UPDATED: Sandy Hook Families To Fly With Obama On Air Force 1

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When President Obama leaves Connecticut tonight after a speech at the University of Hartford he will be bringing along some Sandy Hook families. A spokesman for Sandy Hook Promise, a group working with some families from the Newtown massacre, said relatives of seven children and one adult from the school will be flying with on Air Force 1.

A White House official said Monday afternoon:

Prior to delivering remarks, the President will meet with families of victims and survivors of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary as well as first responders. Following the remarks, 11 family members of victims will return to Washington, DC, with the President on Air Force One.

They will join a last-ditch lobbying effort in Washington to try to convince U.S. Senators to support a compromise gun control package. The families of Newtown victims will meet privately with legislators on the eve of the Senate taking up legislation that could bring expanded background checks for gun purchases — the only significant initiative that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said he will put to a vote. That vote is in jeopardy, however, as some Republicans say they plan to filibuster.



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38 thoughts on “UPDATED: Sandy Hook Families To Fly With Obama On Air Force 1

  1. salmonella poison

    These senators are such cowards that they don’t even want to be identified as having voted no on the bill.

    Grown men and women but cowards still.

  2. Mitch

    Wonder why the president didn’t exploit the families of victims of Va Tech? Or Fort Hood? Or Aurora? Or Tuscon? How long will he continue to exploit these families? When will someone start talking about the real problems of criminals or mentally ill people with guns doing bad things, or of the 500 dead in Chicago last year? Why are these issues continually ignored?

      1. johngaltwhereru

        Fort Hood was workplace violence and the murders were committed by a Muslim.

        VA Tech students were in a very Red part of Virginia, plus the murders were committed by an Asian.

        Aurora and Tuscon got plenty of coverage.

        However, the families were not exploited as much as Newtown because Obama does not have another election, and the last election has Liberals believing they are invincible. And who could blame them for thinking that? After complete failure in every aspect of his job, and Obama won again.

  3. Marie JOey Owen


    1. Fed Up

      It is free – to him. The rest of us can suck it – especially those who aren’t allowed to attend his glorified dog-and-pony show

  4. Fed Up

    You would think these families are a little sore having Obama’s & Malloys’ arms up their arses, moving their lips ‘lo these many months.

    Preparation H, anyone?

    1. Car Gordon

      What the hell is wrong with you people- I believe you gun nuts are about as callous and unemotional as these mass shooters. Maybe all we need is to use the Hare psychopath check-list instead of background checks- I have a feeling this would weed out all of these “insane” men who go on mass shooting sprees and a lot of you 2nd amendment freaks who forget the rest of us have rights as well.

      1. shartflhs

        Car Gordon, it is you are forgetting that we have rights too. You are stomping on mine without a doubt. As for calling me a gun nut, callous, and unemotional you can stick that where the sun doesn’t shine. You think I didn’t cry when I heard about Sandy Hook? And no it wasn’t about fear of losing my guns. Grow up and stop drinking the Obama cool aid.

      2. wildbill

        Car gordon: if you have any rights at all, it’s because of the second amendment and the ‘2nd amendment freaks’ who support and defend it.

      3. FED UP

        Car Gordon: Perhaps we’re as ‘callous and unemotional’ as the politicians exploiting this situation for political points.

        Our freedom should not be given up so cheaply. Your rights are guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment even if you won’t admit it

      4. GUN NUT

        2nd Amendment Freaks? say’s the moron using his 1st Amendment rights… How about we “Freaks” take away your right of “Freedom of Speech” In case you didn’t know what your rights were (Because Liberals are trying to change them all the time)
        1st Amendment:Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
        2nd Amendment: There are several versions of the text of the Second Amendment, each with slight capitalization and punctuation differences, found in the official documents surrounding the adoption of the Bill of Rights. One version was passed by the Congress, while another is found in the copies distributed to the States and then ratified by them.

