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4 thoughts on “Rise Of The Liberal Class

  1. Richard

    The country has swung to the Left on Moral Issues and Swung to the Right on economics and on military intervention and the environment.

    The Afghan surge, gun running and drones are the new Liberal.

    No pity for spotted owls instead the pity goes to the rural shale-extracting fracker in Ohio who is in danger of regulation and enviromental standards impairing his profts. That’s the new liberalism. Mother Jones is for reading not to be taken seriously.

    A higher minimum wage? That looks pretty in graphs that get paraded out around election time along with statements about inequality. At most this means letting the Bush tax cuts expire on the wealthy. It doesn’t mean a return to classic labor liberalism and radical reform of the economy with a minimum income plan.

    Health Care? Only 12 states have formally committed to the Exchanges and even the Blue States are balking on the new Medicaid expansion law. Like Dan Malloy the minute they saw they bill they went running for the hills. The flight from ObamaCare is one of 2013’s best upcoming stories on New Liberalism. As long as its paid by Federal Deficit its OK. Otherwise its a time bomb like state pensions.

    That’s the new Liberal in America. Fiscal Nimby’s without a shred of classic economic liberalism in them. People who confuse funding public sector union workers with improving the lot of others.

  2. Lee

    Over 30% of the people want free stuff and could care less about ideology. Another 20% depend on the free stuff and support ideology of either type. The free stuff is the icon of liberalism along with secularism. Ideology is like rooting for a football team that many root for it regardless of how rational or irrational it is.

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