Rowland Leaves Wilson-Foley Campaign

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Former Gov. John Rowland will no longer play a role in fellow Republican Lisa Wilson-Foley\’s congressional campaign.

Rowland, who spent 10 months in federal prison on corruption charges and now hosts an afternoon radio call-in show, told The Register Citizen\’s Matt DeRienzo today that he is going to stop volunteering with the campaign.

Chris Healy, a Wilson-Foley adviser, said the former governor called the campaign this afternoon.

\”It\’s his decision,\’\’ Healy said. \”We\’re just moving forward with the campaign.\’\’

Rowland\’s role with Wilson-Foley\’s campaign has been a trigger for controversy.

Rowland has identified himself as an unpaid adviser to Wilson-Foley, a Farmington Valley businesswoman.

But the disclosure that Rowland was working as a paid consultant to a business led by Wilson-Foley\’s husband has raised a host of questions and prompted one of her rivals for the Republican nomination to file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission.

Mike Clark of Farmington said he drafted his complaint to the FEC after revelations that Rowland was on the payroll of Apple Rehab, a chain of 26 nursing and rehabilitation centers in Connecticut and Rhode Island. Wilson-Foley\’s husband, Brian Foley, is the company\’s CEO and president.

Rowland was paid $5,000 a month by Apple for a six-month period,  beginning Oct. 1 and ending on March 31.

Healy said Rowland helped out with the campaign when he had time. \”Like any volunteer, it was occasional,\’\’ Healy said. \”We\’re moving on with our campaign.\’\’




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14 thoughts on “Rowland Leaves Wilson-Foley Campaign

  1. sammythesaver

    Isn’t this kinda creepy that he steps down again once he gets caught? WTIC come on read the writing on the wall..Find someone else to talk to your listeners. Johnny has been snaking around a little bit and little pieces are falling down..More to come. I betcha

  2. Eyewitness

    Sorry, that is not good enough. The Foley’s used to sponsor fundraisers for Rowland at the Blue Fox Run golf course when he was Governor. Rowland has been in the Foley’s pocket for a long time. Not just the 30k. It’s chump change. The radio station needs to fire him for violating his agreement with the station for lying about his association with the Foley’s, and taking advantage of his platform as a radio announcer to stump for her.

  3. Fred

    “I’m moving on, once in the “big” house was enough!”

    “Move it on over!”

    1. Bob

      No; it was during the thick of it.

      If a campaign would need help, it would be during the time he, coincidently, worked for Brian. His political experience and ability to “lean on” delegates is legendary and profited the Campaign.

  4. tom

    Johnnie is a sociopath (The sociopath is that truly self-absorbed individual with no conscience or feeling for others and for whom social rules have no meaning.) He needs our understanding not our scorn.

  5. Bev

    Get him off the air! He is a disgrace. Although it is TIC 1080 – what can you expect. Sad really.

  6. Glocker

    JR get to pay $29 a month for health insurance while we pay the remaining $1900 on his policy.
    Entitled State employees……what a farce

  7. Connecticutian

    Why are the commenters jumping on Rowland? He’s a private citizen, who can work for whom he wants and volunteer for whom he wants. If the Foleys have broken a law, then it should come out, and it will be on them.

    1. Eyewitness


      If you followed the story you would know Rowland was in violation of his contract with WTIC. Foley was using her husband’s money and influence to buy his endorsement which he shared on the air which violates his agreement. Then again, now the 1080 is a Conservative entity, they will probably endorse unethical behavior like Rowland. Who knows, he may get a raise now!

  8. meridenite

    I just love it, Rowland is a sharp stick in the eye to the dem/libs and the rag media.

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