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6 thoughts on “Rubio Water Grab

  1. Mike Robinson

    That water grab was pretty funny. I could not figure out what he was doing until the water came on screen. I thought something was going wrong with the camera or something and he had to fix it right now before it fell over. Then I thought if he wants to drink he should have put it in easy reach. Still, I don’t hold it against him or think it detracted very much from his talk. Just one of those things. You could almost argue he did it on purpose to seem more like an average guy.

  2. johngaltwhereru

    Boy is the left reaching now.

    Rubio is undeniably intelligent and articulate. There goes the typical mantra of calling all Conservatives morons.

    Rubio is a minority. There goes the typical mantra of all Conservatives hating minorities.

    Rubio comes from a working class family. There goes the class warfare, generational wealth jealousy crap.

    If reaching for a water bottle is the best you and all the other lefties have on Rubio, you better hope the uninformed masses that voted for Obama become even less informed.

    1. Rally for gun control at the State Capital Feb 14 bill

      Dr Galt; calm down. It was just a thing. It was a bit funny. That’s all.

      Boy, your out of power leaders is taking a toll on your peasefullness. There is psychotropic medication to address your problem but a fool is one to self-diagnose. I recommend professional counseling, Dr.

      1. Kim

        john: I wouldn’t trust ‘rally’s recommendations on either ‘psychotropic medication’ or counseling – but you’ve read his posts so you know that

  3. Kim

    You’ve obeyed the party’s marching orders and followed the party line today with this ridiculous piece, Rick. You’re a good apparatchik

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