Sandy Hook Families Lobby Congress in Person–and on Twitter

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Several family members of those killed in the Dec. 14 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School are meeting with senators this week to push for new gun restrictions.

The daughter of slain principal Dawn Hochsprung is also making her case on Twitter. In a series of tweets Tuesday, Erica Lafferty says she is going through the list of senators threatening to fillibuster gun legislation, \”calling them one by one. I WILL BE HEARD.\”

Lafferty also tweeted photos of her mother as she pressed her case and implored Republican lawmakers to take action.

UPDATE: Gov. Dannel P. Malloy joined in to support Lafferty\’s Twitter campaign. In a series of tweets from his official account, @GovMalloyOffice, the governor\’s staff (which manages the account) addressed the GOP senators directly and asked them to call Lafferty back. \”.@McConnellPress Please call @E_Laffs2 back. The families deserve to be heard, and they deserve a vote,\’\’ Malloy\’s aides tweeted.



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8 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Families Lobby Congress in Person–and on Twitter

  1. True Patriot

    We’ll be heard too, Erica. Your celebrity treatment at the hands of political simps has gone to your head. Maybe the ‘big boys’ in Washington will clear things up for you.

  2. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    Judging by the non responses on Twitter it appears that she is in the minority on her opinions.

  3. Liberalism is a mental disorder

    I’m trying to give these folks the benefit of the doubt but its getting increasingly difficult to do so.

  4. Sharpshooter

    Folks…it was ‘dirty Harry’ Read that refused to hear the argument in the Senate….and he’s Obama’s boy all the way

  5. CT Citizen

    Now, Its “I will be heard”. I could be mistaken but I thought I read in the newspaper recently this same person was telling a reporter, when discussing the funds donated by members of the public(some of which are law abiding gun owners I am sure), the phrase then was “I want to be paid”! Perhaps she recently received some counseling from our highly trustable senators. (Or she just “MISPOKE”) Sound familiar?

  6. True Patriot

    Erica can talk to her own reps. She has no business talking to any others. She can try but she shouldn’t expect an audience with any of them. Of course, the Obamanation and Dannel will put pressure on them but they should ignore it.

  7. trufacts

    Taking money from the government to trample on the rights of the people. Greed and the spotlight the sheeple will speak.

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