Scathing Bloomberg Ad in Nasty VA Governor\’s Race Features Image of Adam Lanza, Other Mass Killers

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Independence USA, a Super PAC funded by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is out with a new ad attacking Republican Ken Cuccinelli in the hotly contested Virginia governor\’s race.

The 30-second spot criticizes Cuccinelli for his opposition to closing a loophole that allows unlicensed gun dealers to sell firearms at gun shows without requiring the purchaser to undergo a background check.

The ad features images of several notorious mass killers, including Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho, Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes and Adam Lanza, who killed 20 children and 6 educators in Newtown.

 Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler rated the ad \”misleading.\”

\”[N]one of these tragedies would have been prevented by closing the gun-show loophole, but a small case might be made that maintaining better records on mentally ill people might have made a difference,\’\’ Kessler writes. The Post awarded the ad \”three Pinocchios,\” which means it contains \”significant factual error and/or obvious contradictions.\”

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