Sen. Manchin Holds Dramatic Meeting With Newtown Families

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The architect of a gun control compromise that may lead to a vote in the U.S. Senate meets with a delegation of family members of victims of the Newtown massacre.


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9 thoughts on “Sen. Manchin Holds Dramatic Meeting With Newtown Families

  1. Johanna Galt

    I wonder if Sen Manchin also spoke to Mr. Mattioli – a Newtown parent who lost his son and firmly believes in 2nd amendment rights and who does NOT believe in this gun control hysteria nonsense. Shame on these parents for helping Obama dismantle our 2nd amendment rights. What an awful legacy to their slain children – that of less Constitutional freedom for the rest of us.

    1. Truth

      The Newton familes aiding in the destruction of our freedoms are on a par with Benedict Arnold – traitors to this country and shills for government control over the minds and masses.

      Future references to traitorous behavior will shift from the name Benedict Arnold, to these families..

      They helped The Constitution State disgrace it’s own name, and our now doing the same on a national level.

  2. WildBill

    gladly Mr. Manchin sees that reasonable legislation protects our rights not to be terrorized by heavily armed gun nuts. Look for many more to legislators to rise up against the NRA and its terrorist sympathizers and support responsible regulation.

    1. Truth

      except that none of the legislation to date has been ‘reasonable’ by any stretch of the imagination (except your stretch of course)

  3. Reformed Gun Nut

    I agree. 88% of gun owners support universal background checks, yet the extremists in the NRA oppose and think it’s ok that criminals can buy weapons at gun shows. They are out of touch with most gun owners.

    1. Betrayed Democrat

      nice try billyboy/reformed, but as always you tell only a partial story of what this legislation has done and will do. If you had the courage of your convictions you would speak to truth instead of playing dumb (‘playing’ is being kind to you)

  4. Richard

    I’m happy these people are getting decent treatment from the Washington D.C. crowd. Their only hope for justice for their kids is in the Heavenly Court of Last Resort. It doesn’t hurt Washington to give them the time of day. I don’t have high hopes for meaningful legislation to be the product but would love to be proven wrong

  5. Mel

    God bless these families for doing what they are doing. They are incredibly strong. They will make a difference.

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