Sandy Hook Ride On Washington Kicks Off In Newtown

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While the state capitol was covered in green for the St. Patrick\’s parade Saturday, 26 cyclists in Newtown wore the same color for a very different purpose. The Sandy Hook Ride on Washington, a group biking from Sandy Hook Elementary school to Washington D.C. to demand action on gun control, has gotten started on their journey. Dressed in Newtown-green cycling jerseys with peace signs, hearts and the group\’s Sandy Hook logo, the team set on their way after a rally at Reed Intermediate School in Newtown.

Newtown First Selectwoman Pat LLodra, Rabbi Shaul Praver, and Sens. Blumenthal and Murphy and Rep. Esty all attended the rally, and Rep. Himes is riding with Team 26 for the first leg of the journey.


Though the team, which includes both professional and amateur cyclists as well as parents, teachers, a Newtown police officer and a Vietnam veteran, will cover close to 400 miles in just four days, they began their ride Saturday with a somewhat circuitous but highly symbolic route. They rode through Newtown remembering the mission of their journey, on a course that led them past five of the district\’s schools. Their first stop was the firehouse across from Sandy Hook Elementary School, where they had a moment of silence for the fallen victims. Each member of the team said the name of one of the 26 who lost their lives on Dec. 14.

After that, they made stops at the flagpole, police department and had even planned a stop at Newtown\’s Ferris\’ Creamery if it was open, to enjoy the \’Best Ice Cream In The World.\’

Here is their starting route, posted to the group\’s Facebook page.


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21 thoughts on “Sandy Hook Ride On Washington Kicks Off In Newtown

  1. susan

    These people need to get on with their lives, and stop being pawns of the left wing anti-gun agenda. I’m sure this makes them and everyone around them feel like there’re doing a good thing. But life is not fair, and we need to move on. Enough Sandy Hook.

    1. bill

      susan, considering your remarks, it is hard to believe that you are actually a woman. But ignorant still.

  2. Steve

    Wow. John and Susan, your comments are troubling to say the least. Really? That is your reaction to this story? Clearly, guns are not the only problem we have. Our country lacks empathy. Wow. Wow. I’m blown away. Wow.

  3. ALM

    Since Dec 14, I have been doing many hours of research,through sleepless nights, as to why these tragedies happen and nothing is deeply changed…before now. The first two posts are obviously what are called sock puppet writers, people who make up names and drum up obnoxious comments to further inflict feelings of helplessness to victims families and neighbors and friends. Only sociopaths would really say these things…so take heart, these people are not real, or they are very ill. The CT EFFECT is here to stay; we have all been permanently changed. And we are using love, patience, compassion and hope to change the future. The more we change the silent majority into men and women who will no longer be silent, the harsher these desperate bloggers will become, because we are winning.

  4. Suzie G.

    I care about Newtown and all of the people who daily become victims of gun violence. I’m a mom, and I am working to get strong commonsense gun laws passed in my state of Maryland and in America. There are many who feel like I do, and we will not stop until our goal is accomplished. The selfish and disturbed comments of our opponents just strengthen our resolve.

    1. Connecticut is Dying Too

      It’s too bad your efforts fail to address the real source of gun violence in this country. While you attempt to pass more feel good gun laws, Americans by the thousands are killed each year by guns that will never be confiscated.

      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    2. bill

      Suzie: you said it well. We are having our “enough is enough” moment. it will not diminish. it will only grow as time passes. I think we all realize that this battle (although I hate to use military terms)is long one and indeed we may not even realize the positive effects of it for decades to come.

      This country is the only one that has a gun-crazed culture. The perception that we cannot change this way of life is wrong. We will. Many of your advancements will be incremental. some gun supporters actually believe that the 2nd amendment give them the “right” to have any kind of weapon. It clearly doesn’t. Whether we realize in the end that we must repeal this stupid amendment or that we can sufficiently restrict semi automatic rifles AND guns,sanity will come to pass in this country of ours.

  5. charlie

    Connecticut is Dying Too: The cost of gun violence is beyond what most would consider acceptable, financially, and in human terms. What you are seeing is a groundswell of those who have either been victimized by gun violence or do not want to see it anymore. Many of us do not own guns, but are asked to help pay for the damage that guns do to our fellow citizens. If you ask us to pay for this, then don’t be surprised if we offer and promote our own solutions. Your’s are not working.

    1. Connecticut is Dying Too

      It was never my solution to create “great societies” of urban wastelands comprised of violence, welfare, poverty, drugs, and of course a reliable democrat voting block.

      You liberals reap what you sow and all the new gun laws you can cook up will not change our decaying society. Look in the mirror and you will see the root of the problem.

        1. sam

          The thing is Chearlie, “Connecticut is Dying” does bring up a good point about our decaying society. I think the anti gun people are chasing the wrong dog here.

  6. ALM

    So, we all know anger is a secondary emotion. All the angry posts with the pronoun “you” referring to liberal minded people, are just transparently full of fear. They do not know how to think, act or be men without the biggest gun on the block. So sad.
    The entire discussion is simply about gun responsibility. Purchase a gun responsibly, use it responsibly, store it responsibly.

  7. John R. McCommas

    Pardon me but I didn’t make up the name John Ray McCommas “ALM”. It is the name my mother and father gave to me when I was born. You however are obviously anonymous as is everyone else here for that matter.

    I do have empathy “Steve” but I like what works and a parade doesn’t work. It is empty symbolism.

    What would have worked are two things. The mother of that creep should have had an easier time having her son committed to an institution where he could have gotten the help he needed and where he would have been separated from society.

    Two, a good guy with a gun would have helped failing that. It was very brave of that lady to attack the attacker with her bare hands but clearly she had little chance. She would have had a far more realistic chance of stopping him had she reached into a drawer and pulled out a pistol and nailed him between the eyes.

    1. Liberty Belle

      nailed him between the eyes

      I don’t need to offend that statement. It speaks volumes.
      “Keep spewing, Connecticut, you’re the best ally our side has.” And Charlie is correct.

  8. Dave

    We are so proud of the amazing Cycling Team 26 for riding 400 miles from Sandy Hook to DC to send a clear message to Washington and the world about “The Newtown Effect”!! Please help keep their courageous ride going by buying your very own Team 26 t-shirt. Proceeds will help fund future events on this long distance journey we are all on. Place order here:

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