Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Hears From CT State Police

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The governor-appointed Sandy Hook Advisory Commission received presentations from state police Friday on current gun laws in the state.

The panel heard from the police on the process of applying for and obtaining a firearm permit, gun storage laws, and firearm transfer.

Police pointed them to some potential gaps in the law. The sale of a long gun between two private parties does not require a background check, for instance, and there are no laws on the books to prevent someone prohibited from owning a gun from living in the same house with a lawful gun owner.

The police also educated the panel about specific groups of firearms. Police told them gun manufacturers can find ways to work around regulations. For example, assault weapons are usually classified as such if they contain a given number of military features. The police said it was possible to slightly alter features to work inside the confines of a ban without changing the lethality of the weapon.

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5 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Hears From CT State Police

  1. Patrick_Henry

    and police find ways to work around OT laws and pension formulas, to maximize their retirements, without increasing their productivity or effectiveness.

    Weapons are lethal, people. That’s what they were designed for. Let’s stop with the emotion-driven speeches and deal with reality. Punish criminals, especially those who use weapons. Stop coddling perpetrators. Enforce the laws, right down to texting while driving. Enough pussy-footing around with fear tactics and attempts to dismantle the constitution

  2. Norm Scott

    Require legal gun owners to own and keep secure gun safes. And legislate felony accessory charges for any crime committed by someone the owner shouldn’t have allowed gun access to. The rest is just pandering. Why/ Because neither the State nor the Federal government have the funding available to enforce all the many existing gun laws until after a violent crime has been committed.

    1. Connecticut is Dying Too

      That’ll teach ‘em. Meanwhile, in realityville, thousands are being gunned down in city streets across America with ILLEGAL handguns.

      Once again the liberals are more interested in pushing their agenda than in solving problems. The real shame is that voters continue to vote these village idiots into office year after year.

  3. Kim

    Please note that billyboy/jimmyboggs/rallyforguncontrol is now posting under my name. If you have any doubts, I think my positions have been quite clear. Any sudden turnarounds or changes of heart should be attributed to this newest cowardly act by the blog joker.

    Rick Green, if you want to control something here’s a good place to start. I’m sure you would take an interest if users started calling themselves Rick Green. Hmmmmm, something worth considering……

    You would think that with all the censorship going on on these blogs, the Courant would at least make it impossible for someone else to use your name. The simple and obvious message would be: ‘this user name or login ID is already in use – please choose another’.

  4. dc

    Sorry but anyone supporting these gun control measures I wouldnt trust as far as I could shot put the first lady’s fat ass.

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