  1. Ken Krayeske

    Foley = war criminal. His activities in Iraq during the 2003 invasion should be scrutinized in the International Criminal Court in the Hague, not in an electoral arena.

    But if the Republicans want to send another self-financed rich man with a Feadship (a yacht whose crew is likely paid offshore to avoid taxes) and a history of downsizing in this economy, I’ll be more than happy to watch him lose. The most unfortunate part of this charade is that because Foley can buy speech with his fortune, the Courant will force-feed it to us.

    Foley, like McMahon, will suck the oxygen out of the room and try to focus the debate on issues that benefit the rich. Hopefully, the voters reject this. I do not want to sit through two years of this. Personally, I think Andy Roraback is a better candidate, and would rather hear his ideas than Foley’s discredited “rising tide lifts all yachts” trash.

  2. Da Troof

    Get the extra Bridgeport ballots ready now- this election may require some serious Democrat ballot rigging.

  3. janet

    Lets not forget he was declared the winner until Bozo Bicewicz photo copied ballots for the Bridgeport welfare receipiants.

  4. HeWantsToSpend

    Occhiogrosso said, “Had Tom Foley won the last election Connecticut would be so much worse off now.”

    How so Roy? CT ranks last in credit rating, worst in unemployment, last in business climate, worst in taxes and spending. Would they haved ranked us 51st if Foley had won?

  5. sharon

    think he should just take over now…ct really needs to get malloy out of office before he really breaks us even more…and stop that stupid bus project that no one will ever use anyway!!!!!

  6. Jerry

    Why not? He pretty much won anyway if Obamalloy didn’t have the Working Families party line, and if Bysiewicz didn’t manipulate the Bridgeport polls. The state is heading toward financial disaster with drunken sailor mentality spending (oh, but The Magic Bus will save us). Hopefully, people will see the light and vote to right the ship.

  7. Greg Prentiss

    Good for you Tom Foley. Our State needs help FAST. The arrogance of the current administration is truely beyond belief.

  8. Gompers

    It’s nice to see that “Road Rage” Foley is back. If the Republicans run enough “vulture capitalists,” who have made millions by plundering U.S. companies and laying off their countrymen, I suppose they will eventually elect one. Can’t they find one though who hasn’t been arrested twice because he can’t control his temper in a motor vehicle.

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