Return Of The Minimum Wage Fight

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Supporters of raising the minimum wage age back again with a plan to raise the minimum wage from the current $8.25 an hour to $9 an hour in July 1 and $9.75 an hour on July 1, 2014.

Here, Jay Kamins, a small business owner from Andover, speaks about raising the state\’s minimum wage at a press conference at the state Capitol complex Thursday.

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11 thoughts on “Return Of The Minimum Wage Fight

  1. Richard

    Just do it. All of Mr Kimins in-state competitors will face the same burden.

    No business relocating to CT has cited the minimum wage as the reason for not coming here. They expect to pay $10 to $12 for call center people and reliable permanent staff anyway.

  2. Connecticut is dying too

    The minimum wage must be raised to curry favor with the newly minted Democrat former illegals. It will also help with the mass exodus of businesses that will not pay ther higher wages and Obamacare cost.

    Its liberalism in action- Connecticut style. Enjoy.

      1. Connecticut is dying too

        Good point Mike. My point is that Obamacare pay or play costs businesses in new ways and is inescapable. True in all 50 states. Welcome to the Obamanation.

        1. Mike Robinson

          How does Obamacare cause a mass exodus from Connecticut when leaving does not reduce Obamacare cost?

    1. WildBill

      UncommonSense: lookie here, so the minimum wage goes up by a $1.50 an hour or $60.00 a week. Is this increase supposed to break a company? When a company hires someone, it means that production has increased so much that the company can no longer keep up with production with current employees. I would love to have this problem with my micro business. Whenever I have had to hire tempory help, I was happy to do so because I know that my increase in profits far outweighs the cost of hiring. I’m just so tired when I listen to industry lobbyists constantly babble about employers not being able to afford the higher wages.

      This is bull bunk. The industry puts out the concerns that costs will be too great not because they can’t afford it but just to minimize the increase. This is what the hired lobby does.

      1. Connecticut is dying too

        You’re right wildbilly. Lets raise it to $25/hour then and add free Obamacare too.

        1. Kim

          I think you’re right CT – wildbill should be forced to pay new hires $25.00 per hour. After all, anything else is below the poverty level and unfair, right? How do you expect anyone to live on less? It’s the right thing to do.

          If he claims it’s not possible it’s just bull bunk

        2. Kim

          Plus, wildbilly will have to provide paid vacation and sick days, as well as personal time off. How’s a mother supposed to care for her kids if she can’t get paid when she’s not at home?

          And let’s not forget diversifying the workplace

  3. enness

    Why not just make it $10 or $12? Seriously, why mess around with this quarter here, fifty cents here business?

    As a college student (not so very long ago) I used to get paid $8.50 to work a bit and sit on my bum a lot. That is the entriest of the entry level here! LOL.

    1. Richard

      Index it to twice the povery level or $10.75 an hour.

      Calculated as ($11,170 x 2) / 52 weeks = $430 a week or $10.75 an hour assuming 40 hours.

      A more humane assumption is based on 47 weeks (10 Holidays, 5 personal days and 2 weeks vacation) or $11.90 an hour.

      Someplace in there between $10.75 and $11.90 there is a reasonable number and a work incentive.

      Kudos to Milton Freidman and Richard Nixon and the negative income tax and guaranted poverty level minimum income plans of the 60s many of which used that same formula.

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