Rosa DeLauro\’s SOTU Preview

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Gun control, infrastructure repair, middle-class jobs and universal preschool.

Those are some of the topics U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro hopes President Obama talks about in his State of the Union speech Tuesday.

\”On the issue of gun violence, it\’s essentially what the president has been talking about: shutting the loopholes down, a ban on assault weapons [and] high-capacity magazines, expanded mental health services,\’\’ DeLauro said in a brief phone interview this morning. \”The president focusing in on this issue, which is critically important.\”

The Democrat who represents the 3rd District said she is also looking for the president to outline his plans to \”help middle class families\” by boosting the economy and tackle long-deferred infrastructure repairs. She has been promoting an \”infrastructure bank\” that would use public and private money to rebuild crumbling networks.
And DeLauro said there\’s a \”rumor\” Obama will unveil an ambitious new agenda for universal preschool. \”That\’s something I\’ve been talking about for a long time,\’\’ she said. \”We\’ll wait and see.\”
 DeLauro plans to take Carlos Soto, the brother of slain Sandy Hook Elementary School teacher Victoria Soto, as her SOTU guest.
Later today, Connecticut\’s two Senators, Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal, will announce who they are taking to the speech. They will also discuss their expectations and hopes for the address.
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13 thoughts on “Rosa DeLauro\’s SOTU Preview

  1. e pluribus unum

    How sad to see relatives of shooting victims being used in this shameful, political way.

    Universal preschool? Hasn’t the unionized public school system done enough damage already? Now they want to control children’s minds at an even earlier age.
    Parents, wake up! School choice is what should be offered. (Democrats want all other kinds of choice but clam up when it comes to allowing parents to choose who will educate their children.)

      1. The Conn-servative

        E plur, I agree wholeheartedly about the leftist regressive’s and their positions on choice. As a conservative, one of the few issues I disagree with the majority of conservatives on is school choice. Here’s why: Any time the government offers you so much as a nickel to fund something, they put a carrot out in front of it to bait you. Translation,if the government goes the way of school vouchers,for parochial schools,you’ll see things like school prayer and religious ed disappear because of the lefts’ front group, the ACLu(Anti-Christian,Liberal Underwriters). You see the government mandates via Obamacare on contraception being implemented towards religious based hospitals. Magnet,academies,and other types of school may do well by it,but in my opinion, the government will do harm to parochial schools.

  2. sam

    It is amazing how these politicians seem to have no shame to used these victims like this to further their agenda. But as long as it get these politicians names and pictures in the paper and gets them some air time on tv thats all that really counts. Right?

  3. Kim

    I’m willing to bet that not one person who was saved from being a victim because as a result of legal, responsible gun ownership, will be ‘brought’ to the speech. So much for open, honest discussion on the 2nd Amendment and the rights of private citizens.

    Yes, it’s a shame that the victims of this horrrible tragedy will be used in a dog-and-pony show. What a disgrace to their memories.

      1. Kim

        Only if Obama gives him the same amoutn of time and deference that he might give any of the victims that he will most likely be shamelessy parading, Mike.

        1. Mike Robinson

          Now you have to watch President Obama tonight to find out. If you have cable TV they know what channel you are tuned to.

        2. Kim

          I love it when I’m proven right. I also love it when the diversionary statements, innuendos of paranoia, and the sarcasm of liberals are shown to be just that. Thank you Mike

    1. Connecticut is Dying Too

      Good point. Isn’t it funny that liberals what every right for everyone except the right to be born? The 55 million who didn’t make the cut in the last 40 years don’t have the right to choose like their mother who chose death for them.

      1. The Conn-servative

        Yup. It’s all about choice. Except the secular regressives will define what the choices are and when they can be used.

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