        As passed by the Congress:

        A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
        As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State:

        A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  5. Mike McGrath

    I’m sorry the families of Newtown are being taken for a ride (literally!). It’s a shame that none of them (that I know of) has stood up and said, “No, Mr. President, I will not be part of your political-emotional charade.”

    No legislation should ever be thrust upon the American people under the emotional pressure of an incident, no matter how bad. Bad legislation is still bad legislation… ever hear of NYS & Gov Cuomo’s piss poor excuse for fast legislation right after Sandyhook? That was well thought out!!!

    1. Joey

      Obama, Biden, Cuomo, Bloomberg, Molloy, Murphy, Blumenthal, Schumer and Feinstein all have the same agenda, unfortunately it is not the same as the Sandy Hook familes. Unfortunately the Sandy Hook familes do not realize the agenda is not going to help them, their families or community.

      I think they have suffered more than enough. Shame on Obama, Biden, Cuomo, Bloomberg, Molloy, Murphy, Blumenthal, Schumer and Feinstein.

    2. Bob

      He is exploiting a small group of the families. There are other family members he has ignored mainly becasue they do not share his gun control agenda and realize it would not have changed the situation. Some have been willing to say so.

  6. Fake Thomas Jefferson

    One day in the not to distant future after no new federal legislation is enacted the Newtown families will realize how much they have been played by the Dems. No more returned concerned phone calls from politicians or celebs, no more interviews with TV, radio, papers. They will just be ordinary citizens again suffering for the loss of their children. I will feel most sorry for them then for then as they will be alone and unheard.

    1. wildbill

      I won’t feel sorry for them – they have allowed themselves to be shepherded into this process. They have chosen a permanent victim status instead of rationally moving forward

  7. Jay M

    The families who choose to speak publicly on this issue aren’t being exploited. They have stated over and over in the media that they want common sense change and are choosing to use whatever platform they can to make their voices heard to honor their lost children and family members. Can you imagine the strength it must take to put themselves out there in the midst of this mostly vile discussion on guns? These well-spoken decent people who are living through the most horrendous pain one can imagine, are still putting themselves out there, day by day, trying to make a difference – and on top of everything else, must also be heckled and accused of being puppets. Comments like ‘free taxi service’ and ‘the families must be sore from Obama’s hand…’ are vile and base remarks, America. Can we at least have some shred of respect in these public forums to make reasonable and responsible remarks, offer opinions with solutions instead of spewing hate and divisiveness and just making stupid comments. Do you think at all about how your comments, which forever remain on the Internet to be found at any time, could affect others? God forbid a member of one of the Sandy Hook families ever read what heartless comments are made here and it seems in every public comments forum on this topic. I think we can do better and wish everyone who posts on these forums would try. Continued prayers to the families of Sandy Hook and all gun violence.

    1. wildbill

      Jay: When the Sandy Hook parents think about how their anti-freedom actions affect the rest of society and the future of the U.S. and it’s constitution, then perhaps some of the unhappy posters here will be more sensitive to them.

      None of what has taken place legislatively amounts to ‘common sense’.

  8. Jeanne

    Well said Jay and your right, but you will never be able to show the truth to those that are only about themselves,and really Want to believe otherwise. They are a disgrace to the human race, but they are in the minority!!!!

    1. wildbill

      Nor will we be able to show the truth to YOU Jeanne. You are a disgrace to freedom and individual responsibility and don’t deserve to live in this great country

  9. America Is Dying

    The CT votes:
    Senate Gun Vote Tally.

    Sen. Andres Ayala (D) YES.

    Sen. Dante Bartolomeo (D) YES.

    Sen. Toni Boucher (R) YES.

    Sen. Beth Bye (D) YES.

    Sen. Steve Cassano (D) YES.

    Sen. Clark Chapin (R) NO.

    Sen. Eric Coleman (D) YES.

    Sen. Joseph Crisco (D) YES.

