Sen. Murphy: Cuts Will Damage Economic Recovery

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Chris Murphy spoke this morning at the start of a busy day where he will join other members of the delegation to warn about possible damage from automatic across-the-board budget cuts that take effect tonight.

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6 thoughts on “Sen. Murphy: Cuts Will Damage Economic Recovery

  1. sam

    Maybe if our politicians had been doing their jobs, they could have sat down and found areas where cuts could have been made that would not hurt as bad. They have had over a year and a half to figure this out. But no instead they were grandstanding for media attention most recently with the anti gun groups. I read the free phone program cost taxpayers 2.2 billion tax dollars alone, that should be your first item you cut. How about we put all federal politicians paychecks on hold until they go back to Washington and straighten out this mess “THEY CREATED” , and have them fix it “WITHOUT RAISING TAXES” and then only start paying them again when they pass a “Balanced Budget”. Its time these politicians we send to Washington start doing their jobs.

  2. Numbers

    Wait, isn’t the Federal Reserve pumping out $85 billion a month in free cash? What’s the big deal?

    1. Connecticut is Dying Too

      Not to mention that the Fed is buying most of the new debt issued by the Treasury to cover the Trillions in deficits created by the Obamanation.

      Wonder how much longer these shenanigans will go on before investors wise up?

  3. justme

    The Democrats who listen to Obama are the problem that is causeing the longest economic recovery in history. Big government is the problem not the solution. It is so sad that so many voted for those liberal zealots.

  4. tmumford

    Our Junior US Senator is either not too bright, or assumes we’re not to bright.

    Obama’s idea, and insistence on, the Sequester in order to get the Debt Ceiling raised has come back to haunt us and, as usual, he is not man enough to shoulder the blame. If Murphy is supposed to represent us, then he needs to go talk to our Dear Leader and assist him how to find 2.4% of waste so essential services are not needlessly touched. If he can’t do it on his won, my 8-year-old can explain it to both him and Obama.

    Remember, this is not a cut on any budget, because their is NO BUDGET. Our Incompetent-in-Chief continues to allow the Senate not to pass a budget, creating crisis after crisis.

    So, is this a cut from the “budget”? No. This is a cut on planned INCREASES IN SPENDING monies that we don’t have.

    Murphy, do your job. Put it at risk by challenging Obama’s decisions. Represent the liberal sheeple of Connecticut as you are supposed to. And, if you need assistance, I am sure my 8-year-old can get a trip to DC classified as a “field trip”.

  5. Sharpshooter

    Chris…ask Blumey why the Senate did not pass a budget to avoid all of this…then ask Obama why he proposed sequestration as a remedy for the inability of the Senate to pass a budget…then report back to us…

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