Republicans Look Within, Take Aim At Media

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Tea Party activist Bob MacGuffie comes out swinging, reminding supporters that last week was \”only a tactical win\’\’ and lays blame at the feet of \”liberal commentators:\”

\"\"..As for the mainstream media, this election cycle has proved the case there can be no doubt they are completely invested in the Liberal agenda, Democrat leadership and most emphatically, this president.

… First, we\’re told we must change our policies and \”reach out to women\” since Obama garnered the majority of the women\’s vote. Wrong – we don\’t view women as a separate gender group requiring special benefits. Women benefit mightily from the free-market, limited government principles of conservative governance. The Left created a \”war on women\” out of thin air and accused Republicans of perpetrating it. The Liberal media compliantly amplified the attacks, which contaminated and distracted virtually every Republican federal race in the country, and clearly most prominently the presidential race. Since the criticism is based entirely on a liberal canard, no change in conservative \”policy\” is required.

… we are told we must alter our stance on immigration, which in essence is – we believe our federal immigration laws must be followed and our sovereignty protected thru orderly and secure borders.

Red Notes From A Blue State, in a post titled \”What Republicans Can Do,\’\’ prefers to disparage the coalition that trumped the GOP\’s losing election day strategy:

Behold the New Democratic Majority – Blacks, Latinos, voters under 30 and single white women allured by Obama’s promise of a Planned Parenthood abortion center in every pot … The imminent arrival of what Republicans used to call, a note of disapproval in their tone, the Nanny State — a federal government octopus that wipes every tear with dollars taken from the idle rich while directing the flow of business in what has been quaintly called the private economy — is supposed to hold this alliance together.

Over at Make Blue Red, Chris Healy also takes a blame-the-pitiful-media approach, skewering a timid and over-worked press corps instead of the party\’s candidate for U.S. Senate who failed to make any gains at all over her 2010 campaign:

\"\"The plain fact is there is no political press anymore dedicated to holding both incumbents and challengers accountable.

Most political coverage of any detail appeared two weeks before this Election with dry biographies and a few quotes. There was no serious coverage of any races this Election except process stories or stories about polls.  But there was plenty of whining and complaining by reporters and editors about the unavailability of Republican Linda McMahon during her U.S. Senate race.

… Republicans must realize that the media are spread thin and are generally uninterested in Republican positions or principles. The best one can hope for is to establish a professional relationship with media types, work reporters with well-reasoned and articulated positions and deliver them with passion. Candidates must make their arguments interesting, humorous and quotable.

… And assume the worst will always happen to a Republican candidate or incumbent. In the meantime, let\’s stop feeding the media beast, keep our heads and sharpen our bayonets for the next battle.

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2 thoughts on “Republicans Look Within, Take Aim At Media

  1. James J. Connolly

    What a blowhard and idiot Bob McGuffie reveals himself to be. The Tea Party activists,like all backward and immature people, have decided to punish the messenger of their undoing. If the press does not reflect their bizarre biases and crotchets, then it is a liberal conspiracy. These are pathetic people.

  2. DrHunterSThompson

    hey, i got an idea!

    get us a candidate that is a real choice!
    (start with Governor, please)


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