    Sen. Paul Doyle (D) YES.

    Sen. Bob Duff (D) YES.

    Sen. Len Fasano (R) YES.

    Sen. John Fonfara (D) YES.

    Sen. L. Scott Frantz (R) YES.

    Sen. Terry Gerratana (D) YES.

    Sen. Tony Guglielmo (R) NO.

    Sen. Toni Harp (D) YES.

    Sen. Joan Hartley (D) YES.

    Sen. Rob Kane (R) NO.

    Sen. Kevin Kelly (R) YES.

    Sen. John Kissel (R) NO.

    Sen. Gary LeBeau (D) YES.

    Sen. Carlo Leone (D) YES.

    Sen. Art Linares (R) NO.

    Sen. Martin Looney (D) YES.

    Sen. Joe Markley (R) NO.

    Sen. Andrew Maynard (D) NO.

    Sen. John McKinney (R) YES.

    Sen. Michael McLachlan (R) YES.

    Sen. Edward Meyer (D) YES.

    Sen. Anthony Musto (D) YES.

    Sen. Cathy Osten (D) NO.

    Sen. Gayle Slossberg (D) YES.

    Sen. Andrea Stillman (D) YES.

    Sen. Jason Welch (R) NO.

    Sen. Donald Williams (D) YES.

    Sen. Kevin Witkos (R) NO.

  10. America Is Dying

    I’m tired of this Newtown B.S.
    There is an agenda to disarm Americans, little by little. The Government, AKA, New World Order, wants to keep all The Brain Washed American Sheep in line. Meanwhile, America is falling apart. Roads, Bridges, Schools all need repair. The 1% don’t give a fk about anything! And The Public Sector Employees have nothing to worry about here in CT since many of them are earning 6 Figure Salaries and Lifetime Benefits!

  11. Dave

    I am one of those Sandy Hook families that you speak of Jay and I happen to agree with the majority of what has been said. A lot of these people are being used for Obama’s good. If you notice there are only 7 to 11 families out of the 40 that were directly affected in this event, that are continually in the news. They are now a lobby group for gun control. Maybe someday some we will wake up and talk about mental health and more importantly school safety. But I afraid there is no political gain to talk about those issues.

    1. Kim

      Dave: I am sorry for your loss and the suffering you have gone through. I also am grateful to hear a voice of reason coming out of Sandy Hook.

  12. Michael Newman

    I understand that Air Force One is flying back either way, but who is paying for the rest of their trip? Also if gun shops go out of business and Sandy Hook is the reason that this law was able to pass, then when the gun shops go out of business, do they get to tap into the Sandy Hook fund like everyone else. The irony would be priceless.

  13. pete

    To Mitch. These families are allowing themselves to be exploited. They are PATHETIC. I didn’t donate to any Sandy Hook funds and I am GLAD I DIDN’T. Where is the money going. Into barrack’s pockets or for lobbying. Where is George Porge Jepsen. Remember how Liberfool was going to get paid yes paid a couple of hundred K per year to manage these funds until word got out. They are nothing but slush funds.

  14. Marcella

    I simply could not leave your website prior to suggesting that I extremely loved the standard information a person provide on your guests?
    Is gonna be again incessantly in order to check up on new posts

  15. GP Willoughby

    What all of you liberal anti-gun people forget or choose to ignore is that incidents like Sandy Hook are so incredibly rare as to be statistically meaningless.

    One gun out of over 200,000,000 in this country was used to kill 20 out of a population of 300,000,000. The last time that I saw any statistics on the subject, 40 kids die playing high school football every year. That’s every year, not just one event. 600 die in bicycle accidents every year. No one cares about those kids because they die one at a time.

    If a kid dies alone, no one cares but if a group of them die, laws have to be passed as quickly as possible. The laws don’t have to make sense and everyone agrees that the laws won’t accomplish a damned thing but we have to pass them to show that we “care.”

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