Sandy Hook Promise: We\’re OK With Gun Compromise

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After a day of lobbying for a stronger bill, members of a group that represents families and residents of Newtown appear ready to accept the compromise crafted by Democratic and Republican legislative leaders:

\"sandyAdding the requirement to register existing magazines, combined with the limit on sales of magazines over 10 bullets, makes this provision stronger than the original bipartisan legislative task force proposal and gives law enforcement more tools with which to ensure that large capacity magazines ultimately disappear from the state of Connecticut … We thank the Governor, Senator John McKinney and Senator Beth Bye for their support and we thank the legislature for passing the strongest gun responsibility legislation in the nation.


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10 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Promise: We\’re OK With Gun Compromise

  1. Publius

    It’s also good to see that the bill is going to get the names of all those seeking in-patient treatment into a state database. We need to know who all the alcoholics in the state are.

    I’m also proud to see that teachers will now be empowered to have children removed from school because of bad behavior.

  2. tyranny in Hartford

    Register magazines? These people are f%%king crazy. Theres going to be a lot of new legislators in 2014, a new Govenor and John McKinneys Govenor ambitions are over.

  3. dancing on the graves

    Well be watching very closely on who votes to turn law abiding people into felons.

  4. Scott

    The next election should be very amusing. I’ll be cheering from a state that values the constitutional rights of its citizens. Oh and I’ll have more money to spend as they don’t rape the taxpayers to fund the deadbeats

    1. The truth about the gun industry in CT

      Why does everyone think they have to check in here before they leave? Just go. Thanks.

  5. Jim

    Why isn’t mental health reform part of the package? Because Dannel Malloy, Chris Murphy and Dick Blumenthal don’t care. All they want is headlines and a better chance at a job in Washington when we vote them out in the next election. Which one of these laws will address how to stop a criminal from killing? None of them. These laws will only effect all law abiding gun owners in the state. They will chase away more manufacturing, put 5,700 people out of work and cut the tax revenues by $1.7 Billion. All this to reduce the smallest component of gun violence. On average, maybe 300 people per year die from ALL rifle related shootings.

  6. deb

    My husband developed a great gun safety program and got a patent on it. He has tried to contact Mayors Against Illegal Weapons, governors, Joe Biden, and more for help with development. He also send an email to the Sandy Hook Promise asking for a contact for the venture capitalists to help him get it off the ground. Product development is just too expensive for us to do alone. Who did we hear back from? Nobody. All he has received is automated email responses from politicians, including Gabby Giffords, asking for donations to their causes. What is someone to do who has potentially a great idea for putting control of safety in the hands of potential victims WITHOUT arming them with more weapons? Can somebody please let me know how to contact the Sandy Hook Promise so that we get a response? As a teacher myself, mother of three, I want the madness to stop.

    1. Joey

      No offense, but I don’t think you understand. The politicians do not want a demoracy OR guns. The next bill comming up is to the name to THE UNITED STATES OF ENGLAND.

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