Secret Meeting Bill Advances

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A bill that carves out a broad new exemption to the state\’s open meeting law cleared an important legislative hurdle last week despite being branded anti-democratic by advocates of open government.

\"secretSenate Bill 1148, which would “exempt certain negotiations between the leaders of political parties from being considered a meeting for purposes of the Freedom of Information Act,\’\’ was approved by the Government Administration and Elections Committee on Friday, on a vote of 10 to 4.

Most Republicans on the committee–including Sen. Michael McLachlan of Danbury and Reps. Tony Hwang of Fairfield, David Labriola of Oxford and Rosa Rebimbas of Naugatuck–voted against the bill. Democrats, including committee co-chairs Sen. Anthony Musto of Trumbull and Rep. Ed Jutila of East Lyme, supported it.

The measure now goes to the legislative commissioners\’ office, where the bill\’s legal language will be drafted before it moves on to the Senate.

Advocates of open government are sharply critical of the proposal, saying it could have a chilling effect on democracy by limiting public access to government.

\”What this would do is short circuit our system of representation and ignore that governmental meetings are defined as open to the public in our democracy, with very limited exemptions for secrecy,\’\’ James H. Smith, president of the Connecticut Council on Freedom of Information, wrote in a column in the News-Times.

\”Let\’s hope there will be some more debate before it becomes common place that your town council or school board will be able to meet secretly simply by saying it is leadership prerogative,\’\’ Smith wrote.

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18 thoughts on “Secret Meeting Bill Advances

  1. Liberalism is a mental disorder

    Hope everyone is enjoying the Connecticut Gestapo masquerading as liberal lawmakwers.

    What’s next: Rewards for turning your neighbors into the libtardian thought police?

  2. Lee

    Making Connecticut politicians accountable is not a thing that politicians can live with. Even our Connecticut media is in the tank for the Democrats and will never have objective reporting or hold any Democrat accountable. The only will be critics of Republicans– even when it is non factual.

  3. True Patriot

    Here it comes people. You wanted it – you’re going to get it. Now you know why they want to disarm you – SUCK IT UP

  4. Betrayed Democrat

    Thanks to the folks in Newton who played a part in advancing this big-government takeover by working so hard to disarm the honest folks. Your actions will be synonymous with those of Benedict Arnold, in the history books.

    Next is the Freedom of Information Act. The ‘most transparent government in history’ is officially closed to scrutiny, both at a state and a federal level

  5. enness

    The sad thing is this doesn’t surprise me at all. They already make it difficult for anyone with a job or that human frailty known as sleeping to come to a public hearing on anything important (seriously, imagine signing up at 9:00 in the morning and testifying at midnight…or driving to Middletown in a blizzard, not knowing if anyone will be there when you arrive).

    1. GunsKillKids

      if you were a freeloader like me, you could arrive at 6:00am with your lawn chair and spend the day. Taxpayers will pick up the tab.

      If you live in CT and you actually work for a living insted of living off the taxpayers, you haven’t learned anything

  6. Patriot

    “The most open and transparent administration in Connecticut’s history…”

    Another Malloy campaign pledge is revealed for what it is.

    Buyer’s remorse?

    1. True Patriot

      just wait until they add confiscation of your property to the penalties for owning non-conforming magazines or so-called ‘assault weapons’.

      They do it now with drugs. They’ll need some incentive to get local LEO to get with the program. Confiscating your property is just the ticket.

      And they’ll make this decision in a secret meeting.

      Ain’t it grand to live in America?

      Yet fools like billy/gunskill/ like to joke about ‘black helicopters’. Those who refuse to see things the way they are while promoting tyranny are the real enemies of the people and of freedom. ‘gunskill’ is at the top of the list

  7. Jim

    Who but politicians think secret meetings are good for government? What rational thinking idividual can’t see the backroom deals forming here? Open government is the only way to keep the politicians from usurping our rights even further. You know who governed secretly? Hitler used that tactic. What do the politicians have to hide that government has to go behind closed doors?

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