Sandy Hook Commission Taps Israel Homeland Security

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Maybe the governor\’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission really is serious about fortifying state schools in the wake of the Newtown shootings.

The commission will hear from from a representative from Israel\’s homeland security department Friday morning at 9:30 at the Legislative Office Building.

The i-HLS official will discuss how schools are safeguarded in Israel.

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8 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Commission Taps Israel Homeland Security

  1. Kim

    Do you think the commission will listen to the part about the effectiveness and importance of armed Israeli citizens intervening during terror attacks? This, in spite of the fact that only 2.5% of the population actually have carry permits.

    “In 40-50 cases over the past 10 years, armed Israeli citizens have intervened during terror attacks,” said Dr. Shlomo Shpiro, a senior research fellow at Bar-Ilan University’s BESA Center and the author of a forthcoming paper on the armed Israeli civilian’s role in foiling terror attacks. “In 70 percent of those cases, their intervention was crucial” he said.

    The same article states: “But those who are licensed to carry a weapon have proved capable of acting swiftly and effectively time and again to neutralize attackers during acts of terrorism.”

    1. Bill Katz

      The Israeli situation is most unique in that that have been in a state of war since stealing lands from the Palestinians and practicing ethnic cleansing. In their case, a fully armed and experienced civilian population would be effective. Even in that situation, there must be a time to reach a peace accord and when that happens, then de-arming the civilian population would be the correct course of action.

      Trying to tie Israel to any other nation especially the US is not only foolish, but using their modal is unworkable. Our solution remains restricting guns or outlawing private possession altogether. The 2nd amendment was never enacted to give private ownership. During the era of the founding, a well regulated militia was formed in place of a professional police force – which of course is what we relay on today. In case after case through the late 18th century and all of the 19th century, the 2nd amendment was little recognized as a right for private ownership. Only in the 20th century did the movement to connect the 2nd to private ownership become popular. We will and must change that back to the origins.

      1. Kim

        you are wrong on this issue, as always billy. The Second Amendment was specifically designed as a means of the citizenry protecting themselves against overbearing governments. Your continual ignoring of this facts only compounds your ignorance on this subject: it’s one thing to take a position when you don’t know better – it’s quite another to continually ignore the truth that has been presented to you on multiple occassions.

        And before those like you who like to pretend that the government threat is an illusion, remember Ruby Ridge and Waco Texas. The FBI was proven to be outside the law in both cases

        1. Bill Katz

          I usually use those two examples as one of government over reach. I am not ignorant of this fact. But don’t try and preach and try and change history only to suite your current belief structure. You wouldn’t know truth if it was handed to you on a silver platter.

          1. Kim

            It is you trying to change history and you who won’t recognize the truth in spite of your protests to the contrary and your refusal to do the research. You’ve even been provided with the definitive writings on the subject which you refuse to review. There’s a huge difference between what you ‘believe’ and what is true – you could benefit from recognizing the distinction if your liberal mind weren’t preventing you from acknowledging truth. I stand by my statement and it’s intent

          2. Bill Katz

            i read what I choose to read not what you choose to falsely fortify yourself with. You go read Saul Cornell’s book on the 2nd amendment and report back to me like a good little school boy. Now go run along and do a book report.

            Oh, I’m sorry, Saul Cornell is a 2nd rate liberal. I forgot. ya, what ignorant fools you are.

        2. Billy

          Kim, this issue illustrates how simple-minded you are. Because you have ID’d me as a liberal, you think I am in agreement with the behavior of the largely jack-booted thugs of the law enforcement arm of the Feds.

          But I am not surprised. You see either demons or saints. No gray area.

          1. Kim

            what these posts illustrate, billy, is the sheer level of ignorance that you display and live by. You can dance around it all you like, but there it is.

            And all your attacks on JohnGalt in another thread on these pages proves the lie that you are only ‘nasty’ with me because I am nasty with you. JohnGalt is never nasty with you, but your name-calling knows no bounds and is the last resort of those who have NO rational position or argument to offer. (As usual)

            Ignorant fool

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