Sandy Hook Families Travel To New Jersey To Lobby Lawmakers

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Family members of Newtown victims traveled to the state capitol in Hartford when gun control negotiations hit a sticking point, and Tuesday they went on a similar mission to the statehouse in Trenton, New Jersey.

The parents of Newtown victims Ana Marquez-Greene, Daniel Barden, Jesse Lewis and Dylan Hockley were in the state the same day a senate committee held a hearing on a gun violence prevention bill. The resembles a similar measure passed by the other chamber but for one key difference: it does not contain a ban on magazines with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds. A coalition of local groups, New Jerseyans for Safety From Gun Violence, reached out to Sandy Hook Promise to step up their lobbying push to ensure that a magazine limit is included in a final gun package.

\”They were very supportive of our efforts,\” said Nicola Bocour, project director of Ceasefire New Jersey, one of the groups in the coalition.

Neil Heslin, Mark and Jackie Barden, Nicole Hockley, and Nelba Marquez-Greene made their trip to New Jersey the same day as the hearing was held. Though they did not testify, they had private meetings with both Democrat and Republican leaders.

\”There obviously are some areas where we’ve been having trouble moving leadership,\” said Bocour. \”Their presence here showed leadership and people in the state that we are fighting very hard.\”

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2 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Families Travel To New Jersey To Lobby Lawmakers

  1. Himmler

    Good the group to help increase violent crime is on the loose again. Because when you are home with your family and a couple crazed intruders enter your home its good to have less safety. The countries with the most gun control are the most a dangerous look at mexico. So keep up the good work Newtown families one day we will live in fear.

  2. George L Smith III

    NO LAW ever consieved now or in the future would have provented the tragedy in Newtown;
    Adam Lanza did NOT submit to a background check;
    Adam Lanza did NOT care that the school was “GUN FREE”; Adam Lanza KILLED the legal owner to obtain the tools he used;
    Adam Lanza was CRIMINALLY insane;
    Adam Lanza broke 42 LAWS on that tragic day, one more law more or less would NOT have stopped him from slaughtering those innocent victims.
    Now the vitims of Newtown are being paraded around, on all expense paid junkets by the Progressive Liberals who’s ultimate ajenda is to punish everyone who DID NOT commit the crime.

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