Roraback and Republican Hopes For CT-5

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Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy\’s decision to nominate Republican former state Sen. Andrew Roraback as a judge on the state Superior Court could have broad political repercussions.
State Republican party Chairman Jerry Labriola said he had \”mixed feelings\” about Roraback\’s nomination to the bench. Roraback was the party\’s 2012 nominee for the 5th Congressional District; he narrowly lost to Democrat Elizabeth Esty.
\”There\’s no doubt that Andrew would have provided Connecticut with a very forceful voice in the Republican majority in Washington,\’\’ Labriola said during a phone interview from Charlotte, where he is attending the Republican National Committee winter meeting. \”He would have been a tier one candidate in 2014.\”
Labriola added that he considers Roraback a close friend and \”on a personal level…I\’m happy for him…I am confident he will serve with distinction.\”
A political moderate who favors abortion rights, Roraback\’s ascension to the bench could be seen as another blow to the New England Republican brand, which has fallen on hard times of late as the GOP has struggled to win in Connecticut and throughout the region.
Labriola said, the party will field a competitive candidate against Esty in the 5th despite the departure of Roraback.
\”We\’re blessed that we have a strong bench of potential contenders for the 5th congressional seat,\’\’ Labriola said. He ticked off the names of state Sens. Kevin Witkos of Canton, Clark Chapin of New Milford, Rob Kane of Watertown and Michael McLachlan of Danbury; Mayors Mark Boughton of Danbury and Ryan Bingham of Torrington and the Republican candidates who sought the seat in 2012: Lisa Wilson-Foley, Mark Greenberg and Justin Bernier.
Labriola said avoiding a contentious primary will be key for the Republicans. \”We need a candidate who can build on the 31 towns that Andrew Roraback won.  It would be in our best interest if we arrive at party unity at the earliest possible opportunity,\’\’ he said.
Malloy has often been on the opposite side of Roraback, particularly when it came to spending matters. But on Thursday, the governor set all that aside.
\”He\’s served in the legislature with distinction,\’\’ Malloy said. \”I think he\’ll be the 12th Roraback on the bench in Connecticut history and I\’ve appreciated his work ethic. Haven\’t always agreed…but I respect him.\”
Senate Minority Leader John McKinney also praised Malloy\’s choice. \”As a leader in the General Assembly, my friend and colleague Andrew Roraback earned a reputation for independence, hard work and consistency. In fact, he never missed a roll call vote in his 17 years of legislative service,\’\’ McKinney said in a statement.  \”He is one of the most logical and deliberative thinkers I have ever worked with and one of the most attentive listeners I have ever known.  He will make an excellent judge.\”
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12 thoughts on “Roraback and Republican Hopes For CT-5

    1. Charlie Lynch

      Absolutely no one who matters gives a rat’s behind about anything you have to say Joe but you’re free to keep yapping anytime you want.

  1. Palin Smith

    Linda McMahon dishonored her Republican volunteers when she flipped her campaign strategy at the end by running with President Obama. Is she still a registered Republican. She should have been expelled from the party. That act would show that Republicans still have principles, but alas, nothing so far.

    For over four years the “natural” has been getting splinters sitting on the CT 02 bench. But the establishment picks who is most likely to lose against Joe Courtney, not who is most likely to defeat the incumbent Democrat. The last victim never showed-up in Enfield, the 2nd’s biggest town.

    The CT 04 candidate turned down help from over 100 volunteers because they were too “conservative”. His debate performance was juvenile. Fairfield County Republicans fielded a political boy to take on Jim Himes.

    There were a couple of quality candidates, only two. In the CD 1 and CD 3

    I urge all Republicans to completely IGNORE the 2014 CD elections and focus all your efforts on flipping the General Assembly. Stop wasting your time and efforts on primary elections. Help State Senate and State Rep candidates and incumbents to win. Look at the numbers from 2012. So many elections were lost by a few hundred votes.

    And to the Republicans with ballooned egos – you know who you are. Stop wasting your time and money winning something that is out of reach. Run and win in a state rep or state senate district. Put in some reputable terms and then step up.

    If Republicans want to change Connecticut, it must be done in Hartford. Sending one Rep to Congress will not make any difference. Only taking control of the General Assembly is worth your efforts. Find your candidate and help them, starting this coming summer. 2014 arrives quickly.

    And when another Linda McMahon clone sashays into your RTC meeting one day soon. Tell him to keep walking – you’re not interested. Look what they did in Wisconsin. You can make it happen here if you focus. And you MUST elect a new Chairman in June. That is imperative!

    1. Charlie Lynch

      Chris Ford, almost all of what you’re saying demonstrates your complete ignorance and lack of understanding of even the most basic details of politics EXCEPT the fact that you recognize that Jerry Labriola must go however you don’t do the cause of ousting him any good whatsoever when you precede it with such inane, nonsensical babble.

      Please stop.

    1. Charlie Lynch

      Wayne Winsley is a proven loser. He’s only about promoting himself and trying to sell his books, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that out. He’s a blowhard who doesn’t have enough sense to stop babbling. He’s every Democrats dream opponent because he has no chance of ever winning an election.

      “How about” that Milo?

  2. GOP Realist

    I don’t normally agree with Palin Smith, but I do agree we need to focus on the state. It is unlikely the misfits at state central will ever do anything productive and we need to concentrate on the state house and senate to counter Malloy’s destruction of the state.

    Hopefully Martha Dean will not reappear and ruin everyone’s chances. I think Roraback will be an excellent judge and he was wise to accept the appointment from his fellow democrat.

  3. Joe Visconti

    Hey Charlie Lynch or whatever your real name is no one cares about anything your 11th hour showup to political commentary is. Put in your time turkey then you can shoot your stupid mouth off.

  4. Joe Visconti

    In case my truthful comment wasnt posted by blog moderater here’s a replacement:

    “Hey Charlie Lynch or whatever your real name is no one cares about anything your 11th hour showup to political commentary is. Put in your time and effort into protesting,advocating,fundraising, running for office, being elected,governing and being relevant as many of us in the game are then maybe when you post stupidity again you might be taken serious.

  5. Palin Smith

    Professor Lynch believes every good Republican must support the party’s candidates. Well, not all of them. But we can imagine him being led-around by Linda McMahon like a puppy on a leash. Yes maam, no maam… for Obama AND you? Certainly (spoken like Curley of the three stooges)!

    Linda McMahon is the Democrats’ dream opponent. Twice she’s proven that all the money in the world can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Why do Republicans have to hold their noses most of the time they vote. It’s that rotten egg smell. Most of the good eggs don’t make it past the primaries.

    Perched in his tower of babble-on, the cracker-jack professor attempts to exude a caustic brand of humor. Don Rickles he aint.

  6. skyrocket27

    Jerry Labriola is one of the biggest blowhards in Connecticut politics. Always has been and always will be. The CT Republican Party will cease to grow or gain any political strength so long as he heads the party.

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