Republicans Blast Malloy On Budget; Malloy – Change Is Hard

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Top Republican leaders blasted Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy on Thursday for \”rhetoric\’\’ that they said \”doesn\’t match the facts.\’\’

Senate Republican leader John McKinney and House leader Larry Cafero held a post-session press conference that differed sharply with Malloy\’s end-of-session speech and post-session news conference.

Malloy hailed the accomplishments of the past 16 months, but Republicans said Malloy has failed to keep his long-held promises of switching the state\’s finances to generally accepted accounting principles and avoiding all gimmicks in balancing the budget. Republicans voted against many of Malloy\’s initiatives that were approved this year by the Democratic-controlled legislature.

\”What the citizens of Connecticut should be concerned about is one party government doesn\’t work,\’\’ McKinney told reporters Thursday. \”One party government has given us the largest tax increase in the history of the state of Connecticut. … It has given us a budget that is not honest and transparent like the taxpayers deserve. One party government has given us an economy that is still struggling.\’\’

\”Governor Malloy talked last night about the dramatic change over the last 16 months,\’\’ McKinney said. \”During the creation of the Malloy budget, with the largest tax increase in state history … he said we were going to take the road less traveled. And in taking that road, we\’ve ended up right back where we started: 29 states have budget surpluses. Connecticut, taking that road less traveled, had a budget deficit.\’\’

McKinney added, \”Governor Malloy, we\’re not fooled by your budget gimmicks. He said he was going to be honest and transparent and have GAAP accounting. Rather than cut spending, Governor Malloy gave up GAAP accounting. There\’s no more honesty and transparency.\’\’

But Malloy presented a completely different picture early Thursday morning in discussing the just-completed session during a speech in the historic Hall of the House. In a speech that lasted 10 minutes, Malloy ticked off a series of changes that had been made, including allowing Sunday alcohol sales and permitting Election Day voter registration. He did not mention two major, controversial issues that he supported: repealing the death penalty and legalizing medical marijuana.

\” Over the course of the last 16 months we have pushed more change through these two chambers than has occurred in Connecticut in a long, long time,\’\’ Malloy said in his speech. \”Positive, meaningful change. We’ve changed our economy – growing thousands of new, private sector jobs for the first time in years. We’ve created 18,100 new, private sector jobs in the past 16 months, and the unemployment rate is 20 percent lower than it was the first time I spoke here. We’ve gone from being two-tenths of a point above the national unemployment rate to a half point below.\’\’

After listing the items that were approved, Malloy said, \”That\’s a lot of change. It\’s required a lot of tough decisions to be made. Along the way, I have to admit, it\’s ruffled a lot of feathers. That\’s because change is hard.

\”Let me repeat: change is hard. But change is also necessary. While the world changed, and while states around us changed, Connecticut stood still. Now, thanks to the men and women in this chamber, that\’s no longer the case. Now, Connecticut is changing, too – for the better.\’\’

Malloy continued, \”You should be proud of what you\’ve accomplished, but we should all remember how much more work there is to do. We need to continue to focus on creating jobs.\’\’

At a Thursday morning news conference, Malloy said he probably would sign the Sunday alcohol sales bill next week, and that sales could start the following Sunday, May 20. In addition, the first holiday sales would be this year on Memorial Day.

But McKinney said the reality is different from the talk of accomplishments.

\”The same governor who wanted to spend over a half a billion dollars on a useless busway from New Britain to Hartford is taking money away from fixing and repairing roads and bridges,\’\’ McKinney said.

He added, \”Last but not least, one party government gave us a downgrade in our bond rating and probably another one in the future: $222 million borrowed for operating expenses by Governor Malloy – the governor who said no fiscal gimmicks. … The rhetoric doesn\’t match the facts.\’\’

After McKinney\’s initial remarks, Cafero said, \”Using Governor Malloy\’s standards that he set for himself, I believe we had a failed session. To give credit where it\’s due, we did education reform. Was it historic, bold and sweeping? No. That\’s not his fault. It\’s something we should have done a long time ago. … [To give] credit where it\’s due, we did a bipartisan education reform package.\’\’

McKinney, though, complained that the Democratic majority delivered the 185-page education bill to the Republicans late at night and started the debate soon after in the 36-member Senate.

\”I guarantee you that over 30-plus members of the state Senate did not read that bill, and that\’s not right,\’\’ McKinney said. \”You can\’t call it good government when you\’re asking senators to vote on bills they have not read.\’\’

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7 thoughts on “Republicans Blast Malloy On Budget; Malloy – Change Is Hard

  1. jschmidt

    It gets tiring to keep complaining because the voters of the state will keep putting in Democrats as if they are doing a great job. Malloy spent $900 million more on the budget last year, raised taxes to ridiculous heights, continued the Democrats anti-business and pro-union policies, and still ended the year with a deficit. They’ll be no change until the voters get fed up. I’ll be looking for the exits in a few years as many others are.

  2. Palin Smith

    Dannel 88 got Tea Party conservatives to vote for his budget. That’s a sweet victory for him. It demoralizes the common sense conservatives, however.

  3. SmGovGood

    Why doesn’t CT have a way to re vote for Governor? Does anyone think he can get re elected? The guy is a raging spend-a-holic. The Billion dollar 9 mile bus, $1 Mill a job at Jax Labs, $235k per job at CIGNA, Disney, UBS….All on top of $1.6 BILLION tax increase and he is surprised he has a deficit? What’s he smokin?

  4. John Steel

    The deficit will be even bigger next year as the wealthy continue to move their money out of Connecticut. Wall Street paychecks are likely to drop considerably as the market stagnates, hitting tax revenues.

    But the real crisis will come in 2014 as Malloy’s pay raise to state employees kicks in. And bond payments for his many handouts begin to come due.

    The worst possible situation – the US slides back into recession after the 2012 election as it is forced to rein in the Federal deficit. Any cutbacks are likely to target defense programs that make up what little manufacturing base is left in the Nutmeg state. With Malloy’s outrageous pledge of no layoffs, cuts in the state budget will have to come from aid to cities and towns. Most likely another round of huge tax increases will accompany those cuts, driving even more folks out of the state.

  5. Michael D Brown

    It’s not just the poor decisions that bother me, it’s the choice to add millions in pork projects. The democrats stole millions from the probate court and passed it out to their pet projects throughout the state. Here in Norwich, a local group is taking $100,000 from the state to make a bell. You read the correctly; A bell! The people within the group have no idea the struggles so many are going through and kid themselves by claiming they deserve their piece of the pie. Our state dems were more than happy to help with the pet pork project. How can our state reps sleep at night knowing people are having trouble feeding their families while they build a bell?

  6. SmGovGood

    The Gov. Dannel kicked the debt can down the road, Califirnia is facing a $15 Billion shortfall because they did NOT cut enough this year….Dannel did not cut anything, What is CT’s shortfall going to be in the coming years? Sad, Very sad!

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